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“ King Cat’s corner” план урока

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Lesson Plan for 1st form

  1. Date:

  2. The theme of the lesson: “ King Cat’s corner”

  3. The aims of the lesson:

Educational to explain how can speak of pupils;

Teach verbs ask,clap,hop,jump,look at.

Ask your right age to ask each other

Developing to introduce and practise vocabulary;

Bringing up formation of skills and intellectual labor.

Be friendly with everyone and correctly Congratulating

  1. Method of the lesson: oral, writing.

  2. Type of the lesson: mixed.

  3. The visual aids: an interactive board, a blackboard,CD.

  4. Connection of the subject: Kazakh.

The Procedure of the Lesson

  1. Organization moment:


T:Good morning

S: Good morning, Good morning

Good morning to you

Good morning, Good morning

I glad to see you

  1. Checking up the attendance

T: Who is absent today?

  1. Warming-up:

Phonetic drill:


Give a nice toy to the little boy.

Little boys have funny toys

3. Teacher introduces the pupils with the theme and aims of the lesson

Our theme in our lesson is “King Cat’s corner”

  1. Presentation of the new theme:

King Cat’s corner”

1.Point and say the colours.

2.Think.Where are these colours? Point and say.

It’s yellow.It’s here!

3.Think.What’s wrong?

The dog is green!

4.Chant with me!


Blue’s our favourite colour.

It’s here. It’s here.


No,it isn’t! It’s green.

5.Play a game.Choose three balls.Your friend can guess.

Are the big? Are they green? Are they red? Yes,they are.

Are they small? Are they blue? No,they aren,t.

  1. Relax moment:

Hands up, hands down

Hands on hips, sit down

Bent left to the side

Bent left bent right

1, 2, 3 hop 1, 2, 3 stop!

Stand still

  1. Consolidation of the new theme: What’s your name? How old are you?

  2. Homework and marks.

  3. Final of the lesson: Do you like the lesson?

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