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Конррольная работа для гр.111 вариант 2

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Контрольная работа по английскому языку

для студентов группы 111

вариант № 2

  1. Употребите there is или there are в следующих предложениях:

1. … … five bananas, three apples and a pear in the vase.

2. … … a big white parrot and about fifteen little parrots in the cage.

3. … … nothing interesting in the newspaper .

2. Употребите нуж ную степень сравнения прилагательного:

1.Your English is (good) now.

2. Who knows him (well) than you.

3. The Alps are (high) mountains in Europe.

3. Поставьте глаголы в Present Simple:

1. Tourists (go) to Egypt to see the pyramids.

2. Jimmy always (take) the bus to go to school.

3. Julie (write) a letter to her mother once a week.

4. Поставьте глаголы в Present Continious:

1. I (not stand). I (sit) now.

2. He (read) an intertesting book now.

3. She (work) at school at the moment.

5. Употребите множественное число существительных, данных в скобках:

1. In our greengarden we grow (potato) and (tomato).

2. I want to read Shakespeare' s(play), both (tragedy) and (comedy).

3. There are computer (disc) in those (box).

6. Заполните пропуски , используя much, a little, little, many, a few , few.

1. There are .......people at the stadium. - Because it has been raining all day.

2. There is........food in the kitchen. We cannot feed our guests.

3. This disc has only........good songs. I do not want to buy it.

7. Перепишите предложения, используя love, like, enjoy + V-ing.

1. We ( to enjoy, to travel) round our country.

2. Mary and her mum (to love, to do shopping).

3. My parents ( not to like, to go) to the theatre.

8. Заполните пропуски, используя some, any no или их производные.

1. There are........ books on the table.

2. I cannot see....... glasses on the shelf.

3. He is in a hurry. Give him.......shirt.

9. Прочитайте текст устно и письменно ответьте на вопросы по его содержанию.

The Blakes Family.

The Blakes live in America. Michael Blake is a teacher at the University. He teaches French. Mr. Blake is a very good teacher and his students like him. His work is very hard as he has forty or forty-five students in a class. Mr. Blake has five classes four times a week: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. He has no classes on Thursday and Saturday. His wife, Alice, is also a teacher. She teaches Spanish. She can speak Spanish very well and can write very well too. She often translate stories from Spanish into English. She has classes twice a week: Monday and Thursday. As Alice is busy at school only two days a week she can do the housework on other days. Mr. and Mrs. Blake have two children: Bill and Dick. Their elder son Bill is a programmer. He always leaves home for work at 8 o' clock. He goes to work by car.

Questions: 1. Do the Blakes live in America or England?

2. What does Mr. Blake teach?

3.What are their children's names?

4. How does Bill get to his work?

Преподаватель: Н. А. Кутикова

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