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Конспект открытого урока по английскому языку "Environmental Problems in the Modern World"



открытого урока по теме

Environmental Problems In The Modern


(the 9th form)

Учитель английского языка

Мешенюк Елена Анатольевна

Тема урока: Environmental Problems In The Modern World

(the 9th form)

Практические цели урока: активизация лексики по теме “Environ-

mental Protection”, развитие умений и навыков устной монологичес-

кой речи, совершенствование навыков чтения с полным понимани-

ем прочитанного, обучение учащихся поддерживать беседу по теме

прочитанного, развитие навыков парной и групповой работы при

коллективном создании микро-проекта.

Образовательные цели урока: развитие экологической грамотноc-

ти, обучение учащихся бережно относиться к окружающей среде, обучение анализу причинно-следственных связей между развитием

промышленности и загрязнением окружающей среды в современном мире.

Оборудование: наглядный материал по теме, плакаты с высказыва-

ниями великих людей, раздаточный материал по теме, текст “The

Tragedy In Chernobyl”, макет дерева для создания мини-проекта “The Tree Of Good Deeds”.

Ход урока:

1. Greeting. Introduction to the theme of the lesson.

Teacher: Good morning, boys and girls! Sit down, please. I hope you are

OK today and ready to work hard and enthusiastically. Today we have our conclusion lesson on the topic “Environment” and we are going to discuss the problems of environmental protection in the modern world. And I hope this problem concerns each student of our class. You know that people all over the world are worried about our environment and ecological problems have become global nowadays, too. So, it is impor-

tant to increase our knowledge of environmental needs. If we can be active participants in the protection and rebuildment of our environment, we can help our planet Earth to survive and keep it healthy for future ge-

nerations. What is environment? Think it over and give your ideas (nature, land, air, water, people). Brainstorming on the poster. One pupil

is summing up all answers and gives a conclusion.

2. Reciting the poems.

Teacher: Our will and desire is to protect our planet and to make it the safest place to live, and to turn it into a green garden with lots of trees,

bushes, grass and flowers. You must realize that to save nature and to keep the Earth safe, alive and beautiful for future generations is the duty

of mankind, of each person on the planet. And now let us listen to the

pupils who will recite poems that describe the beauty of our wonderful

planet Earth. Pupils recite the poems.

3. Students’ presentations.

Teacher: The most burning ecological problems nowadays are acid rains, water, air, soil pollutions, radioactive contamination, global warming, disappearing of birds and animals, deforestation, the ozone hole, too much garbage on the planet. Now listen to the information prepared by your classmates and be ready to discuss it and work out your ideas how to protect the environment. Pupils present their reports.

4. Vocabulary revision.

Teacher: Now let’s review the words on the topic “Environmental Pro-

tection”. Take cards with the tasks. You will work in pairs. The pair that

will do the task first raise your hands and we will check up your answers.

1). Matching – match the words with their meanings.

2). Matching – match the pairs of synonyms.

5. Reading.

Teacher: We have already mentioned about the tragedy at Chernobyl nuclear power station in 1986. Ukraine suffered greatly from the explosion. Chernobyl became the symbol of nuclear energy danger and the purpose of the mankind is to unite efforts to prevent another Chernobyl disaster. Read the text “The Tragedy In Chernobyl” and do the tasks to it.

Task 1 – Fill in the gaps using the words from the vocabulary.

Task 2 – Read and translate the text.

Task 3 – Are the following statements true or false.

6. Summing-up.

Teacher: And now I propose you to make a mini-project “The tree of good deeds”. What can you personally do to help the environment nowa-

days? Give your ideas what we should do to help the environment and

what we should not do to keep our planet clean (Students work in 2 groups. One group generates ideas what we should do and the other group that we should not do. Time is limited up to 5-7 minutes.Then stu-

dents write their ideas on the leaves and pin them to the tree).

