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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Конспекты / Конспект по теме: Законы Великобританий. Grade: Musicians II course, Kazakh

Конспект по теме: Законы Великобританий. Grade: Musicians II course, Kazakh

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Grade: Musicians II course, Kazakh

Date: The 18th of February

The theme: ‘‘Making Laws’’

The aims

  • To teach pupils to get the main information about making laws.

  • To develop pupils reading, writing, speaking and answering skills.

  • To introduce new material and to teach the new words.

  • The enlarge pupils knowledge on the topic.

  • To teach the pupils to be patriots.

Materials required. Cards, internet resources, books.

Procedure of the lesson.

  1. Greeting.

  2. Organization moment.

  1. Talk with the duty.

  2. Asking the day, date, month.

  1. Checking the homework.

  2. Phonetic drill.

  1. New words.

  2. New phrases

  1. Presentation of the new lesson

New words

function – қызметі, міндеті

providing- қамтамасыз ету

taxation- салық салу ісі

policy- саясат

passes- қабылдау

directly- тікелей

details- егжей-тегжейі

assent- келісім беру

deal- айналысу, тапсыру

refer- жіберу

necessary- қажеттілік

reject- қабылдамау

monarch- монарх патша

bill- заң жобасы

public- қоғамдық

private- жекеменшік

  1. Explaining new material. Reading, speaking and writing.

  1. Orally

Text. Making Laws

The function of Parliament are. making laws, providing money for the government through taxation . examining government policy, administration and spendings , debating political questions. Every year Parliament passes about a hundred laws directly, by making Acts of Parliament. Because this can be a long process, Parliament sometimes passes a very general law and leaves a minister to fill in the details. In this way, indirectly passes about 2000 additional rules and regulations.

No new law can be passed unless it has completed a number of stages in the House of Commons and the House of Lords. The Monarch also has to main types of Bills- Public Bills which deal with local matters and individuals.

Public and private Bills are passed through Parliament in much the same way. When a bill is introduced in the House of Commons, it Receives a formal first reading. It is then printed and read a second time, when it is debated but not amended. After the second reading the bill is referred to a committee. Here it is discussed in details and amended, if necessary. The Bill is then presented for a third reading and is debated. If the Bill is passed by the Commons it goes to the Lords, and provided it is not rejected by them, it goes though the same procedure as in the commons. After receiving the Royal assent the bill becomes an Act of Parliament.

VII Find the following words in the text

  1. Заң жобасын кейінге қалдырмау

  2. Салық салу ісі

  3. Заң жобасына өзгеріс еңгізу

  4. Патшаның санкциясы

  5. Өкімет қажетін ақшамен қамтамасыз ету

  6. Егжей-тегжейіне дейін талқылау

  7. Заң жобасын қабылдауды кейінге қалдыру

VIII Game. Who is the champion?


  1. How many main types of bills do you know?

  2. How translated the word ‘‘temporal’’?

  3. What does the Bill do?

  4. How many laws does the Parliament pass every year?

  5. What differences are between Queen and President?

  6. Who is the head of State in Great Britain?

  7. Does the Republic of Kazakhstan have a written Constitution?

  8. What ministers do you know?

IX Grammar Conditional sentences.

Шартты сөйлемдер.

Шартты сөйлемдер басынқы сөйлемдегі істің орындалу шартын, уақытын көрсетеді. Шартты сөйлемдердің үш түрі (реальді, күмәнді, және реальсіз) бар.

Шартты сөйлемдердің бірінші түрі.

Шартты сөйлемдердің бірінші түрі келер шақты істің орындалу шартын көрсетеді. Бағыныңқы сөйлемде етістік Present Indefinite-те, ал басыңқы сөйлемде Future Indefinite-те тұрады.

Басыңқы сөйлемнің етістікгі бұйрық райда да тұруы мүмкін.

Мысалы: If the weather is good, we shall go skiing.

Егер қүн жақсы болса, біз шаңғы тебеміз.


X Giving marks.

XI Giving home task.

1.To read and translate

2.Retell the text

XII Evaluation: All of you have worked very hard, very actively.

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