Инфоурок Английский язык Другие методич. материалыКонкурс по английскому языку"Брейн-ринг" (8 класс)

Конкурс по английскому языку"Брейн-ринг" (8 класс)

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"Brain Ring"

Интеллектуальная игра для учащихся 5-8 классов

Ход игры:

I. Организационный момент.

Dear boys and girls. Welcome to the intellectual game “Brain Ring”. We’ve invited only the cleverest, smartest, the bravest and the most friendly pupils. So meet two teams for the competition. From the 5th and 6th forms there are per one participant for each team and from the 7th and 8th forms there are per two participants. In general every team has got 6 participants. All together we have 12 participants. First let me introduce the jury of 10th -former: Ugaslov Konstantin. Your ovations, please. Now let the teams introduce themselves and their captains.

Teams – on the stage! (Команды выходят, объявляют название, представляют капитана)

It’s time to start our competition. There are 7 topics in the game: Animal quiz, English speaking countries, Environmental problems, Russia, Family, Only questions and School life. For the each topic there will be some tasks that you should solve.

For Animal quiz you can get 5 points

For English-speaking countries – 10 points

   For Environmental problems – 10 points

   For Family – 9 points

   For Russia – 8 points

   For Only questions – 10 points

   For School life – 8 points


Well, let’s start from the Animal quiz. You should pull out one card from the box in turn. You have 20 seconds to answer the question. They are 5 cards in the box. You can get 5 points for the task. So pull out one card.


1. Animal quiz. Викторина о животном мире.


1. How much do African elephants weigh? – a) 2000 kg b) 4000 kg c) 6000 kg

2. How fast can a cheetah run? – a) 60 km/h b) 100 km/h c ) 130 km/h

3. How tall are giraffes? – a) 400 cm b) 600 cm c) 800 cm

4. How long are pythons? – a) 200 cm b) 400 cm c) 600 cm

5. How big is a scorpion? – a) 12 cm b) 20 cm c) 40 cm

6. How far can swallows fly? – a) 1000 km b) 4000 km c) 22 000 km

7. How much do ostriches’ eggs weigh? – a) 1-2 kg b) 3-4 kg c) 5-6 kg

8. How long is a black rhino’s horn? – a) 20 cm b) 40 cm c) 80 cm

9. How fast can a kangaroo run? – a) 60 km/h b) 80 km/h c) 100 km/h

10. How tall are horses? – a) 110 cm b) 160 cm c) 200 cm

(Комментарий ответов: That’s quite correct. You are not quite right, I’m afraid)


Дети из каждой команды вытягивают один билетик с вопросом. Дается 20 секунд на подготовку ответа. Жюри оценивает правильность ответов по ключам. Итого команда может получить до 5 баллов за этот конкурс.


Молодцы справилисьWell done! Let’s continue our competition. The competition of the role games in the situations in English-speaking countries. You should pull out one of 2 cards from the box. There is a topic of the situation. You should make a dialog or a polilog according to the topic. You have 5 minutes to play the dialog or the polilog. You can get 10 points.

Дети из каждой команды вытягивают один билетик с тематикой речевой ситуации. Время на подготовку – 5 минут. Жюри оценивает команды по 10-балльной системе.


Thank you, participants. Now I’m sure how clever you are. Let’s go on our game. The next topic is Environmental problems. Reading and lexical competition. You should fill in the gaps some missing words. For each right word you get one point.



 Dear RAP 1)                      

Recently I’ve read about a bird called the 2)                         pigeon, or wild pigeon, - it lived in 3)     

                               a century ago. It was a beautiful, swift and graceful   4)                  . There were thousands, even millions of them.

I was surprised to find out that today there is not even one left. All living passenger 5)                

                        disappeared from the earth entirely. The passenger pigeon became extinct.

It happened for many reasons. The main one is the change in the pigeons’ natural 6)                    , in the environment. These birds needed large 7)                       , but farmers needed land, so they cut down forests. No forests – no food for the birds. Second, many pigeons were shot for sport and because they were good to eat. At that time, there were no hunting laws to 8)                     endangered species like there are now. Pigeons were killed in huge numbers, and there were very few of them left. There were not enough birds for the species to survive.

