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Конспект по английскому языку на тему Спорт (5 класс)

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Сынып: 5 сынып

Сабақтың тақырыбы: «Sport»

The Theme of the lesson: «Sport»

The Aim of the lesson: to introduce the new lexical words, to develop pupil’s skills in reading, listening and understanding

Educational: to develop specific skills: speaking and writing, to learn more about sport

Developing: to develop students’ thinking abilities, to enlarge their knowledge

Bringing-up: to bring up love and interest to the subject,

Equipment: Interactive blackboard, framed classroom and pictures of Kazakh national games, pictures of winter and summer games and a lot of clusters.

The methods of teaching: an individual work, group work

The plan of the lesson:

  1. Organization moment:

(Greetings, short conversations with pupils on duty, ask for weather, date and day).

Hello my friends! I am very, very glad to see you. How are you? Thank you! I am fine, too! Super! I like you!

  1. To show picture about Sport:

-How do you like picture?

-Do you know these winners?

-What about this picture?

- Yes, you are right; they are our Kazakhstan’s Sportsmen! They are so beautiful, so happy because they won in the Olympic games! They cry but this is a cry of happiness.

-And now tell me please how do you think about the theme of our lesson?

-Yes, good, you are right. The theme of our lesson is “Sport and Games”

IV. To choose one assistant from each team (they help teacher to mark the group’s work and other works)



The first task is: the speakers of each team take one paper, so they choose their task.


The teacher gives the information about the «550 years of the Kazakh khanate»

«550 years of the Kazakh khanate»


This year we celebrate “550 years of the Kazakh khanate”. A hundred, hundred years ago a lot of games were played in our ancient country. For example:



Kyz kuu Baiga

hello_html_m1687dbf7.jpg hello_html_m5c1f0641.jpg

II task

Live broadcast with sport stars

Now, we have one message, one video message. Are you ready? Let’s look at the blackboard.

The famous football player Messy gives questions: What football club I play now. What football club do you know in Kazakhstan?

Serik Sapiev asks: What kind of sport I am world Champion?

Denis Ten asks: What kind of winter sport do you know?

The pupil answer the questions.

III task

Find true words to the pictures

hello_html_48fc06bb.png hello_html_5ca53bb0.png

IV task

«Pedestal» Work in groups


I want to give you this pedestal and a lot of pictures about sport. You should make one project and represent your project. Put correctly these sport games in the pedestal? You have five minutes.




V task

Conclusion «Finish»

Giving marks.

Assistants and speakers mind their opinion about the lesson,

and their mark for each team

Do you know this move? Let’s do it together!

In the future Kazakhstan will be the Olympic champion and the World champion in many sport games.

Can you imagine, that you are the spectators of our Kazakhstan that you are in a big and great stadium and sing a song, “Ole-ole-ole-ole, Kazakhstan is the Champion!”

The lesson is over! Thank you for your attention!

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