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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Тесты / Комплекс текстов по теме "Страноведение"
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  • Иностранные языки

Комплекс текстов по теме "Страноведение"






Разработчик: Кадочникова О.Ю.

Должность: преподаватель

Каменск – Уральский, 2015 г.

Комплекс тестов по теме «Страноведение»

Цель: проверить сформированность навыков и умений студентов по теме «Страноведение»;

Временной норматив: 80 мин.

Тест №1. Тест альтернативного выбора.

Цель: Измерение уровня сформированности аудитивных навыков учащихся, стимулирование интереса к выполнению тестов.

Инструкция: Choose the correct answer and circle the corresponding letter.



The United States of America

The USA is one of the largest countries in the world. It is situated in the central part of the North American Continent. The area of USA is over nine million square kilometers. It is washed by the Pacific Ocean and by the Atlantic Ocean.

The population of the United States is nearly 250 million people, most of the people live in towns. People of different nations live in America.

The official language of the country is English. The capital of the country is Washington. It was named in honor of the first president George Washington. As the USA is a large country, the climate is different in different regions of the country.

There are mane big cities in America: Washington, New York, Boston, San Francisco, Los Angeles and so on.


1.a)The USA is situated in the Northern part of American Continent.

b) The USA is situated in the central part of the North American Continent.

2. a) The population of the country prefer to live in urban areas.

b) Most of the people live in countries.

3. a) The onle language of the USA is English.

b) The official language of the country is English.

4. a) In America the climate is the same in different regions.

b) The climate is different in regions of the country.

5. a) There are many big cities in The United States.

b) The biggest cities of the USA are Washington and New York.

Тест №2. Модифицированный клоуз-тест

Цель: Контроль сформированности навыков употребления грамматической структуры as… as… / not so... as...

Инструкция: Fill in “as… as…”/ “not so… as…


1. Wales is … big … England.

2. Tower Bridge is … famous … Big Ben.

3. There are … many sights in the East End … in the West End.

Тест №3 Банк клоуз-тестов.

Цель: Измерение степени владения изученными лексическими единицами.

Инструкция: Fill one of the words in the gaps.


densely populated



is separated


was inhabited

national symbol


1. The ________ of Great Britain is London.

2. They _______ Scottish and English.

3. The _____ ______ is a daffodil.

4. Great Britain _______ from the Continent by English Channel.

5. Most of the Britain ______ by Celts until the 4 – th century.

6. Ireland didn’t _______ the invasion of the Vikings.

7. In the 6 – th century, Scots from Ireland ______ in what is now Argill.

8. The largest and most _______ part of UK is England.

Тест №4 Подбор пар.

Цель: Контроль уровня знания изученных лексических единиц, развитие аналитического мышления.

Инструкция: Match the word and its description.


  1. celebration

  2. generation

  3. a present

  4. custom

  5. feature

  1. something typical

  2. a gift

  3. something that is done by people in a particular society because it is traditional

  4. all people of about the same age

  5. an occasion or party

Тест №5 Редактирование.

Цель: Контроль уровня усвоения лексического и грамматического материала и уровня сформированности орфографических навыков, развитие внимания.

Инструкция: Correct the mistakes in the text. There is only ONE mistake in EACH line


Deer Polly,

How is the things going on? I know that you are busy with your studying. I am also as busy as a bee this days. Lots of homework, you know… But I usually have an active rest. In my free time I will like to trevel. This holiday I’m go abroad. I will travel around British countries. Do you like to travel? If you want you may join me. Written to me soon. Sincerely your's, Ann

Тест6 С-тест

Цель: Контроль уровня сформнрованностн орфографических навыков, измерение степени владения изученными лексическими единицами.

Инструкция: Fill in the first parts of the words.


  1. The ____pital of the USA is Washington.

  2. The ____tre of the city is the Capitol Building.

  3. This ____ ment was built between 1848 and 1885.

  4. ____ gned like a Greek Temple.

  5. New York is ____ted on Manhattan island.

  6. The land of ____crapers.

  7. There are a lot of ____ful sights.

  8. New York is ___ mous for its Statue of Liberty.

  9. It makes the ____dary between England and Scotland.

  10. It’s ___unded be sea.

  11. The ____tive princes of Wales.

  12. an ____trial city.

  13. the most _____sely populated part.

  14. English _____uage was transformed.

  15. A number of ___doms had emerged in Ireland.

  16. The English Civil Wars led to ____risings.

  17. The ___lation is about 1.5 million people.

Тест №7 Множественный клоуз-тест

Цель: Измерение уровня сформированности навыков правильного употребления лексических единиц в контексте, развитие чувства языка.

Инструкция: Fill in the gaps one of the given words. Not all the words can be used.


particularly, excitedly, witchy, small, nice, different, unforgettable, biggest

1. It’s ________ young people who look forward to Valentine’s Day.

2. It was a ______ home – made card.

3. My first Valentine was _______.

4. Adults also hold _______ parties.

5. It is the ______ clock bell in Britain.

6. The clock looks ______ from the pavement below the tower.

Тест №8 Перестановка в логическом порядке.

Цель: Контроль уровня сформированности навыков чтения с полным охватом содержания прочитанного, развитие аналитического мышления.

Инструкция: Read the parts of the text and put them in order.


