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Комплекс упражнений к теме "Выбор профессии" на английском языке


hello_html_m2a7690f7.gifCHOOSING AN OCCUPATION

Task 1. Answer the questions.

  1. What is your father (mother)?

  2. Is your mother a doctor (nurse)?

  3. Where does your mother work?

  4. Does your father work in a hospital?

  5. What do you want to be?

  6. Do you want to be a dentist?

  7. Was your grandmother a teacher or a doctor?

  8. Were your grandparents doctors?

Task 2. Fill in the blanks.

  1. My sister … a nurse.

  2. You … a baker.

  3. They … engineers.

  4. I … a fireman.

  5. My parents … doctors.

  6. Tom and John … pilots.

  7. He … a good farmer.

  8. We … students.

  9. His father … a policeman.

  10. I … a clown.

Task 3 Unscramble the words

  1. heecatr

  2. corotd

  3. ctabaro

  4. noclw

  5. rakbe

  6. refmar

  7. marnfie

  8. nesur

Task 4 Guess different professions.

  1. Who works in a field?

  2. Who works with computers?

  3. Who helps sick animals?

  4. Who helps children to learn?

  5. Who takes pictures of famous people?

  6. Who makes new cars?

  7. Who flies in a spaceship?

  8. Who helps doctors?

  9. Who flies in airplanes?

  10. Who can play tricks?

Task 5 Match the words and the sentences

  1. a teacher

  2. a doctor

  3. a policeman

  4. a clown

  5. a postman

  6. a dancer

  7. a fireman

  8. a baker

  9. a dentist

  10. a pupil

a) He bakes bread.

b) He works in a circus.

c) He takes care of our teeth.

d) He fights fires.

e) She studies at school.

f) He delivers letters.

g) She gives pupils homework.

h) He helps sick people.

i) He protects people.

j) She works in a theatre.

Task 6 Correct the sentences.

  1. Doctors teach children.

  2. A nurse helps doctors.

  3. A pilot drives a car.

  4. A farmer works on a farm.

  5. Teachers work at school.

  6. A fireman brings letters.

  7. Workers bake bread.

  8. A programmer fights fires.

  9. Dancers work in the hospital.

  10. Clowns work in the circus.

Task 7 Tell about your parents’ professions.

My mother is a nurse. She works in the hospital. My dad is a driver. He drives a bus. My granny was a baker and my granddad was a worker.

Task 8 Fill in the gaps with words in the box.

fights, drives, work, helps, bakes, brings, flies, protects, play, take care of

  1. A postman … letters.

  2. Clowns … tricks in the circus.

  3. A policeman … people.

  4. A fireman … fires.

  5. My mother … cakes well.

  6. His father … a car.

  7. I … my teeth.

  8. An astronaut … in a spaceship.

  9. Teachers … at school.

  10. A vet … sick animals.

Choosing an Occupation

One of the most difficult problems a young person faces is deciding what to do about a career. There are individuals, of course, who from the time they are six years old "know" that they want to be doctors or pilots or fire fighters, but the majority of us do not get around to making a decision about an occupation or career until somebody or something forces us to face the problem.

Choosing an occupation takes time, and there are a lot of things you have to think about as you try to decide what you would like to do. You may find that you will have to take special education in Czechia to qualify for a particular kind of work, or may find out that you will need to get some actual work experience to gain enough knowledge to qualify for a particular job.

