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Конспект открытого урока по английскому языку "SPORT IN MY LIFE"

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Theme: "Sport in Kazakhstan and in my life"

Grade: 8


1) to consolidate pupils’ knowledge on the theme under study

2) to develop their speaking, reading, writing abilities

3) to extend teenagers’ outlook about famous sportsmen and teach them how to keep fit.

The Procedure of the lesson

I. Organization moment:


Good morning to everybody. Today we are going to summarize all your knowledge about sport in our life and in Kazakhstan.


  1. II. Reporting of the lesson’s plan

My friends, please, think a little and call the main point which we should discuss. (Pupils try to make a plan)

*different kinds of sport

*our favorite sport

*the role of the sport in our life

*sport and sportsmen of Kazakhstan


  1. III. Warm-up:

First, let’s look at the blackboard. Here we have some proverbs, let`s read them and translate into Kazakh and Russian language. And then you should explain the meaning of these proverbs. Please look at the screen. Thousand years ago ancient Greeks said:

* A sound mind in a sound body - В здоровом телездоровый дух -Дені саудың жаны сау

* Good health is above wealth - Денсаулық – зор байлық -Здоровье дороже богатства


  1. IV. Pronunciation of words

Skating, boxing, football, cycling, aerobics, basketball, hockey, diving, tennis, gymnastics.


  1. V. Listening:

Pair work

Закрепление лексики в игровой форме.

Кроссворд “Drills for skill”

1. Type of sport with using the gloves.

2. Popular kind of sport in our country (using a ball).

3. A Kind of sport, when sportsmen move on skates.

4. Type of sport, where you must throw the ball in a basket.

5. Rhythmical gymnastics.

6. Sport in which, two teams try to hit hockey goal in the gate.

7. Kind of sport, where playing with rackets.

8. The sport of jumping into water.

9. The use of bicycles for sport.

10. The sport involving performance of exercises requiring flexibility, agility, coordination, and balance


  1. VI. Speaking:

Our modern life is impossible without sport. Sports help people to keep in good health. Sport is very popular with young people. All opportunities for sport are provided in independent Kazakhstan. Our sportsmen take part and become winners of international competitions, world championships.

And now answer my questions:

  1. What does sport help people to do?

  2. What sports are popular in the republic of Kazakhstan?

  3. Do our sportsmen participate in international competitions?

  4. What sports are popular in Adaevka?

  5. Where do you go to play tennis\ football\ ?

  6. What do you prefer to watch sport on TV or participate in it?

  7. What is your favourite sport?


  1. VII. Individual work



      1. One of the most English games, played from

late August until the beginning of May on a

large field with a round leather ball, by two

teams of 11 players each.Girls and women

play this game too.This game is very slow.

B) A very popular outdoor game played

on a court with rackets in which the ball

must pass back and forth over a net.

C) It is the most popular game in Britain. It is a

team game. There are 11 players in each team.

Professional game is a big business.

D) A game played by two of teams of two

players on a rectangular table using wood

paddles and a small plastic ball.






  1. VIII. Group work


Group A – Sport in my life

Group B – Sport, sportsmen of Kazakhstan.


  1. IX. Ending of the lesson

1. The role of sport in our life. Why do people go in for sport?

(Обучающиеся высказывают свое мнение, почему люди занимаются спортом).

2. Your homework is to make dialogues “Sport in my life”


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