A. They speak Welsh and English.

B. You can see a red dragon on the Welsh flag.

C. The capital of Wales is Cardiff.

D. The national symbol of Wales is a daffodil.

E. The national flag of Wales is green and white.

F. Welsh people live in Wales.

1- ; 2- ; 3- ; 4- ; 5- ; 6- .

Тест №9 Тест множественного выбора.

Цель: Определение уровня усвоения учебного материала (грамматического).

Инструкция: Choose the correct answer and circle the corresponding letter.


1. Great Britain …. separated from The Continent by English Channel.

a) was;

b) is;

c) will be;

2. Scotland …. not completely united with England until 1707.

a) was;

b) were;

c) would

3. Ireland …. escape the invasions of the Vikings.

a) doesn’t;

b) didn’t;

c) don’t

4. In 1800 an Act of Union between Great Britain and Ireland … signed.

a) will;

b) would;

c) was

5. Upland regions …. in the north and the south – west.

a) are;

b) is;

c) were

6. The Welsh ….. fond of folk music, singing and poetry.

a) is;

b) will;

c) are

Тест №10 Краткие ответы

Цель: Контроль уровня сформированности аудитивных, лексических, грамматических и орфографических навыков.

Инструкция: Listen to the text and give short answers.



The seasons in Australia are opposite to those in the Northern hemisphere. That means we have Christmas in mid – summer. Only the southern regions of Australia show the distinct four seasons as they are known in Europe and the North America. In the North the weather is hot all year round. In the tropics there are only two seasons – a warm dry season and hot wet season. In inland Australia the differences between day and night temperatures and also between summer and winter are a lot bigger than along the coasts. A hot dry day is way more comforting than a hot and humid day. Australian weather in the deserts can be very unpredictable. It might not rain for years. At other heavy rainfall can cause massive flooding and fill inland salt lakes. The warm waters of the ocean moderate the climate in the coastal areas which don’t experience high or low temperature extremes. The weather in these regions is best described as Mediterranean – long dry summers followed by mild and rainy winters. The southern coasts can experience very cold weather in winter. There’s nothing to stop the wind that comes blowing from Antarctica.

1.What are the seasons in Australia?

The seasons in Australia are _________.

2.What regions do show seasons as they are known in Europe?

Only _________ show the distinct four seasons as they are known in Europe.

3.Where the weather is hot all year round?

_______ the weather is hot all year.

4. How many seasons are there in the tropics?

In the tropics there are ________.

5. Where the weather can be described as Mediterranean?

The weather in __________ areas is best described as Mediterranean.

Тест №11 Открытый клоуз-тест.

Цель: Измерение уровня владения лексическими единицами, развитие навыков прогнозирования, развитие аналитического мышления.

Инструкция: Fill in the gaps with ONE word only.



  1. My first Valentine’s was _______.

  2. It was a nice home – made ______ with a poem inside.

  3. I was seven and had ______ on handsome boy in my class.

  4. I ______ it was from him.

  5. And I checked _______ of all my classmates.

  6. But to my _______ the card was not from him.

  7. I discovered that it was from a boy whose ______ was “smelly”, because he ate a sandwiches with onion.

  8. I told my best ______ about it.

  9. She promptly ______ somebody else.

  10. Soon the boy got ______ by everyone.

  11. I was a little bit ______.

  12. Since then I’ve got lots of Valentine’s cards and I’ve always tried to keep _____ about the author.

Критерии оценки:

1 правильный ответ – 1 балл (общее количество баллов – 78 б.)

«5» - 78 – 70 б.

«4» - 69 – 59 б.

«3» - 58 – 48 б.

«2» - менее 48 б.


Test 1.

    1. b)

    2. a)

    3. b)

    4. b)

    5. a)

Test 2.

  1. not so … as …

  2. as … as …

  3. not so … as …

Test 3.

  1. capital

  2. speak

  3. national symbol

  4. is separated

  5. was inhabited

  6. escape

  7. settled

  8. densely populated

Test 4.

  1. celebration – an occasion or party;

  2. generation – all people of about the same age;

  3. a present – a gift;

  4. custom – smth. that is done by people in particular society because it is traditional;

  5. feature - smth. typical.

Test 5.

  1. is – are;

  2. this – these;

  3. will - ___

  4. go – going;

  5. written – write.

Test 6.

  1. CApital;

  2. CENtre;

  3. MONUment;

  4. DESIGned;

  5. LOCAted;

  6. SKYScrapers;

  7. WONDERful;

  8. FAMous;

  9. BOUNdary;

  10. SURROUnded;

  11. Native;

  12. INDUStrial;

  13. DENsely;

  14. LANGuage;

  15. KINGdoms;

  16. UPrisings;

  17. POPUlation.

Test 7.

  1. particularly;

  2. nice;

  3. unforgettable;

  4. witchy;

  5. biggest;

  6. small.

Test 8.

  1. C

  2. F

  3. A

  4. D

  5. E

  6. B

Test 9.

  1. b

  2. a

  3. b

  4. c

  5. a

  6. c

Test 10.

  1. opposite to those in Northern hemisphere;

  2. the southern regions of Australia;

  3. in the North;

  4. only two seasons;

  5. the coastal areas.

Test 11.

  1. unforgettable;

  2. card;

  3. a crush;

  4. hoped;

  5. the handwritings;

  6. disappointment;

  7. nickname;

  8. friend;

  9. told;

  10. teased;

  11. ashamed;

  12. secret.

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