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Конкурс "Законы экологии"

Конспект на тему "My health" (7 класс)


Short Term Planning.

English Teacher


School 6

Theme of the lesson

My health

English 7 ‘A'

Aims of the lesson

educational:. educational: to enrich pupil’s knowledge about health, to

enlarge their vocabulary, give them more information on the


) developing; to develop their speaking, reading, writing and logical thinking ,listening.

, to develop communication skills and abilities.

) cultural to bring up pupils to love and to respect their native

and foreign languages, to teach them to respect each other and

to educate them to be a honesty, to take care of their health, to bring up healthy way of life.


Pupils got knowledge on theme, learn how to take care of their health,keep 12 ways of Healthy life.

The methods of the lesson:

question-answer, game ‘Snowballs’, individual work, pair work, group work, association .’memory’ game

Procedure of the lesson


Teacher’s activity

Pupils” activities


2 min

І. Organization moment

  1. Good morning, children!

How are you?

What is the date today?

What is the weather like today?

Pupils Presentation

2 min

  1. Organization moment.
    Good morning, children! How are you? What is the date today?

What is the weather like today?

Today at our lesson we’ll revise all the new words and word combinations, expressions on the theme “Health”. It will be revision lesson. At first I want you to be active at the lesson .

You know, there is nothing more important than health. As everybody is responsible for his health and well-being we must take good care of our health.

II. Game ‘Snowballs’ .

This is your favourite game . Your task is to name all the parts of body you remember

Let’s test yourself by listening and watching this video

Presentation of the new material

15 min

III.Workwith e-book. Listen to the speaker and choose the picture he is talking about . ‘The Doctor’s advice .

Once an old man went to see a doctor . He said he felt ill and tired. The doctor examined him and said: ‘You must have arrest .Go to the country for a month , go to bed early, drink milk, go for long walks and smoke only one cigar a day. A month later the man came to the doctor again . ‘How are you ?’ said the doctor again I’ m very glad to see you . You look much better. ‘I’m quite well now .I had a good rest. I went to bed early , I d rank milk. I went for long walks .Your advice helped me to smoke one cigar a day.

IV. Test.

Individual work;Who wanted to see a doctor ?

2/ An old man was ----tired.

3/ The old man came back to thd doctor a month later.

4/ The doctor told the man to milk.

5/ Did the man follow doctor’s instructions ?

V. Test . Fill in the daps.





1. Video ‘My Health’ Match the verbs with pictures. I’ m coughing, I’m sneezing, I

2nd rule ; Take regular exercises to keep fit.

V. Pair work.Wordbooster’

You have to complete the sentences with ache, hurt,feel,; using pictures.

a/ I have got a_____ in my leg. My leg_____.

b/ I have a tooth__________________.

c/ I have a ____ in my arm.

d/ I______sick.

E/ I have a terrible head-___.

f/ I have a stomach______/

Now test your partner .


Pair –work. Your task is to match the verbs on the left with the advices on the right. What people do if;

They have a headache

They can’t sleep-

They have a toothache-

They have a cold-

They have a pain in the heart-

They have a stomachache-

-Go to the dentist

-Call a doctor

-Go to bed

-Take some medicine

-Have a walk outdoors

-Drink warm milk.



VII. Reading the dialogue and do association ‘Rules’

VIII .Memory’ game . Let’s see how is your memory.

Let’s watch a film ‘A picture of Health’. Watch it carefully and name the words and phrases you remember.Game “snake”


A song ‘The 12 ways to Healthy, Holiday Song’

X. Giving homework
To write ‘My family rules for healthy life’
XI. Evaluation
Pupils you are very active today, your marks are excellent, good etc
- The lesson is over
- Good-bye pupils
- Good-bye teacher.

Топтардың бір-бірін критерийлер арқылы бағалауы

«Evaluation paper»


Materials of the lesson

Visual aids of the lesson: an interactive board, slides, , video about ‘Parts of

body’, ‘Health’ ,film ‘A picture of Health’, A song ’12 ways of the healthy, happy holiday’

Lesson Study

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