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Инфоурок Английский язык КонспектыКонспект урока 5 b модуль, 10 класс по теме" Каникулы.Проблемы и жалобы"

Конспект урока 5 b модуль, 10 класс по теме" Каникулы.Проблемы и жалобы"


Урок 5 b модуль,10 класс

Тема: Каникулы. Проблемы и жалобы.

Цели: совершенствование навыков употребления лексики, говорения и аудирования, повторить изученную лексику и грамматику; развивать навыки устной и письменной речи;

Ход урока:

1. Greeting. Приветствие на английском языке.

- Good morning, children! (Good morning,)

- I am glad to see you. How are you today? (We are fine, thank you. And how are you?)

- I am fine, too, thanks. Let’s start our lesson.

2. Introduction. Введение в тему. Определение учащимися темы урока.

Ex.1 a) Generating vocabulary related to the topic. Draw Ss’ attention to the rubric. Read the information and explain the task. Allow Ss two minutes to list as many words as possible.

Types of holiday- half-board, cruise, beach, backpacking, skiing, etc

Places to stay -hotel, apartment, campsite, etc

Activities- swimming, hiking, souvenir shopping, sightseeing, etc

Weather -sunny, freezing cold, windy, calm, etc

b) Practising vocabulary through discussion. Create a list of Ss’ answers on the board from Ex. 1a. Explain the task. Review the example with Ss. Allow Ss time to work through the task with a partner. Monitor progress around the room.

(Ss’ own answers)

Esther: Hi Alex. I’m glad to see you. How are you?

Alex: Hi, Esther. I’m fine, thank you! How was your summer? Did you go anywhere during the holidays? Esther: It was great as usual. Alex, where did you go?

Alex: We went to Spain for a week. My uncle lives the with his family. He was happy to see us. Later, we went to the countryside to visit my grandparents. I stayed there for two weeks. The rest of the holiday I spent at home.

Esther: I see. Sounds like a good holiday.

Alex: How about you? You said you were at the beach. Where did you go?

Esther: We went to Hawaii this summer. I should say the beach there was fantastic. White sand and beautiful sea — that’s all you need for a good beach vacation. We played beach volleyball there, sunbathed and swam in the sea, of course.

Alex: Sounds like a dream holiday. 

Esther: Well, now Alex it’s time to go.

Alex: Good-buy!

Ex.2 a) Eliciting information from a cartoon. Ask Ss to focus on the cartoon on p. 84. Allow time for Ss to study the cartoon and draw conclusions as to what they believe is happening. Ask individual Ss to share their responses. Ss should be able to justify their answers.

Suggested Answer Key

The problem is that the people did not expect bad weather at the beach; they expected sunny weather. I think the people feel disappointed and annoyed.

b) Matching descriptors to events. In pairs Ss complete the task. Do item 1 together to help Ss understand the expectations. Check answers with the class. Go through the footnote and review countable/uncountable nouns related to the topic.

Answer Key

1 weather -погода

2 travel/transport-путешествие \транспорт

3 food -еда

4 belongings –личные вещи

5 the town/resort –город\курорт

6 belongings- личные вещи

7 accommodation-проживание

8 health- здоровье

9 crime- преступность

10 the town/resort- город\курорт

11 crime- преступность

12 service- сервис

13 health- здоровье

14 weather- погода


Следующие существительные могут означать и единственное и множественное число: правительство, персонал, команда, семья, аудитория, компания, фирма и т.д.

Персонал школы очень дружелюбный (несколько человек)

Высококвалифицированный персонал (одна единица)

Полиция –мн.ч., новости –ед.ч., физика\математика- ед.ч.

Ex.3 a) Predicting the content of a dialogue. Draw Ss’ attention to the dialogue box onp. 84. Read the first exchange and ask Ss to consider what may have happened to John. Discuss as a group.Play the recording. Ss listen, read and compare their answers.

Suggested Answer Key

John had a terrible holiday. I think he lost his luggage and the weather was terrible.

b) Reading for specific information. Explain the task and provide Ss with time and assistance to complete it. Check answers with class. Ss then explain the words/phrases in bold by guessing from the

context and checking in their dictionaries.

Answer Key

1 his passport, missed their flight

2 was delayed, was lost

3 terrible

4 to go abroad

Suggested Answer Key

went wrong: doesn't go as planned- Пошло не так

for a start: to begin with-Для начала

fetch: bring- забрать

to make matters worse: to worsen things- Стало еще хуже

absolute nightmare: extremely unpleasant situation- Настоящий кошмар

look on the bright side: try to be optimistic-Посмотреть на это с хорошей стороны

Ex.4 Describing personal experiences. Read the rubric aloud.Review Ex. 2b and the example provided in

Ex. 4. Encourage Ss to use the prompts provided and recall personal events. In the case where Ss have no personal experience he/she may use a situation from TV, a movie or a book. Ss complete the exercise with a partner. Monitor progress around the room and listen for a response from each student.

