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Конспект по английскому языку на тему "Что такое любопытство?"

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What is curiosity? Certainly it is one of the most mysterious words. Curiosity is the feeling of the desire to know something you want or to hear something. Curiosity can be different. It can be mere curiosity, sometimes it can be idle curiosity, in other situations it can be morbid curiosity.

Curiosity can be good, when it means inquisitiveness, but can be also bad, especially when people try to know something, that they shouldn’t know! Curiosity is one of the most beautiful and impressive English words. Let’s go on fascinating travelling into the history of the word “curiosity”.

The exact time of the appearance of “curiosity” is not mentioned in History. The first information tells us, that “curiosity” has close relationship with a church. Augustin, Ieronim criticized curiosity. They thought that curiosity is the pride of learning in bad meaning of this word. They were totally convinced that it is bad to know everything.

As the Aristotle is times the word “curiosity” acquires the totally new meaning. He explained curiosity as normal people’s quality, which is given to us when we are born.

The desire to find the truth was called, first in Greek, - “coriositas”. We definitely see that two words are very similar.

Nowadays curiosity is often used in usual life. There is famous idiom which is known by everybody: “Curiosity killed the cat”. It is used when we speak about a person, who always tries to find out too much about other people is affairs. In addition to this a lot of famous authors use the method which is called “play with the words”. For example, the famous American writer Dorothy Parker, using this method, imagined the statement with the word “Curiosity” that became American traditional idiom. “There is no cure of boredom is curiosity”. It means that you can’t be cured from curiosity. It is really about us, isn’t it?

Besides, there are some other phrases with the word “curiosity”.

  • pique someone’s curiosity means to make someone want to know more about something

  • gratify someone’s curiosity means to give someone what they want, or to tell them what they want to hear

Thus the word Curiosity nowadays has two meanings:

  • A strong desire to know or learn something

  • An unusual or interesting object or fact

To sum up, I’d like to say why I have chosen this word. Firstly, I didn’t want to take a very simple word in meaning and structure, I wanted to tell you about meaningful word. Moreover, I really like the word curiosity, this word has a fascinating pronunciation and become one of my favorite English words.

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