Fortunately, there are a lot of people you can turn to for advice and help in making your decision. At most schools, there are teachers who are professionally qualified to counsel you and to give detailed information about job qualifications. And you can talk over your ideas with family members and friends who are always ready to listen and to offer suggestions. But even if you get other people involved in helping you make a decision, self evaluation is an important part of the decision-making process.


to make a decision — принять решение

to force — заставлять, принуждать, вынуждать

qualify ['kwolifai] for — готовиться к какой-л. деятельности; приобретать какую-л. квалификацию; получать право (на что-либо)

to counsel ['kaunsl] — давать совет; советовать, рекомендовать

self evaluation [i,vælju'ei∫n] —самооценка


1. What is the most difficult problem for a young person?

2. Why don't the majority of young people know what they want to be?

3. When do they make a decision about an occupation?

4. What things do you have to think about when choosing an occupation?

5. What should one do to qualify for a particular job?

6. Whom can you turn to for advice when making your decision?

7. What is the most important part of the decision-making process?

I Want to be a Doctor

There are many interesting and noble professions. I want to be a doctor. It is an interesting profession. I understand that it is necessary to study a lot to become a doctor. I also understand that this profession requires great responsibility because it deals with the most precious thing that a person has - with his health.

My mother and my grandfather are doctors. My grand­father is working as a surgeon in a hospital. I have been several times at the hospital and spent some time watching him working. His main task is to operate on the people. After each operation he takes care of patients until they are recovered.

He listens very attentively to what his patients tell him. He is always kind and attentive to his patients. They feel it and believe him, and it makes his work easier. I know that he wants to see all his patients able - bodied and I notice that he is happy when his patient is recovered. My grandfather can also help if somebody catches a cold or has a fever. My grandfather told me a lot of true stories about doctors and their profession. I love and respect my grandfather and want to become a doctor as well.


noble - благородный

necessary - необходимый

to require - требовать

responsibility - ответственность

precious - ценный

surgeon - хирург

to be recovered - выздороветь

able-bodied - здоровый


1. Is it necessary to study to become a doctor?

2. Is profession of a doctor connected with a great responsibility? Why?

3. Have you seen a doctor working?

4. In your opinion, must a doctor be a kind and attentive person?

5. What do you think, is it pleasant to see a person healthy again?

6. What else do you know about doctors and their pro­fession?

«My Profession»

David: Hi, Kate! How are you?

Kate: Hi, David! I'm fine, thank you! And, how are you?

David: Very well, thanks! Just a bit worried about the coming exam.

Kate: Why? Is it so difficult to pass?

David: No, I wouldn't say it's very difficult, but it's definitely important for my future profession.

Kate: I see. Are you worried about Biology?

David: Yes, I really need good marks in this exam, because I want to enter a Medical college.

Kate: I remember that you've planned to study in the field of medicine. What's so interesting in it? In my opinion, it's a very difficult job to deal with various human illnesses. .

David: You're right. I've never thought it's easy. But I know for sure that working in medical field is interesting and useful. When I imagine that after several years of studying I'll be capable of treating people around me, I want to study even more eagerly. Other than that, I'm interested in various innovations. It would be great if I could make my own discovery in medicine.

Kate: Sounds great! And, have you chosen the exact field, yet? I mean, do you want to work in dentistry, gastroenterology, traumatology or any other fields?

David: Yes, I know what you mean. I want to be a humble physician, because these people's work involves lots of knowledge almost in every medical field. They should be aware of many health problems.

Kate: I see. That's a good choice.

David: Remind me, please, what did you choose to do after the school is over?

Kate: I want to go to a Law school. My parents insist on it.

David: Are you unhappy with their choice?

Kate: Kind of. I've always wanted to be an artist. You know, I'm really fond of drawing. But my father says that being an artist is more of a hobby than actual work. He says that I can draw in my free time just for pleasure.

David: He might be right. However, if you don't want to become a lawyer at all, then better refuse now.

Kate: No, it's fine. It has lots of advantages too. Lawyers sometimes deal with interesting people and cases. I will probably like the process of investigation or negotiations at court.

David: Sounds interesting! I think, you should pass Social studies to enter the City Law School, is that right?

Kate: Yes, that's true. I'm also a bit nervous before the exams. However, I think we'll do just fine.

David: Thanks for cheering me up! I feel much better now.

Kate: No problem! We can talk about it anytime

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