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Комплект заданий для 9 класса

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Инструкция по выполнению работы

Письменная часть работы по английскому языку состоит из трёх разделов, включающих в себя 41 задание. На выполнение заданий письменной части экзаменационной работы отводится 80 минут.

Раздел 1 (задания по чтению) содержит 20 заданий на понимание прочитанных текстов. Рекомендуемое время на выполнение заданий раздела – 30 минут.

Раздел 2 (задания по грамматике и лексике) состоит из 20 заданий. Рекомендуемое время на выполнение заданий раздела – 20 минут.

Ответы к заданиям 1–20 записываются в виде одной цифры или буквы, которые соответствуют правильному ответу. Эту цифру или букву запишите в поле ответа в тексте работы.

В случае записи неверного ответа на задания разделов 1–2 зачеркните его и запишите рядом новый.

В разделе 3 (задание по письму) дано 1 задание, предлагающее написать личное письмо. Задание выполняется на отдельном листе. Рекомендуемое время на выполнение задания – 30 минут. При выполнении заданий можно пользоваться черновиком. Записи в черновике не учитываются при оценивании работы.

Баллы, полученные Вами за выполненные задания, суммируются.

Постарайтесь выполнить как можно больше заданий и набрать наибольшее количество баллов.

Желаем успеха!

Олимпиада по английскому языку

9 класс

READING (20 points)

30 minutes

TASK 1 (8 points)

 Below are descriptions of 8 films showing at the cinema. Choose one film for each person that best matches their interests. Choose "None"  if there is no match!

1. The Delivery 
Jim Treace stars in this well-known comedy about two workmen who have to deliver a long piece of wood to a house. But unfortunately the performances are poor, and the film is too long for such a simple joke

2. And Tomorrow We Find You
A fast-moving adult story about a San Francisco policeman in danger. Based on real-life happening, it keeps you guessing right until the last minute. Although there are no big stars, there are some fine performances

3. The Ends of the Earth
A story based on a real-life journey to the South Pole. This film contains some quite wonderful wildlife photography - make sure you see it while you have the chance, or you'll be sorry.

4. Islands of Fire
You get spectacular scenery and lots of thrills in this action-packed story, in which a young sea-captain rescues terrified villagers from a volcanic island in the South Sea.

5. Out of School
Here we live through a day in the life of an American teenager who has problems not only with his parents and their boring friends but also with his first girl-friend who just doesn't seem to understand him.

6. A Time of Silence
Don't forget your handkerchief for this story of a young college boy and girl who manage to survive all the pressures of modern life. And what an unforgettable wedding scene!

7. A Private Party
A wonderfully funny comedy, which takes place in the 1940s. A reporter and his very worried wife try to save a friendly pig from the local butcher. The actors really make the most of this clever script.

8. Who Shot Malone?
It's a surprise to see so many famous names wasting their time in this dull detective story. In the end you find yourself asking, "Who cares?"

A. Joanne is studying art at university. She usually goes to the cinema on Friday evening. She enjoys films that are based on real life and from which she can learn something.

B. Sheila has decided to take her mother to the cinema for her birthday. They both like love stories that have happy endings.

C. Brian is a hard-working medical student. He doesn't have very much free time, but he likes going to the cinema to relax, and enjoys a good laugh.

D. Adam wants to take his 10-year-old son Mark to the cinema at the weekend. They want to see a film with plenty of excitement.

E. Harry and Joyce go to the cinema about twice a month. They particularly like detective stories and do not pay much attention to which actors are in the film.

F. None









TASK 2 (7 points)
Look at the sentences about how to drive a car.
Read the text below to decide if each statement is true (T) or false (F)

How to Save Petrol and the Environment.

We are all aware of the need to protect the environment but sometimes it's difficult for us to do the right thing. Did you know that making a few simple changes to your driving habits will not only do less damage to our world but will also save you money and could even be good for your health?

Do you really need to take the car?
Try making more use of public transport. If the service is frequent and reliable you'll soon get used to using buses and trains. In fact, for shorter journeys why not take the opportunity to get into shape and go on foot.

Share the journey.
How often do you see cars with just one occupant with the driver making the same journey as others living nearby? Why not car share and half the cost of the journey? There are several websites where people can swap details and make arrangements to meet up.

Change your habits.
When you must use the car, plan your journey so you can go to all the places you need to visit rather than taking the car out again and again. If you get caught in a traffic jam, switch off the engine when you're stationary for a long time. On cold mornings don't warm up the engine before you start your journey and when you next put fuel in your car think about whether you really need to fill up the tank. All that extra weight will put more pressure on the engine.

Steps like this will save you money and help you do your bit to protect the environment.