(Ss’ own answers)

Ex.5 Creating a dialogue/question and response ― role play. Explain the task. Encourage Ss to use information from Ex. 4 to assist them in developing a conversation for this task. Ss should use each prompt and play both roles of the conversation to practice both sides of the plan. Monitor progress around the class and offer any necessary assistance.

Suggested Answer Key

A: How was your holiday?

B: It was the worst I've ever had.

A: What went wrong?

B: For a start, our flight was delayed by ten hours!

A: How terrible!

B: To make matters worse, I lost my passport.

A: What an absolute nightmare!

B: I tell you what … I'm staying at home next year!

B: To make matters worse, I lost my passport.

A: What an absolute nightmare!

B: I tell you what … I'm staying at home next year!

Ex.6 Choosing the correct response/talking about holidays. Draw Ss’ attention to the rubric and read the questions and possible answers before giving Ss time to complete the task. Ss listen to the recording and check their answers. Ss act out the exchanges in pairs.

1 c 2 e 3 a 4 b

Ex.7 a) Predicting the content of a listening task. Read the Study Skills box to Ss. Allow time to practise the method of preparing for multiple-choice questions. Elicit Ss’ predictions.

b) Listening for specific information― answering multiple-choice questions. Play the recording. Tell Ss to select the correct answer and circle their response. Play the recording again so Ss can check

their responses. Ask individual Ss to share their answers with the class. Elicit which words helped Ss complete the task.

Answer Key

1 B - angry

2 C- working holiday

3 A - He's worried

4 C – Not very good at all

Suggested Answer Key

1 annoyed

2 teaching; working

3 Oh no; Oh dear!

4 didn't go to the beach very much, wasn't as good as, cool breeze, quite a few showers


1 You will hear a woman talking about her holiday.

How does she feel?

I can’t tell you how annoyed I am! We were very dissatisfied with the food, the staff weren't helpful at all and the facilities on board the ship were very disappointing. I'm definitely going to write a letter of complaint! We paid a lot of money for that cruise!”

2 You will hear an advert for a holiday. What kind of holiday is it?

“Tired of backpacking, package holidays and noisy beach resorts? Well, how about spending your holiday teaching English as a foreign language, helping out at a turtle rescue centre or working with street children in Brazil? Take a break and make a difference too!

Call us on 020-7865987 for more information.”

3 You will hear a man talking about something he has just heard on the radio. What is his reaction?

“Oh no, did you hear that? A massive hurricane is heading for the Florida coastline. We'd better call

the airline and see if we can get an early flight home. I wouldn't want to get caught in something like that! Oh dear, what if all the flights are booked up?”

4 You will hear a woman talking about the weather on her holiday. What was it like?

“To tell you the truth, we didn't go to the beach very much because the weather wasn’t as good as I was expecting it to be. The travel agent told us it was usually sunny and hot at that time of year, but

there was often a cool breeze and there were quite a few showers in the afternoons.”

Ex.8 Forming and using idioms. Review the use of idioms. Draw Ss’ attention to the rubric and read the

questions and possible answers before giving Ss time to complete the task. Correct answers together.

(Ss’ own answers)


1. Heavy heart-камень на сердце, с тяжелым сердцем

2. Hit  the road- отправиться в путь

3. Off the beaten track- в стороне от большой дороги, в глубинке

4. Port of call- порт захода (куда заходит круизный лайнер)


Ex.9 Writing from personal experience. Go through the rubric with Ss. Make sure to point out the details that must be included in their writing. Ask Ss to identify the points related to when,

where, who and what.  For Ss that do not have any personal experience, allow them to use a storyline from TV, a movie or a book.  Ss complete the task and share their accounts with classmates Alternatively, assign the task as HW.

Suggested Answer Key

Last year, I went on holiday to London with my class. We had a terrible experience. For a start, our flight was delayed for six hours. To make matters worse, the food in our hotel was appalling. It also rained every single day! It was an absolute nightmare!


I learned ... to make sentences , problems during holidays I remembered… I remember a lot of words I c I can teach … my classmates how to make dialogs on the topic I am proud that … I worked today and was active in the lesson

Home task:  выучить идиомы, упр 9 стр 85 письменно, стр 37 р.т.

 T. Our lesson is over! Goodbye children! See you later! I wish you to be happy.



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Тема: Module 5 - Holidays

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