Teacher: Today we tried to summarize our knowledge on the topic “En-

vironmental Problems” and find out some ways how to save our planet

Earth. I hope you will remember that “To hurt the Earth is to hurt yourself”. And I believe you will love our nature, our environment and protect it, you will never pollute the environment, the place where you live. But remember, my friends, the most dangerous pollution is the pollution of the soul. Keep your souls clean! Do not pollute them with anger, envy or selfishness. And the world will be a better place to live! Our lesson is over. Thank you for your creative and active work at the lesson.

The marks for the lesson are ……

7. Home Assignment.

Teacher: Your home task for the next lesson is to do the quiz and test

your awareness about ecology.

READ THE TEXT AND FILL IN THE GAPS USING THE FOLLOWING WORDS: damaged, save, dangerous, radiation, atmosphere, ecological, enemy, under control, of the world, can.


Humankind will remember April 26, 1986 forever. The tragedy in Chernobyl showed how great and how ….. the power of atom could be. And it is especially dangerous when it is not under control.

On April 26, 1986 there was the blast at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Station. And a lot of radioactive substances got into the ….. Du-

ring the liquidation of the consequences of the accident, people all over the world could see the courage and selflessness of the people who tried

to ….. the situation.

During the first weeks of the tragedy a large number of journalists from Ukraine and other countries ….. visited Chernobyl Zone. In their articles they told us about our compatriots. They got into struggle with the threatening and invisible …..

The rescuers did impossible. A lot of them perished, but they mana-ged to stop the fiery element that had been storming over the ….. station

for some days. The courageous heroes saved people who had got dange-

rous doses of ….., they cleaned fields, gardens and houses.

We ….. say that it was a national feat. People did impossible: in his-tory there hadn’ t been such an example before. The damaged reactor was covered with steel and concrete and buried under them.

Nowadays the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Station is ….. It certainly effects the ….. situation in Ukraine. On December 13, 2000 it was clo-sed.


Are the following statements TRUE or FALSE

1. The tragedy in Chernobyl showed how weak the power of atom was.

2. The accident happened on April 26, 1986.

3. During the liquidation of the consequences people all over the world could see the courage of the Ukrainian people.

4. A few journalists visited the Chernobyl Zone.

5. A lot of rescuers did common things.

6. The rescuers couldn’t stop the fiery element.

7. The courageous heroes saved people who had got a dangerous doze of


Match the words with their meanings:

Global warming ядерная станция

To pollute, to contaminate ядовитое вещество

To threaten вырубать

Acid rain выбрасывать отходы

Poisonous substance перерабатывать

Deforestation загрязнять

Nuclear power station выбрасывать дым в воздух

To cut down вырубка лесов

To be blame for smth кислотный дождь

To throw waste глобальное потепление

To protect smth from smb сохранять окружающую среду

To emit smoke into the air защищать ч-л от к-л

To recycle угрожать

To preserve environment спасти Землю от катастрофы

To rescue the Earth from the быть виноватым в чем-либо


Match the pairs of synonyms:

  1. Rubbish chemicals, sludge

  2. Pollution to recycle

  3. To protect to damage, to destroy

  4. Environment trash, junk, garbage

  5. To ruin harmful, poisonous

  6. Disappearing surrounding

  7. Waste extinct

  8. Dangerous contamination

  9. To re-use to safeguard, to maintain



To reduce waste it is better to buy:


a product that costs little


a product that lasts long


a product that is very attractive


Are there only natural substances in waste products?




No,there are also synthetic substances


No,there are only synthetic substances


At the supermarket it is better to ask for:


a plastic bag


a recyclable plastic bag


a paper bag


While you are brushing your teeth it is better to:


turn off the tap


let the water flow


use cold water


Where does the sorting of rubbish begin?


At the rubbish dump


In the street


At home


In bottle banks you can



nothing, except glass objects


cups and plates


metal objects


What do we save by collecting paper:








Which of these things is made of aluminum?








What organic substances can you find in rubbish at home?






Boxes and wrappers from groceries


What element do batteries contain?








Do batteries contain toxic and dangerous elements?


Not all






When does a medicine expire?


When it does not have any more effect


After two years


After the date written on the pack

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