Начало формы

TASK 3(5 points)

Read the text and choose one correct answer

I shifted uncomfortably inside my best suit and eased a finger inside the tight white collar. It was hot in the little bus and I had taken a seat on the wrong side where the summer sun beat on the windows. It was a strange outfit for the weather, but a few miles ahead my future employer might be waiting for me and I had to make a good impression.
There was a lot depending on this interview. Many friends who had qualified with me were unemployed or working in shops or as labourers in the shipyards. So many that I had almost given up hope of any future for myself as a veterinary surgeon.
There were usually two or three jobs advertised in the Veterinary Record each week and an average of eighty applicants for each one. It hadn’t seemed possible when the letter came from Darrowby in Yorkshire. Mr. S. Farnon would like to see me on the Friday afternoon; I was to come to tea and, if we were suited to each other, I could stay on as his assistant. Most young people emerging from the colleges after five years of hard work were faced by a world unimpressed by their enthusiasm and bursting knowledge. So
I had grabbed the lifeline unbelievingly. 
The driver crashed his gears again as we went into another steep bend. We had been climbing steadily now for the last fifteen miles or so, moving closer to the distant blue of the Pennine Hills. I had never been in Yorkshire before, but the name had always raised a picture of a region as heavy and unromantic as the pudding of the same name; I was prepared for solid respectability, dullness and a total lack of charm. But as the bus made its way higher, I began to wonder. There were high grassy hills and wide valleys. In the valley bottoms, rivers twisted among the trees and solid grey stone farmhouses lay among islands of cultivated land which pushed up the wild, dark hillsides.
Suddenly, I realised the bus was clattering along a narrow street which opened onto a square where we stopped. Above the window of a small grocer’s shop I read ‘Darrowby Co-operative Society’. We had arrived. I got out and stood beside my battered suitcase, looking about me. There was something unusual and I didn’t know what it was at first. Then it came to me. The other passengers had dispersed, the driver had switched off the engine and there was not a sound or a movement anywhere. The only visible sign of life was a group of old men sitting round the clock tower in the centre of the square, but they might have been carved of stone.

1. As he travelled, the writer regretted his choice of

  1. seat

  2. clothes

  3.  career

  4.  means of transport

2. What had surprised the writer about the job?

  1. There had been no advertisement.

  2.  He had been contacted by letter.

  3.  There was an invitation to tea.

  4.  He had been selected for interview.

3. The writer uses the phrase ‘I had grabbed the lifeline’ to show that he felt

  1. confident of his ability

  2.  ready to consider any offer

  3.  cautious about accepting the invitation

  4.    forced to make a decision unwillingly

4. What impression had the writer previously had of Yorkshire?

  1.  It was a beautiful place.

  2. It was a boring place.

  3.   It was a charming place.

  4.   It was an unhappy place.

5. What did the writer find unusual about Darrowby?

  1. the location of the bus stop

  2. the small number of shops

  3.  the design of the square

  4. the lack of activity

USE OF ENGLISH 20 minutes

Task 1 (10 points)

Complete the definitions with the words and phrases

  1. ______________ are people who do paperwork.

  2. _______________ are chances to find work.

  3. _______________ are people who work for a person or company.

  4. _______________ are people or companies who give work to other people

  5. _______________are people who move to a country from another country

  6. If something is _____________ , it is very important to you.

  7. If you have __________with somebody, you do not share any interests or opinions

  8. If you____________ somebody, you speak while they are speaking.

  9. If you____________ somebody, you decide what somebody is like, whether you like them, etc.

  10. If you are ______________ you are too busy to think

1. nothing in common 2. running in circles 3. administrators 4. immigrants 5. judge 6. job opportunities 7. employers 8. interrupt 9. employees 10. close to your heart 11. an obligation

Task 2 (10 points)

Complete each sentence with the most suitable word or phrase.

1) One really shouldn't drink too much, _______?

A) does one B) should you C) do you D) should one

2) ________, I would like to propose a toast.

A) For example B) In conclusion C) On the other hand D) Thus

3) Do you think __________could help me choose a pair of trousers?

A) someoneB) anyone C) whoever D) there

4) ________doesn't seem to be anyone at home.

A) It B) One C) There D) Whenever

5) ______did I realise that the murderer was still in the house!

A) Seldom B) Under no circumstances C) Only after D) Only then

6)________ , I don't believe that prices will rise next year.

A) In contrast B) Personally C) Not only D) Whatever

7) You're covered in mud!_________ is your mother going to say?

A) Rarely B) Furthermore C) Whatever D) On account of

8) Oh bother, ______the bus I wanted to catch!

A) whereverB) it's left C) there goes D) owing to

9) Please help yourselves to __________you like.

A) whoeverB) nothing C) everywhere D) anything

10) Nobody's got to stay late this evening, ________?

A) is it B) have they C) isn't it D) don't they

WRITING (10 points) 30 minutes

You have received a letter from your English-speaking pen-friend, Andrew.

We are carrying out an experimental project at school. The idea is to see how our life would change if we gave up all electronic gadgets. Yes, we are not allowed to use any electronic things for a whole week. If feels very strange, but I’m sure I’ll survive!…

How much time do you spend online? If you could use only one gadget, what would it be and why? What would you do if you had more free time?…

Write him a letter and answer his 3 questions.

Write 100–120 words. Remember the rules of letter writing.

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