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Комплект упражнений по теме "There is/are, спряжение глаголов to have, to be, степени сравнения прилагательных"

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I Конструкция There is/ There are

Значение!!! Где-то что-то находится, переводим с конца предложения с обстоятельства места!!!!

  1. There ...some books on the table. Can you give them to me.

  2. There ...a girl in the garden. She is a Mike’s younger sister.

  3. There ...a sofa in the middle (по середине) of the room.

  4. ...there any scooters outside (во дворе)?-Yes, there ...some.

  5. There ...some butter in the butter-dish (масленка).

  6. There ...people in the street.

  7. Look! (послушай). ...there any ballpoint pen (шариковая ручка) on my table.

  8. There ...no soap (мыло) in the bathroom.

А теперь переведем

  1. На дороге 2 грузовика. – road, truck

  2. В мастерской рабочие.- worker

  3. Медсестра в больнице.- nurse

  4. На тротуаре 3 машины.-on the pavement

  5. На дороге люди.- on the road

  6. В очереди 5 человек.- in the queue

  7. По середине зала стоит большой стол. – in the middle

II Use the right form of the verb HAVE

  1. My sister ...a well-paid job. That is why she can afford everything.

  2. We ...2 pets: a dog and a cat. İ really like them but they require(требовать) great concern.(забота)

  3. He ...a very strong will. He always expresses his identity.

  4. They are the people who ...brightly coloured hair.

  5. Our new teacher ...very elegant narrow trousers.

  6. Jane likes boys who ... college-style hair-cut and neat clothes.

  7. This group ...leather blazer jacket.

  8. İ ... some computer-made psychodelic music in my MP3 player. Would you like to listen to it?

  9. The member of that group has pale faces with plenty of make-up.

III Fill in the verb to BE in Present Simple

  1. İ ...a student of that very college.

  2. My father ... not a locomotive driver, he ... a scientist.

  3. ...your aunt a doctor? – Yes, she...

  4. ...they at home?-No, they...not. They...at the vocational college.

  5. ...this your watch?-Yes, it...

  6. We ...one family and have to(должны) help each other in every situation.

  7. Despite his laziness he ...a very talanted(талантливый) and witty(остроумный) boy.

  8. Helen’s brother ...a student of that vocational school (профессиональное училище)

He ...at the third course (курс).

  1. My two sisters ...typists (машинистка). The speed (скорость) of their typing ... very high.

IV Fill in the verb to BE in the Past Simple.

  1. He ...a student 5 years ago.

  2. Last Saturday we...at the cinema. There...a great historical film.

  3. When my sister...a 5-year old girl she ... very industrious(трудолюбивый) but now she is very lazy.(ленивый)

  4. Last week my friend ...ill and i visited him.

  5. They ... not at the theatre yesterday. They ... in the park.

  6. The last book İ read ...a very interesting one but difficult to understand..

  7. When they ...young they made the same mistakes so Why they want to prevent us from making our own mistakes and learn from them.

*to make mistakes-делать, допускать ошибки

*to prevent smn from doing smth- помешать

V Use to BE in Present, Past, Future Simple.

  1. My father ... a teacher. 2. He ...a student 20 years ago. 3. İ...a doctor when İ grow up.

4. My sister ...not ...at home tomorrow. She...at school tomorrow.

5. ...you.. at home tomottow? 6. ...your father at work yesterday? 8. My sister ...ill last week. But now she ...healthy. 9. When İ come home tomorrow, all my family ... ...at home. 10. ...your little sister in bed now?-Yes, she... . 11. He ... ... in Moscow tomorrow. 12. Where ...your books now?- They ... in my bag.

Translate into English

  1. Мой брат сейчас в школе. 2. Мой брат был вчера в кино. 3. Мой брат будет завтра дома. 4. Ты будешь завтра дома? 5. Она была вчера в парке? 6. Он сейчас во дворе? 7. Где Майк? Он на работе. 8. Мой друг не в парке. Мы вместе пойдем гулять. Завтра в три часа они будут в колледже. 9. Когда твоя сестра будет дома? Я не знаю.

VI Open the brackets and use the right form of the adjective.

  1. Which is (large): the United States or Canada? 2. What is the name of the (big) port in the United States? 3. Moscow is the (large) city in Russia. 4. The London underground(метро) is the (old) in the world. 5. There is a (great) number of cars and buses in the streets of Moscow than in any other city(мегаполис) of Russia. 6. St. Petersburg is one of the (beautiful) cities in the world. 7. The rivers of the United States are (big) than those in England. 8. The island (остров) of Great Britain is (small) than Greenland. 9. What is the name of the (high) mountain (гора) in Asia? 10. The English Channel(канал) is (wide) than the Straits of Gibraltar. 11. Russia is a very (large) country.

as…as or so as

  1. Mike …tall(высокий)…Pete. 2. Kate is not …nice…Ann. 3. My room is…light(светлый)…this one. 4. This book is not…thin (тонкий) …that one. 5. Sergei is ... old ... Michael. 6. She is young ...Tom’s brother. 7. This woman is ... good ... that one. 8. Nick’s English is not ...good ... his friend’s. 9. İ am not ... tall ...Pete. 10. This woman is ... young ... that one. 12. İ am ... thin ...you. 13. Kate is ... lazy ... her brother. 14. This child is not ... small ... that one.

!!!! При сравнении 2-х предметов употребляется союз than

Good luck students

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