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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Конспекты / Конспект к уроку домашнего чтения по произведению О.Генри "Горящий светильник ("O. Henry “The Trimmed Lamp”)
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Конспект к уроку домашнего чтения по произведению О.Генри "Горящий светильник ("O. Henry “The Trimmed Lamp”)


8 “A” класс.

Проводит: Герасимова К.Ю. 501-А группа

Дата проведения: 01. 10. 2011

Учитель: Кондратьева А.А.

Урок домашнего чтения: O. HenryThe Trimmed Lamp

Основные задачи:

-отработка активного словаря рассказа

-контроль понимания прочитанного

-совершенствование подготовленной монологической речи учащихся

-оценка и обсуждение прочитанного


-совершенствование произносительных навыков

-развитие памяти и внимания

Оснащение урока: материал для фон. зарядки, упражнений на интерактивной доске; Структура урока.

І Мобилизующее начало урока (5 мин.).

  1. приветствие (30 сек.)

  2. речевая зарядка (1 мин.)

  3. сообщение задач урока (30 сек.)

  4. фонетическая зарядка (3 мин.)

ІІ Центральная часть урока (25 мин.)

  1. выполнение предречевых упражнений (7 мин)

  2. контроль общего понимания прочитанного (15 мин)

  3. оценка и обсуждение прочитанного (11 мин)

ІІІ Завершающая часть (2мин.):

  1. подведение итогов урока (50 сек).

  2. выставление и комментарии оценок (1 мин.)

Ход урока.

Мобилизующее начало урока.

Good afternoon, students. I’m glad to see you. Take your seats.

Речевая зарядка+ Cooбщение целей и задач урока .

How are you? What is the title of the story you read at home? Did you like this story?

Фонетическая зарядка.

Before we’ll do some tasks, let’s train the pronunciation of some proper names and words we’ll need. First listen to me, do not repeat:

Lou [`lu:]

Laundry ['lɔ:ndrɪ]

Ironer ['aɪənə]

Millionaire [̗`mɪljə'neə]

Electrician [`ɪ̗lek'trɪʃn]

Diamond ['daɪəmənd]

Bridegroom ['braɪdɡru:m]

Repeat these words after me in chorus. Nice. And now one word for one person. Read and translate. You may use your vocabularies. Mind the pronunciation of these words during our lesson.

Центральная часть урока:

Предтекстовые задания.

Let’s do some grammar and vocabulary tasks. What tense did we speak about yesterday? Right you are, the Present Perfect tense. And now I want you to complete these sentences from the story with the Present Perfect. Choose an appropriate verb from the box..

I have not _____ much about you.

Have you _____your millionaire, yet?

I have not ______ one, yet.

She has not ______ here since Monday.

Has anybody ______ her anywhere?

Do you think she has ______ it because of my jokes?

Mark, take the 1st sentence, please. Thank you.

***The next task for you is to say which noun goes with which adjective in the story.
















a. pretty

b. big

c. young

d. old

e. beautiful

f. nice

g. steel

h. round

i. rich

j. sad

k. terrible

l. bright

m. musical

n. nervous

o. crying

Lena, come up to the blackboard and take the 1st word. Who wants to be the next? Very well!

At home you worked with the words and expressions from the text. Let’s read and translate them one by one. Natasha, start, please.

  1. laundry -

  2. to be an ironer -

  3. to work as sales-girl -

  4. to fall in love with each other -

  5. to make (eighteen dollars) -

  6. it pays –

  7. to be among beautiful things and nice people –

  8. to catch a millionaire

  9. to put on airs

  10. to be in love with somebody

  11. to introduce to smb. smb.

  12. to have a good time together

  13. to have no gentlemen friends

  14. to wait for

  15. the diamond ring

  16. to marry smb.

  17. to work on in the laundry

  18. in bad taste

  19. to be independent

  20. to select

  21. to keep the lamp trimmed

  22. a strange nervous look on smb’s face.

  23. to hear from smb.

  24. to be angry with smb.

  25. to feel sorry with smb.

  26. to hurry home

  27. to call smb’s name

  28. to become rich

  29. to make a catch

  30. to cry like a child

  31. to console smb.

Thank you. The next task for you is to use the underlined words and phrases in the situations from the text. Emil take the 1st underlined expression. Well-done!

Your hometask was to make up three sentences with any of the words and expressions from this card. Any volunteers to start? How clever of you!

Проверка понимания прочитанного.

And now let’s see how well you understand the story. Look at the whiteboard. Your task is to answer these questions. Sasha, read the 1st one, please.

  1. What brought Lou and Nancy to New York?

  2. How did they earn their living?

  3. What is Dan?

  4. How did Dan and Lou meet?

  5. What was Nancy’s reaction to the sales-girls’ jokes?

  6. What kind of a man asked Nancy to marry him?

  7. What did Dan sometimes did not like about Lou?

  8. What made Dan feel miserable one evening?

  9. What did Nancy feel about this?

  10. What told Nancy that Lou had become rich when they met in three months?

  11. What told Lou that Nancy was happy?

Nice answers!

Оценка и обсуждение прочитанного.

And now it’s high time to discuss the story and think over several important questions:

  1. Say what you feel about Lou, what you like about her, what you don’t like. Can you imagine her future life? Give reasons for your answers.

  2. Say what you feel about Nancy, her likes and dislikes. Do you think she made the right choice?

  3. What do you think Dan and Nancy were lucky? Why?

To finish up the story “The Trimmed Lamp” I want you to make up some kind of conclusion and share your opinion according to the following problem: “Which is better: to marry for love or for money? Can we buy happiness for money?”. Think a bit. Ready? Do not forget to use our opinion phrases.

  • I consider…

  • I am sure that…

  • To my mind…

  • In my opinion…

  • I suppose…

  • From my point of view…

Lena, what is your point of view? Natasha, you, please. You are so creative! Thank you!

Завершающая часть урока:

Запись и объяснение домашнего задания:

  1. p. 293 biography (read, put down all unknown words with transcription and translation)

  2. p. 293 – 300 “The Alligators” (read, translate)

  3. card with the words

Подведение итогов урока:

I like your work today very much. Your marks for today are the following:... Stand up. You may be free.

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