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Конспект на тему" American holiday

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Some holidays and special days in USA

American people have a lot of holidays.

ON December 31 At midnight, they ring in announce by bells the new year with horns and cheers. There is a lot of eating and dancing.

January 15 is Martin Luther King’s birthday . He was an American civil rights leader. He worked to bring about equality for blacks without violence.

On February 12 Lincoln’s birthday. Abraham Lincoln was the 16th president of USA . He was greatest president.

On the 14th of February ( ST .Valentine day) People buy or make Valentine cards or an other presents to each other . They must not write their name . Who get them must guess a name who sent them.

The third Monday in February is Washington’s birthday. He was the first president of America . George Washington is called “ Father of his Country ” because he helped a lot to form the new nation.

Easter is a Christian holiday it celebrates between March 22 and April 25. When people color eggs. And some parents hide eggs and children must find them.

Mother’s day is always the second Sunday in May. This holiday honors mothers and all that they do for their children and families. Children send cards to their mothers on this day. And gifts to show their love and respect.

Father’s day is always on the third Sunday in June.

Independence day is on 4 of July .This date is the anniversary of the day, in 1776, when the Declaration of Independence was adopted by the Continental Congress.

Columbus day is on the 12 of October is a legal holiday that honors Christopher Columbus first voyage to America in 1492 . On this day cities hold parades, banquets, and special programs to honor Christopher Columbus. Students read and learn about him.

On October 31 Ghosts and witches come out on Halloween .Children make lanterns put pumpkins. And wears fearfull costumes.

December 25 is Christmas day. People sent Christmas cards , prepare gifts . Song Christmas songs and the traditional meal on the table is roast turkey and Christmas pudding

Wedding, anniversary, good news, present, celebrations, vacation, victory, a lot of , sent , number of, Independence day, Republic day, yurt.

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