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Конспект по английскому языку на тему "Pen - friends"

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Поделитесь материалом с коллегами:

Theme: Having pen – friends!

Aims: 1.to form and improve pupil’s communicative abilities in speaking,

reading, have some information about the litter.

2. to enrich pupil’s knowledge and vocabulary, concerning the theme

3.to develop memory, attention, reading, speaking, pronunciation,

Give oral presentation.

4.to motivate pupil’s interest in learning foreign languages.

Aids: interactive board, slides, cards, textbook.

Procedure of the lesson:

I.Organization moment

-Good morning, pupils! How are you?

-Who is on duty today?

-Who is absent today?

-What was your home task?

II. Let’s begin with a phonetic drill.

Read the poem.

They are all my friends

Your friend is his friend,
His friend is her friend,
Her friend is your friend,
But who then is your friend?
Your friends are our friends,
Our friends are their friends,
Their friends are your friends,
They are all then my friends.

P: You are good, great and etc..

At first I will divided into 2 groups.

We must play one game.

The rules of the game:

I will tell you the number, then you’ve got to come together.

  • Get on 2, 5, 3, 4, 6.

  • Thank you sit down!

III.Checking up the home task.

Write here your home work. And you will check each other’s home work.

IV.New theme:

T: Well, at first look at the interactive board. Pupils I want to ask a riddle?

At the control show,

With him is always easy to talk.

If necessary, give advice,

Knows my every secret.

Joy shares it with me

For me always the mountain.

If trouble happens suddenly,

I will help the right... (friend)

P: Friend. It is about friendship.

T: It’s right. Today our new lesson is devoted to the friendship. What is the meaning the word “Friend”?

P: Friendship is when we love, trust, believe, hope, help to each other.

T: You are right. Have you Friends?

P:Yes, we have.

T: Thanks for attention. Well pupils look at the presentation!

V. Presentation of the lesson:

VI.New words:

T: Well pupils at first I’ll read it and you must listen to me carefully then repeat after me.

T: Now we have to find the opposites of these new words.

VI. Reading the text

T: Open your books and find exercise number 9 on page 32.

Answer the question:

  1. Have you pen- friends??

  2. Is it good to have a pen – friend?

  3. Why is it good to have a pen – friend?

  4. Why do you like writing to a pen – friend?

T: Well pupils I’m glad for you..

VII. Physical exercise

VIII.Doing exercise

IX. Poster

T:Pupils you must write about your friends.

X. Home task

T:Write a letter to your pen – friend.

XI. Conclusion

  • T: Let’s make friendship soup.

  • XII. Giving the marks

T: I hope the topic was interesting for you.

You were very active, attentive and bright!

The lesson is over! Good-bye!

Theme: Having pen – friends!


Teacher: Balamanova A.

2015-2016 year

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