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Конкурсы в неделю английского языка 7-11 класс

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Конкурсы –разминка для 7-11 кл

В качестве изречений можно предложить следующие:

The more we study, the more we know.

If you never try, you will never know

Beauty will save the world

Actions speak louder than words

When you have nothing to say, say nothing

Who knows most, speaks least

Even a polyglot may not find common language with some people.

All languages are good if they are spoken in a human way

All nations smile in the same language.

A man needs only two years to learn to speak and all his life to keep his mouth shut.

Several years are needed to learn a foreign language. It takes one’s whole life to master one’s native tongue.

Юмористические высказывания:

Actor is a man who tries to be everything but himself

Friend is one who has the same enemies you have.

Lady is a woman who makes a man behave like a gentleman.

Mirror is one that laughs at your face.

School year is a very long period between vocations.

Zoo is a place where animals study human beings.

If vegetable oil comes from vegetables where does baby oil comes from?

I’m not a complete idiot, some parts are missing

Out of my mind. Back in 5 minutes.

Hit me! I need the money ( the sign on the car)

Those who can, do. Those who can do more, teach.

Time is the best teacher; unfortunately, it kills all his students.

When your mom is mad at your dad, don’t let her brush your hair.

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