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Классный час по теме "Великобритания"

  • Классному руководителю

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Интернет-викторина по английскому языку «Великобритания»

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Internet-quiz “Great Britain”

1. What is the official name of Great Britain?

c) the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

2. Which is the Flag of Great Britain?

a) hello_html_m7b2ed28e.png b) hello_html_635253ad.png c) hello_html_m1f8c7ed6.png

3. What is the capital of Great Britain?

a) London

b) Cardiff

c) Belfast

  1. What is the capital of Wales?

  1. Belfast

  2. Cardiff

  3. Oxford

  1. What is the capital of England?

  1. Bermingham

  2. London

  3. Edinburgh

  1. What is the capital of Scotland?

  1. Edinburgh

  2. Cardiff

  3. Belfast

  1. What is the capital of Northern Ireland?

  1. Belfast

  2. Cambridge

  3. York

  1. What is the fastest way to cross the English Channel?

  1. by ship

  2. by ferry

  3. through the Channel Tunnel

  1. What is the symbol of Scotland?

hello_html_72952fc.jpghello_html_2be8e29e.jpg hello_html_m3e8324aa.jpg hello_html_m3223a4a9.jpg

    1. The rose b) The daffodil c) The thistle d) shamrock

  1. What river is London on?

  1. the Severn

  2. the Thames

  3. the Avon

  1. Where is Nelson’s Column?

  1. in Parliament Square

  2. in Piccadilly Circus

  3. in Trafalgar Square

  1. How do Londoners call the underground?

  1. the Tube

  2. the Tunnel

  3. the Metro

13. What is the longest river in Great Britain?

  1. the Severn

  2. the Thames

  3. the Avon

14. What language do British people speak?

  1. English

  2. Gaelic

  3. British

15. Who is in the head of the Great Britain?

  1. Prime Minister

  2. Queen

  3. President

16. What is the flag of England?

a)hello_html_78c5c530.png b) hello_html_42da2f4d.png c) hello_html_m75e7e03c.png

17. ???


a) The British Museum. b) The Buckingham Palace. c) The Houses of Parliament

18. ???


  1. The Castle b) The Tower of London c) The Fortress

19. ???


  1. the National Gallery b) the Science Museum c) The Portrait Gallery

20. What is the currency of Great Britain?

  1. cents

  2. euros

  3. pounds

21. Who is the Prime Minister now?

  1. John Majer

  2. Gordon Brown

  3. Tony Blair

22. How many Houses are there in the British Parliament?

      1. one

      2. two

      3. three

23. When was the Great Fire in London?

  1. 1666

  2. 1066

  3. 1866

24. Big Ben is the nick name of …

    1. Clock

    2. Tower

    3. Bell

  1. What is the London residence of the Queen nowadays?

  1. The Tower of London

  2. Windsor Castle

  3. Buckingham Palace

  1. What colour is the taxi in London?

  1. red

  2. yellow

  3. black

  1. What is the national drink in Britain?

  1. coffee

  2. tea

  3. juice

  1. What is the national sport of England?

  1. baseball

  2. football

  3. tennis

  1. What is the English children’s favourite holiday?

  1. Easter

  2. New Year

  3. Christmas

  1. Who do children write letters to before Christmas?

  1. Queen

  2. Parents

  3. Santa Claus


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