Комфортная жизнь в маленьком городе
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Инфоурок Английский язык СтатьиКомфортная жизнь в маленьком городе

Комфортная жизнь в маленьком городе

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A comfortable life in a small town

Are you a country mouse or a city mouse? It means nothing if you live in a small town which combines fresh air and city style.


What’s life like in a small town? Spotlight on Russia looks at life in a small town Narynka near Klin.


Its story dates back in the 1962 year. By decision of the Government of the USSR began to form the air defence forces of our country. It’s the beginning of this town.

The same year, the first builders arrived at the place to build a military town, and on the 1st of  September 1968, the secondary school opened its doors. The mid-90s opened a new page in the history of this town. The Centre of communication of the Central Bank of Russian Federation

was established on the basis of the former military town. The town was named– Narynka.

What is a town Narynka?

It’s a very comfortable and cosy place to live. In this town, citizens have everything they need. There are 11 five-storeyed warm houses, a school, a nursery school, a club, a branch of the Central Bank, lots of small shops, modern playgrounds for children and adults, an ice rink and the church of St. George.

But this is not the main thing. The main thing is the people who live here. There are about 2000 people. They do everything to live interesting and have fun. They together celebrate all the festivals that hold in Russia. Every year local people celebrate New Year, Maslenitsa, Victory Day and personal holiday – the Day of  Narynka, where people of different nationalities live. In that festival, you can taste local and national cuisine, to watch amazing performances and even a firework display.

Welcome to this friendly town and look at how they live.


What kind of life do you lead? Write in and tell us.


Discuss in class:

1. What’s the history of your town?

2. How similar is your daily life to local people’s?

3. Look at the pictures and discuss them with your partner.

    Imagine you are a guest over there.

4. What are the favourite leisure activities of the people where you live?





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Учебник: «Английский язык», Ваулина Ю.Е., Дули Д., Подоляко О.Е. и др.
Тема: 1a lifestyles
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