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Конспект к презентации '' Twelve flowers of the year'' по английскому языку по теме ''Plants''

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Twelve flowers of the year

Snowdrop - подснежник, primrose - примула, daffodil - нарцисс, daisy - маргаритка, hawthorn - боярышник, honeysuckle - жимолость, water lily - водяная лилия, poppy - мак, morning glory - вьюнок, hop - хмель, chrysanthemum - хризантема, holly- остролист

The snowdrop is the flower for January. It is as white as snow, and appears in forests and gardens when there is still snow there. The little plant is a native flower of Europe.

February’s flower is the primrose. Primroses can be white, yellow, red, pink, rose, purple and oranges. The flowers look like stars. The primrose is one of the earliest spring flowers. They grow wild in some countries in Europe, and North America, but you can find lots of them in China.

The flower of the month of March is the daffodil. It appears very early in spring too. The flowers are usually white or yellow. The plant has long leaves and a sweet pleasant smell. It has been a favourite flower in many gardens.

April’s flowers are daisies. You can see them everywhere in the fields, gardens and even roadsides.

The flower for May is the hawthorn. It grows on a small tree and its blossoms are in pink, white or red. The hawthorn also has small hard fruit which looks like a little apple.

June’s flower is the honeysuckle and July’s flowers are water lilies. You can often see them on the waters of a quiet lake. Frogs like to use their large green leaves as chairs. Some water lilies are deep yellow in colour and some are pink, blue or even purple.

The flower for August is the poppy. Poppies are bright red or yellow flowers. They look like cups. They often grow wild in the mountains.

The morning glory, September’s flower is a climbing plant with blue or purple blossoms. Their green leaves look like small green hearts. The morning glory opens early in the morning, but when the hot sun appears in the sky it closes. The blossoms are like bells. The morning glory has a sweet smell and can grow wild.

October’s flower is the hop. People use it to make beer. It is a climbing plant which often decorates country houses.

The flower of November is the chrysanthemum. It is one of the oldest known flowers. It has grown in Japan for nearly two thousand years and is the national flower and the emblem of that island country. This lovely flower can be white, yellow, red, purple or rose. Chrysanthemums appear from late August to December when most other flowers are ready for the winter.

December’s flower is the holly. It is the flower of the Christmas season.

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