Инфоурок Другое КонспектыКонспект к занятию по дополнительному образованию "Preparing for YLE Movers Reading and Writing Part 4"

Конспект к занятию по дополнительному образованию "Preparing for YLE Movers Reading and Writing Part 4"

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Activity title:

Preparing for YLE Movers Reading and Writing Part 4



reading a short text with numbered spaces and writing the missing words to complete the gaps; to revise the vocabulary on topic “Animals” and degrees of adjectives.



A1 Movers Part 4


Exam part:

Reading and Writing Part 4



1)    revision  and  consolidation of vocabulary on the topic "Animals";

2)    to test their lexical and grammatical knowledge (development of speaking, reading and writing skills on the topic)

3)    reading a short text with numbered spaces and writing the missing words to complete the gaps.



Materials needed:

Open cloze exercises, animal`s pictures



Children should remember the words on topic (animals, colors, some words on the vocabulary “The animal”

Work with the names of animals



Step 1. "Check the neighbour!"A teacher  writes the name of the animal on the blackboard and asks the students to copy the word into their notebooks, skipping one letter (instead he/she writes an underscore). Everyone decides for himself, which letter to skip. Then the word disappears from the blackboard (it can be closed with a picture on a magnet), students exchange the notebooks in pairs and write down the missing letter. After the children give back the notebooks to their owners, the teacher opens a word on the blackboard and everyone assesses whether his partner has coped with the task. At the next stage of the game, two letters are already skipped in the word, then three, and so on.

Step 2. “ Which is this animal?” Children are divided into two teams. The teacher gives out the children cards where the animals are described. The task of the other team is to guess the name of the animal.


1.   It's green and it lives in the river. (a crocodile)

2.   It is very big and grey. It has 4 legs and  lives in the zoo. (an elephant)

3.   It can swim and dive. It has two legs. It can quack. (a duck)

4.   It has four legs. Its nose is pink. It is afraid of dogs, but it likes fish and milk. (a cat)

Step 3.  “Find the adjective” There are written the adjectives with missing   forms on the board.




Reading a short text with numbered spaces and writing the missing words to complete the gaps

The students read a factual text which contains five gaps.

The children  shouldn`t  think of a word for each gap themselves – they must just choose from the three options given.

Exercise 1.

Some monkeys live   1) _______ trees. 

They live in groups and travel together to find 2) _____.

 They   usually 3) ______ fruit, flowers and small animals.

They   can 4) ______ babies at any time of the year.

Monkeys are   5) _______ and clever animals. A lot of people like them.





It`s useful for  reading the text without the suggested words to choose in order to develop the skills of lexical guessing.

It`s also possible to offer the students  their own answers on  filling in the gaps and then compare them with the options contained in the  task.





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