The passenger pigeon is only one of the plants and animals that once lived on our 9)                    and have become extinct. Extinction has been going on since life began on our planet. But today 10)   

                           is happening faster than ever before.

I feel very concerned about this and wonder what can be done to stop it?


Good bye,



Forests, pigeons, readers, planet, protect, North America, extinction, passenger, habitat, bird


The next topic is Russia.  Think and choose the right word. Подумай и подбери правильный вариант ответа. Work together with the whole team. You can get 8 points. Your time is 2 minutes. When you finish give your card to the jury.

Вам выдаются следующие бланки, которые выполняются совместно всей командой и отдаются жюри (каждый правильный ответ оценивается в 1 балл, итого – 8 баллов). Время выполнения – 2 минуты:


Choose the right variant.



1. What’s the capital                                   A. 6 to 7.

of Russia?                                                  

2. What nationality is                                 B. It was a people’s assembly which made

                       V.V. Putin?                                              decisions on peace and war.

3. Who granted Novgorod                         C. It’s a museum.

                       independence from Kiev?

4. What age do Russian children               D. He’s famous for his poetry.

     start school?                                                   

5. What city is the birthplace                      E. Moscow   

of the Russian democratic tradition?                      

6. What was the Veche?                             F. Yaroslav the Wise.    

7. What sight is the Hermitage?                 G. He’s Russian.

8. What’s A.S. Pushkin famous for?          H. It’s Novgorod.


Let’s have the next topic Family.  Семья. You should pull out one of 2 cards from the box. There is beginning  of the sentence. Your task is to finish it for 2-3 minutes. Jury will asses your grammatical and lexical points of your view.


Вам следует вытягивать по одной карточке из двух наборов карточек, на которых записано начало предложения. Вы должны через 2-3 минуты высказать полное предложение. Жюри оценивает грамматическую и лексическую правильность предложенных мыслей, их объем, т.е. желательно, чтобы вы сказали не одну краткую фразу, а раскрыли свою мысль, пояснили ее в 4-5 предложениях. От команды выступают три человека, каждый может получить максимум 5 баллов, итого за конкурс от 3 до 9 баллов.

Наборы карточек следующие:


I feel proud when my father….

I feel sorry when my mother….

I feel wonderful when my brother/sister ….

I feel unhappy when my parents ….

      Family is important in my life because ….



        I think my grandparents should ….

        I think my brother should ….

              I think my parents should ….

        I think my sister should …….

                          Family is important in my life because ….


v Only Questions.  Конкурс на правильное написание вопросов. You get a card with the sentences. You should write a question according to the sentence. When you finish give it to the jury. For each right word you get 2 points. So in general you can get 10 points. You have 3 minutes.


Каждая команда получает бланк и пишет вопросы, затем отдает их жюри. Конкурс оценивается в 10 баллов максимум, т.е можно получить по 2 балла за каждый правильно написанный вопрос. Время выполнения 3 минуты.


Write questions.

1.     Many people cut down the forests. (Why? )

2.     They are eating apples.                   (What?)

3.     I went to England last year.            (When?)

4.     She met a lot of friends during her summer holidays.  (How many?)

5.     He has never been to London.   (Where? )


 And finally the last task “School life”. Captains of each team prepare a talking about your school life. In general you can get 8 points for the competition.


Капитаны команд должны подготовить сообщение о своей школьной жизни. Итого максимум можно получить 8 баллов за этот конкурс. Время на подготовку – 2 минуты.


Считаем вместе с учащимися на английском языке. Оглашение общего результата.

Ребята, вы многому научились, многое узнали, вы все молодцы, и я желаю вам изучать английский язык весело и с удовольствием! Я желаю вам новых успехов! Thank you for the game. Keep it so! Good luck everybody! Спасибо за игру. Так держать! Удачи всем!





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