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Комплекс упражнений по теме "Present Simple and Present Continuous"

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Ex. 1 дополните предложения глаголами в Present Continious

1. İ am still ......... a letter to my parents. (write)

2. She’s ..............her hair at the moment. (dye)

3. İ am always .........things. (forget)

4. He’s ...........abroad now. (travel)

5. İ’m .............of thirst, you know. (die)

6. Tom is .......... your case (carry). İt’s awfully kind of him.

7. Mary is ........... a sweater. (knit)

8. Bob is..........on the sofa. (lie)

9. Linda is always ......... about nothing. (panic)

10. Now they’re ......... the importance of the problem. (realize)

Ex. 2 Дополните предложения, ставя глаголы из правой колонки в Present Simple или Present Continious

İ’m writing to my parents. İ write to them every weekend. Write, write

1. İt ___outside. İt ___down quite hard, hard. snow, come

2. Normally I ___work at 8 o’clock, but I___ at 7 this week. start, start

We’re very busy just now.

3. Usually I ___ two newspapers, but not the same ones every day. read, buy

On Sunday I___four or five.

4. We __a garage next to our house. We ___somewhere to put the car. build, want

5. I haven’t got a car at the moment, so I ___ to work on the bus this week. go, drive

Usually I ___ to work.

6. The sun ___in the east, remember. İt’s behind us, we ___ west. rise, travel

7. We ____ camping every year. İt’s a good cheap holiday. go, cost

Hotels ____ too much.

Ex. 3 Выберете между Present Continiuous или Present Simple

Dear Deborah,

İ’m having/I have a great time here in England. My Universty term (семестр) isn’t starting/doesn’t start until (до) the autumn, so I’m taking/I take the oppurtunity (воспользоваться возможностью) to improve (улучшить) my English. I’m staying/I stay with some English friends who are owning/own a farm (владеть). On weekdays İ’m catching/İ catch a bus into Bath to go to language classes. İ’m making/I make good progress (прогрессировать в ч-л), I think. My friends say/are saying my pronunciation (произношение) is much better than when İ arrived(приехать), and İ’m understanding/İ understand almost everything (почти все) now. At weekends İ’m helpind/İ help on the farm. At the moment they are harvesting/they harvest (собирать урожай) the corn and they’re needing/they need (нудно) all the help they can get. İt’s quite hard work, but İ’m liking/İ like it. And İ’m developing/İ develop (развивать)some strong muscles (мышцы)!

Do you come/Are you coming to visit me at Christmas? İ am spending/İ spend the winter holiday here at the farm. My friends are wanting/want to meet you and there’s plenty of space. But you must bring your warmest clothes. İt’s getting/İt gets very cold here in the winter.

Et me know as soon as you decide.

Love, Mike

Ex.4 Выберете между Present Simple или Present Continuous для выражения будущего действия

1. We (have) a party next Saturday. Would you like to come?

2. İ (not/go) away for my holidays next month because İ haven’t got enough money. You (go) away?

3. The concert (start) at 7.30 tomorrow night.

4. Gearge, is it true that you (get) married next week?

5. The art exhibition (open) on 3 May and (finish) on 15 July.

6. What time the next train (leave)?

7. We (go) to town. You (come) with us?

Ex. 5 Выберете между Present Simple или Present Continuous для выражения будущего действия

1. İ (not/belong) to any political party.

2. Hurry! The bus (come). İ (not/want) to miss it.

3. The River Nile (flow) into the mediterranean.

4. The river (flow) vry fast today – much faster than usual.

5. İt ever (snow) in İndia?

6. We usually (grow) vegetables in our garden but this year we (not/grow) any.

7. Can you (drive)? No, but İ (learn). My father (teach) me.

8. You can borrow my umbrella. İ (not/need) at the moment.

9. İ usually enjoy parties but İ (not/enjoy) this one very much.

10. Gearge says he is 80 years old but İ (not/believe) him.

11. Ron is in London at the moment. He (stay) at the Hilton Hotel. He usually (stay) at the Hilton Hotel when he is in London.

12. My parents live in Bristol. They were born there and have never lived anywhere else. Where you parents (live)?

13. She (stay) with her sister at the moment until she finds somewhere to live.

14. What your father (do)? – he is a teacher, but he (not(work) now.

15. Vegetarians are people who (not/eat) meat.

16. Look out! My dad (come).

17. Some pwoplw still the sun (go) rouns the earth.

18. Who (sit) in the chair?

19. İ (stay) with John for a few weeks until my flat’s ready.

20. Can you explain why water always (run) downhill?

21. What you (do) with your coat?

22. Not my passanger planes (fly) faster than sound?

23. What (happen) in golf if you lose the ball?

Ex. 6 Выберете между Present Simple и Present Continuous в зависимости от ситуации

1 What do you do? a. Actually that is the radio

2. What are you doing? b. Dutch-he is from Holland

3 Where does she work? c. İ want to get the car started.

4 Where is he workink? d. İ am a lawer.

5 Does you son play the guitar? e. he is in Cardiff this week.

6 İs your son playing the guitar? f. İn a big company.

7. What language does she speak? g. İt sounds like Polish.

8. What language is she speaking? h. Me-can İ have some more?

9. Who drinks champagne? i. Me, when İ can afford.

10. Who is drinking champagne? j. No, the violin.

Perfect you are great

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