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Конспект урока "About myself"

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1. Let me introduce myself.

My name is Valentina. I am 15. I was born in Moscow and I live in this city in a new district.

I am neither tall nor short. My friends say that I am thin. My hair is fair and short. My face is oval, my nose is short and turned-up. My eyes are large and blue.

2. I am a schoolgirl. My school is not far from my house and it takes me 10 minutes to walk there. At school we learn different subjects such as: Russian, Literature, Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, History and others. I would like to say that I am good at many subjects, but I like English and History best of all. I like to read English books and learn easy poems and songs. My hobby is swimming. I go to the swimming pool twice a week.

3. Our family consists of my parents, my sister and me. I can say that our family is small, and we love each other very much.

My mother’s name is Marina Vladimirovna. She is 37. She is a teacher. She is a very nice woman.

My father’s name is Konstantin Ivanovich. He is a pilot. I am sure he is a skilled pilot. My father is a very clever and kind man.

4. I have a small sister. Her name is Lyuda. I like to take care of her. Sometimes we read funny stories, sometimes I go for a walk with my sister. Lyuda is fond of drawing. She spends a lot of free time drawing trees, streets, flowers and animals.

All the members of our family have their own hobbies. But we like to spend our weekends together. We go to the forest. In summer we gather berries and mushrooms, in winter we go skiing there.

I like to dress well. I try to buy shoes and dresses which are in fashion. I am a polite girl. I try to be a kind, honest and serious person.

I have a lot of friends at school and we sometimes get together and discuss our school problems and plans for the future.

Ex. 1 Read the text and practice saying these words.

  1. introduce


was born




neither … nor



clever and kind

fair hair




























Ex. 2 Read the text again and find English equivalents to the Russian ones.

  • позвольте представиться –

  • родиться –hello_html_m6d578fd0.jpg

  • новый район –

  • светлые волосы –

  • курносый/вздернутый нос –

  • школьный предмет –

  • хорошо успевать по предметам –

  • состоять из –

  • умелый –

  • заботиться о ком-то –

  • увлекаться чем-то –

  • собирать ягоды –

  • в моде –

  • честный и вежливый –

  • планы на будущее –

Ex. 3 Use the text and speak about Valentina, making all necessary changes.

e. g . Her name is Valentina.

Ex. 4 Use the text and answer the questions with short answers “Yes, …” or “No, …”.

  1. Is her name Kate?

  2. Is she 15?

  3. Was she born in Moscow?

  4. Does she live in a new district?

  5. Is her hair dark and long?

  6. Are her eyes green?

  7. Is her school far from her house?

  8. Does it take her 20 minutes to walk there?

  9. Does she like English and History best of all?

  10. Is her hobby skiing?

  11. Is her mother a teacher?

  12. Does she have a sister?

  13. Do they sometimes read funny stories?

  14. Is Lyuda fond of singing?

  15. Do they like to spend their weekends together?

  16. Do they go skating to the forest in winter?

  17. Is she a rude girl?

  18. Does she try to be an honest person?

  19. Does she have many friends at school?

  20. Do they discuss their plans for the future?

Ex. 5 Use the text and correct the sentences.

e.g. Her name is Kate.

Her name is not/isn’t Kate.

Her name is Valentina.

  1. She was born in Tver.

  2. She lives in an old district.

  3. She is plump.

  4. Her eyes are green.

  5. It takes her 20 minutes to walk to school.hello_html_m4274244a.jpg

  6. She likes Physics and Chemistry best of all.

  7. Their family consists of six members.

  8. She has a small brother.

  9. They go skating in the forest in winter.

  10. She tries to buy old- fashioned shoes and dresses.

  11. She only has two friends at school.

Ex. 6 Use the text and answer these questions.

  1. What is her name?

  2. How old is she?

  3. Where was she born?

  4. Where does she live now?

  5. What do her friends say about her?

  6. How long does it take her to walk to school?

  7. What subjects do they learn at school?

  8. What subjects does she like best of all?

  9. What is her hobby?

  10. How often does she go the swimming pool?

  11. Who does their family consist of?

  12. What is her mother?

  13. What kind of man is her father?

  14. What is her sister’s name?

  15. What is her sister fond of?

  16. What do the sisters like to do together?

  17. How do they spend their weekends?

  18. How does she like to dress?

  19. What kind of person does she try to be?

  20. What does she sometimes discuss with her friends at school?

Ex. 7 Revise the text and fill in the gaps:

  • with the proper prepositions

  1. I live _____ Moscow _____ a new district.

  2. My school is far _____ my house.

  3. ____ school we learn different subjects.

  4. I am good ____ many subjects.

  5. I like English and History best ____ all.

  6. Our family consists ____ my parent, my sister and me.

  7. I like to take care ____ her.

  8. Sometimes I go _____ a walk _______ my sister.

  9. My sister is fond ____ drawing.

  10. I try to buy shoes and dresses which are ____ fashion.

  11. We sometimes discuss our school problems and plans ____ the future.

  • with the proper article” a/an, the” or “zero”.

  1. My ____ hair is fair and short/

  2. At ____ school we learn different subjects.

  3. I like ___ English and ____ History best of all.

  4. I go to ____ swimming pool twice ____ week.

  5. She is ____ teacher, he is ____ pilot.

  6. I have ___ small sister.

  7. All ___ members of our family have their own hobbies.

  8. We go to ____ forest.

  9. I am ____ polite girl.

  10. We sometimes discuss our plans for _____ future.

Ex. 8 Use the text as a model and speak or write about:

  • yourself (1)

  • your school (2)

  • your family (3)

  • your sister(s) or brother(s) (4)

Ex. 9 Match these words with their definitions.

Ex. 10 Over to you: Answer these questions about yourself.
  1. What do you like to do?

  2. What kind of person are you?

  3. What kind of person do you try to be?

  4. Do you have many or a few friends at school?

  5. Who is your best friend?

  6. What do you like to do with your friends?

  7. Do you discuss your school problems with them?

  8. What kind of problems are they?


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