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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Тесты / Комплексный тест для 5 класса
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Комплексный тест для 5 класса


Test(Form 5)


(Текст у додатку)

a)Прослухайте текст,вкажіть правильні(Т) чи неправильні (F) наступні речення.(6 балів)

1)A typical American family is usually very big . T F

2)Mother doesn’t usually work. T F

3)Parents try to spend time with their children

at the weekends. T F

4)Americans live far from their relatives . T F

5)Children see their grandparents very often. T F

6)On holidays relatives visit each other. T F

b)Прослухайте текст ще раз,напишіть українською мовою,що ви зрозуміли.(6 балів)

_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________



a)Прочитай текст і запитання до нього. Запиши короткі відповіді на ці запитання.(6 балів)

The Day I Tried to Cook

By: Sue Peterson

Mom is a great cook. She started cooking when she was three-years-old! She helped her mother cook. And, now I’m helping my mom cook. I like to make chicken the best. Baked chicken is my most favourite thing to make. It is also my favourite food to eat. One day, when mom was sick, I tried to make the chicken all by myself. I washed the chicken and put it in a pan in the oven (духовка)to bake. When the bell rang to tell me the chicken was done, I opened the oven door. Guess what? The chicken was not cooked! I started to laugh. I laughed and laughed and laughed! Did you know what I did? I forgot to turn on the oven! The oven! Did you know what I did next? I called on the telephone for pizza to come to our house. Mom was happy that I “cooked” by myself. She was happy that we could eat the pizza together. We will have chicken some other night.

1)Does Mom cook well?_____________________________________________

2)When did Mom start cooking?______________________________________

3)How did she learn to cook?_________________________________________

4)What is the author’s favourite dish?__________________________________

5)When did he try to make chicken by himself?__________________________________________________________

6)Why wasn’t the chicken cooked?__________________________________________________________

b)Знайди в тексті англійські еквіваленти і запиши їх(6 балів)

1)більш за все я люблю готувати курку-_______________________________________________________________

2)це також моя улюблена їжа-_______________________________________________________________

3)я спробував приготувати курку сам-________________________________________________________________

4)я помив курку-_______________________________________________________________

5)курка не приготувалася-________________________________________________________________

6)я замовив піццу по телефону-________________________________________________________________



a)Put the verbs in brackets into the Present Simple or Present Continuous Tense.

(3 points)

1)My sister_______________(to go)to school every day.

2)Ben______________________(not\to swim)now

3)Tina is a teacher. She_______________(to teach) Maths.

4)I_________________(to read)an interesting book now.

5)We_____________________(not\to wear)jeans to school.

6)Dan usually _____________(to drink) coffee, but he______________(to drink)

tea now.

b) Choose the correct variant to complete each sentence.(3 points)

1. Ben a red T-shirt and blue jeans on.

A has got B having C have

  1. Kelly and Tom __________ wearing school uniform.

  2. A have B is C are

  3. My father has got a shirt and on.

A a tie B high boots C blouse

4. Nick is wearing a blue and a white T-shirt.

A cap B jeans C dress

5. During summer we do not wear coats and .

A shorts B jumpers C T-shirts

6. When it's raining you have to take an umbrella and wear .

A a suit B an anorak C a raincoat

c)Answer the questions.(3 points)

1)What are your favourite dishes?


2)What ingredients do you use to cook one of your favourite dished?


3)How do you cook your favourite dish?


d)Complete the letter.Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tense form.(3 points)

Dear Mark,

I____________(to write)to tell you that the holidays with my family ______(to be) great!The weather________(to be)wonderful and the sea_______(to be)really hot.We_________________(to swim)and_________________(to sunbathe)every day.

We________________(to go)to the cinema and___________________(to see)a very

Interesting film yesterday.After that we_____________(to eat)a big pizza. I_________________(not to buy)souvenirs yet.I_______(to do)this tomorrow.

See you soon,Kate



a)Зєднай слова та вирази з їх англійськими еквівалентами.

1)чоловік a)to mash

2)дружина b)to have a snack

3)піклуватися про батьків c)honest

4)чесний d)a bowl of cereal

5)працьовитий e)to take care of the parents

6)веселий f)cheerful

7)накривати на стіл g)to wash up

8)мити посуд h)a skirt

9)пара шкарпеток i)to boil

10)спідниця j) to take off

11)вдягати k)to put on

12)знімати l)to lay the table

13)тарілка каші m)a wife

14)перекусити n)a pair of socks

15)товкти o)hard-working

16)кип*ятити p)a husband

b)Вибери та обведи літеру правильного варіанта відповіді в діалозі.

1)Hello,Dan!How are you?

A And you? B.Thank you . C Fine,thanks.

2)Did you have a good holiday?

A Yes,we went there too. B No,we had a problem C No,it was nice.

3)Will you have a test tomorrow?

A Yes,I’ll have an English test . B No,I’ll have an English test. C No,I don’t.

4)Have you bought any milk?

A Yes ,I did B Yes,I haven’t C No,I have not.

5)It’s cold and rainy outside!

A Take off your raincoat! B Put on your anorak ! C Put on your umbrella!

6)I’d like some bread, please.

A Certainly. How much would you like? B Sorry, but we haven’t got some bread.

C How many bread would you like?

7)I’m hungry.

A Let’s make some sandwiches ! B Let’s open the window! C Put on your coat!

8)How old is Mary?

A She is fine. B He is ten. C He is eight.

c)Постав репліки діалогу у правильному порядку

___Yes,I love pizza.

___I’m O.K.Where are you going?

__1_Hi,Jim!How are you?

____I’d love to, but I haven’t done my homework.

____Let’s go!We haven’t got much time.

__Well,I’ll come to your place and help you with your homework and then we’ll go to the cinema together.

____I’m fine,thanks and you?

___To the cinema.Would you like to go with me?

___Good idea!Thank you.And after the cinema we can go to the café and have some pizza.



Text for listening.

Family Life in the USA.

A typical American family is not very different from a typical British family. It usually has two parents and two children. Both parents work, but they try to spend time with their children at the weekends. Sometimes they visit museums. They often like going to the cinema or to the park.

Americans often move to the other city or even to the other state. So they live far away from their relatives, and children don't see their grandmas and grandpas, aunts and uncles very often. But they keep in touch with each other by telephone or letter. On holidays (like Christmas or Thanksgiving) relatives often visit each other.


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