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Книги - наши друзья. (6 класс)

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Открытый урок по теме:

«Книги в нашей жизни»



1. Обобщить знания учащихся по теме: «Жанры книг, книга в моей жизни»

2. Обеспечить отработку лексических единиц по данной теме в серии языковых и речевых упражнений.

3. Обучить применению полученных знаний в коммуникативных ситуациях и в различных видах речевой деятельности.


  1. Развитие умений найти требуемую информацию в воспринимаемом на слух тексте.

  2. Развитие языковых, интеллектуальных, творческих способностей учащихся.

  3. Расширение кругозора учащихся.


  1. Воспитание уважения к культуре другой страны.

  2. Формировать культуру чтения, интерес и любовь учащихся к литературе.

Ход урока:

    1. Приветствие

    2. Фонетическая зарядка

    3. Основная часть

Учитель. Today we are going to speak about one of the most wonderful things in the world. Well, try to guess what it is. It has no mouth, but speaks. It is not alive, but it can be a good friend. It is not a tree, but it has leaves. What is it?

Ученик. Its a book.

Учитель. Right it’s a book. A wise man said: „Life without books is as a tree without leaves.” Do you understand this quotation?

Ученик. I think life without books looks as poor and unhappy as a tree without leaves.

Учитель. Reading plays a very important role in the life of people. It educates a person, enriches his intellect. Books help to mould a person's character, his moral values. Besides, books bring pleasure and delight. It's a wonderful way of spending spare time. Sometimes we read the same book again and again Throughout the centuries books had enormous influence on the minds and hearts of people. Books awaken the young reader's imagination. They develop literary taste; arouse interest and curiosity.


Do you like to read books? Give some opinions on reading books using the phrases

I am keen on

I am fond of

I am interested

Ученик 1. Thanks to books we learn to express our thoughts and feelings more exactly.

Ученик 2. A book is a faithful and understanding friend. It can be put aside and taken up again any moment.

Ученик 3. Books bind together ages, personalities. Thanks to books we can talk to people who lived in different countries and ages.

Ученик 4. The book is the surest way to bring nations together. It helps people achieve understanding, trust, cooperation and friendship.

Ученик 5. They teach the readers to be truthful, friendly, honest, frank, firm, fair and serious.

Ученик 6. Books can tell us a lot about lives of famous people, ancient times, teenagers problems, latest discoveries, plants and animals.

Ученик 7. Many people consider that books help us in self-education.

Учитель. Libraries are very important in the life of all people. We can't buy all the books we want to read. That's why we take out books from libraries. In our village Rachmanovo we have an excellent library. The library is helpful when you have to make a report, when you need information on some subjects. Let s watch a video about our library.

Просмотр видео о библиотеке.

Учитель. Now Полина is going to speak about our library.

Ученик 1. When a reader comes to a library for the first time he feels in library card and Ирина Евгеньевна helps to chose something to read. The reader is allowed to borrow books for a certain number of days. The catalogues help the reader to find the books and not damage them in any way. Readers come to the reading rooms to study and prepare materials for their reports or for their scientific work.

Ученик 2. The choice of books in our library is very good. There are many short stories and novels, textbooks and reference books, dictionaries and encyclopedias there. All books are arranged in alphabetical order.. When we take a book, we mustn't write anything on the pages, and we must return books to the library in time. I think it is necessary to follow these rules.

Учитель. And which the library rules do you know?

Ученик 1. All library equipment and books are used carefully.

Ученик 2. Conversations are kept to a minimum.

Ученик 3. Personal stereos are not used in the library.

Ученик 4. Mobile phones are turned off before readers enter the library.

Ученик 5. No food or drink is consumed.

Учитель. In our school we have a library too. Яна is telling about it.

Ученик рассказывает о школьной библиотеке.

In our library we have a large number of books. There are bookshelves from the floor to the ceiling full of books. Copies of fresh newspapers and magazines lie in piles on the tables. The library contains a lot of reference books such as encyclopaedias, dictionaries, atlases, biographies. Our librarian Юлия Николаевна help us to choose books for reading and study.

Учитель. Now let us grow our “book-tree”. Let s read the genres of the books.

Ученики повторяют.

Autobiography, biography, adventure story, detective story, fairy tale, fantasy, historical novel, horror story, humorous story, romance, a legend, a myth, science fiction, travel story, poetry, a dictionary, a reference book, a text book, encyclopedia.

What kind of book do you like?

Ученики отвечают, какие книги им нравятся.

Учитель. Now let s do some exercises.

Find the appropriate name for each type of books to fit the definition. Try to think of a well-known example of each.

Учитель. Now let s play little dialogues. I give you some card. You should compose your own dialogues using these expressions

Диалог "At the Bookshop»

- What can I do for you?

- Please, I want a book as a birthday present for my cousin.

- What books does she prefer?

- She prefers love stories.

- What about this one? It is an interesting love story.

- Sorry, but I don't like these dime novels.

- What about the classic one? It's Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte.

- Oh, this book… I will take it.

Диалог «About a Book»

- What are you reading?

- I'm reading a comic book.

- How long have you been reading it?

- For a week.

- How many pages have you read?

- About 100.

- Is it interesting?

- Rather!

- Will you give it to me after you finish it?

- Of course I will.

- Agreed!

Учитель. Следующее задание будет творческое. Даны строки из стихотворения, но они даны в неправильном порядке. Вам следует их так расставить, чтобы появились 2 связных четверостишия. В каждом четверостишии 2 и 4 фразы должны рифмоваться. Затем перевести.

Books can teach and excite,

Books can comfort and thrill,

Books can show you the world

And will make you feel.

Funny books make me laugh,

Romances make me cry,

Adventure books make me happy

I don t know why.

Учитель. Let s speak about your favourite books

Ученики рассказывают о своих любимых книгах.

Учитель. Среди учащихся 5-9 классов был проведен опрос о значимости чтения. Были как положительные, так и отрицательные мнения. Давайте эти мнения прочитаем, переведем и взвесим.

Books help discover new things

Books help explore new ideas

Books help expand outlook

Books help educate

Books help learn about life

Books help solve problems

Books help escape from everyday life problems

Reading is boring

Reading gives a headache

Reading takes a lot of time

Учитель подводит итоги урока, ставит оценки, благодарит за урок.

Краткое описание документа:

Уважаемые коллеги, Вашему вниманию предлагается план-конспект открытого урока  в 6 классе по теме: "Книги - наши друзья". Разработка предусматривает реализацию следующих целей: обобщение знаний учащихся по теме; создание на уроке ситуаций для применения лексико-грамматических единиц; развитие языковых, интеллектуальных и творческих способностей учащихся; воспитание культуры чтения и любви к литературе.

Для успешного проведения занятия необходимо  предварительно провести анкетирование учащихся о роли чтения и подготовить фильм (презентацию) о библиотеке.



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