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Конспект по английскому языку на тему "Интернет"


Every day we use the word “world”. At our lessons we also sometimes talk about what is peace. Our world is impossible without the word "world". I decided to explore the word “peace”. I looked it up in the dictionary, on the Internet and other sources of information and found out that it is a rather interesting word.

This word Greeks designated the world - the Universe, a matter which was given to space, generalizing, the world is everything that round us, the world is that territory which accustomed a certain group of blood relatives and after neighbors. According to some sources, the word world meant the name of the peasant community in Russia of the XIII — XX centuries.

So, what is “world”? The world is a certain part of the Universe which is placed on separately taken planet. In our option it is mother Earth, all and everything, on it living or existing. It is all that surrounds the person, up to the smallest and imperceptible elements: air, water, microparticles at the cellular level. The person is also small part of such huge world. -

Translations of the word “World”

Surprisingly, the word “world” can be translated into Russian in

many different ways. For example:

  • мир

  • свет

  • вселенная

  • общество

  • царство

  • кругозор

  • деятельность

  • множество

  • куча

  • определенная сфера деятельности

The word “world” also have a lot of Meanings, for example:

  • World - Separate area of life, phenomena, subjects

  • World - Agreement of belligerent parties on the war termination

  • World - Set of all forms of a matter in terrestrial and a space, the Universe World - A rural community with her members

  • World - Separate area of the Universe, planet

  • World - The human society united on any signs, the public environment, a system

  • World - People, population of the globe

  • The world - the Globe, Earth

Some Proverbs:

  • Quarrel, and on the world leave the word!

  • In what in a feast, in that and to the world.

  • Everlasting peace — before the first fight.

  • Amicably for the world to stand up — to war not to happen.

  • Both in a feast, and to the world — all in one.

  • The world in a family the wife keeps.

  • The world yes a harmony — a big treasure.

  • The world for itself will stand.

  • The world not without kind people.

  • The world is lit with the sun, and the person — knowledge.

  • The world will sigh, so the wood will dry up.

  • On the world and vessels isn't present.

  • Hope for the world, and look in both.

  • On wool and a nickname the world gives.

  • To clouds of the sun not to hide, to war not to win against the world.

  • One man's meat is another man's poison.

  • A lean compromise is better than a fat lawsuit.

Word building

  • world - the world the planet that we live on

  • old-world - an old-world quality or place is old-fashioned in a pleasant and attractive way

  • world war - a war that is fought between many countries from different parts of the world

  • dream world - a pleasant situation that exists only in your imagination

  • Third World - relating to developing countries

  • world best - a record performance which is set in a mixed gender race

  • world-class - one of the best in the world

  • world music - in western Europe and North America, music from other cultures

  • world power - a country that has a lot of power and influence over other countries in the world

  • world view - the way that someone sees and understands world events, especially in relation to their religious or political beliefs and ideas

  • world-weary - no longer excited, interested, or enthusiastic about anything in life

  • world-beater - someone or something that is better than all other similar people or things

  • world-beating - better than all other similar people or things

  • world economy - the economy of the world, considered as an international exchange of goods and services

  • World English - all the different varieties of English used in countries across the world

  • world-famous - known by people in all parts of the world

  • twilight world - a way of living that is mysterious and slightly frightening or immoral

Some Phrases:

  • in the world - used for general emphasis

  • see the world - to travel to many different countries

  • dead to the world - sleeping in a way that makes it very difficult to wake you

  • in a perfect world - used for saying what would happen if the situation was exactly the way that you wanted it to be

  • out of this world - extremely good or impressive

  • a world of difference - used for emphasizing the difference between two people or things

  • on top of the world - in a very good mood because things are going well for you

  • for (all) the world - used for emphasis

  • set the world on fire - to do something that creates a lot of interest or excitement


We live in the world, it surrounds us. Also in books it is possible to meet many other mysterious worlds. I think that without the world we couldn't exist. When I started to work on this word, I didn’t know that it's so varied and fascinating.

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