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Конспект по английскому языку на тему "Our Earth"

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The theme of the lesson: Our Earth.

The aims of the lesson:

1) To give more information about animals.
2) To develop pupils skills in reading, speaking.
3) To work with book, pictures.
The Plan of the lesson:
I. Organization moment:
a). Good – afternoon, dear pupils!
There are some guests at our today’s lesson. They are our school teachers. Let’s greet them.
Good - afternoon, good – afternoon.
Good - afternoon to you.
Good - afternoon, dear teachers.
We glad to see you.
b). Conversation with duty.
Who is on duty today?
Is there anybody absents today?
II. Checking up the home task.
- What was your home task for today?
Learn by heart the poem “Pussy - Cat ”
III. Phonetic drill.
Look at the blackboard, children. There is a poem.
The first I’ll read, then you repeat after me all together.
Little mouse, little mouse
Where is your house?
Little cat, little cat,
I have no flat.
am a poor mouse
I have no house.
IV. Introduction of new theme.
- Now, children, open your book, exercise - book and write down today’s date and the theme of our lesson. “ Our Earth.”
- We know, that the Earth is our common home, a big green home. And all its inhabitants - people, animals and birds.
Today, we’ll go to the Zoo and talk about wild and domestic animals, birds, plants.
- Look at the picture.
- What are these?
- Animals.- Right.
- What is this?
- It’s a tiger, a zebra, a lion, a wolf, a monkey, bat, snake…
- Children, zebras, wolves, lions, tigers and monkeys are wild animals.
- Next, what is this?
- It’s a cat, a cow, a horse, a pigs, a donkey, a sheep…
- Cows, horses, pigs, sheep and donkeys are domestic animals.
- What is this?
- It’s a cock, a hen, a duck, a turkey, a swallow, owl…
- Children, cocks, hens, ducks, turkeys, eagles swallows and quails are birds.
- Let’s go then. What is this?
- A butterfly, a fly, a bee, a ladybird, an ant…
- They are insects.
- What is this?
- Fir, palm, rose, cactus, snowdrops, tulip…
- It’s plants.

Work with text.
- Now it’s time to read. Find the text on page 97.
Listen to me.
- Who wants read?
- Look at the blackboard and listening to the recording and repeat it.
A palm -
пальма ----------------- an insect - жәндіктер
A plant -
өсімдік -------------- the South - онтүстік
Wild -
жабайы ------------------ the Black Sea - Қаратеңіз
Domestic -
үйжануарлары ----------------- seashore - жағажай
Then, write new words in your copy - book.
- Children, let’s play the game. Divide wild and domestic animals.

Physical exercises.
- Are you tired? Let’s do physical exercises in three language.
English: Stand up, hands up.
Hands down, sit down.
Жоғарыға, төменге.
Russian: Ну - ка встали, ребята.
Вытянули ручки.
Руки вверх и руки вниз
Отдохнули немножко.
- Rest a little?

- Now work with cards.
I’m give you the cards with pictures and you describe the animals.
- It’s cow. It’s domestic animals.
- It’s fox. It’s wild animals. Etc.
Game again.
In this picture the animals are confused. You must take apart they.

Look at the poster, here written the name of the animals, birds, plants.
Again, we must separate them.

IV. Conclusion.
Answer the questions:
1. Have you got a dog?
2. Have you got a cow? How many cows have you?
3. Have you a zebra, a donkey, a pig, a tiger…?
4. Children, what difference between wild and domestic animals?
5. What animals do people like to keep as pets? -Cats, dogs, sometimes monkey.

V. The end of the lesson.
Our lesson has come to its end.
Giving home task.
- Your home task for next lesson – to retell the text, draws your pet animals.
- Thank you for your work, you were very active.
I’m pleased with you English.
Putting marks.
- Your marks.
- Children, stand up, please. Балалар ,ағылшын тілін оқығанды жақсы көреміз бе? – Ондақалайжақсыкөретініміздіайтыпберейікші.
We can read,
We can write.
We can speak English too.
We love learning English.
And what about you?
Stand up, children.
- Raise your head, wave your hand.
And say “Good - bye.”
- You are free.

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