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Учителям 1-11 классов и воспитателям дошкольных ОУ вместе с ребятами рекомендуем принять участие в международном конкурсе «Я люблю природу», приуроченном к году экологии. Участники конкурса проверят свои знания правил поведения на природе, узнают интересные факты о животных и растениях, занесённых в Красную книгу России. Все ученики будут награждены красочными наградными материалами, а учителя получат бесплатные свидетельства о подготовке участников и призёров международного конкурса.


Конкурс "Я люблю природу"

Конспект урока английского языка

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« Enviromental protection »

Ход урока:

  1. Организационный момент (1 мин.)

T: Good morning, boys and girls. Hope you are OK. I ‘d like to attract your attention to the one of the most important problem of a mankind.

2.Введение темы урока. Постановка целей (3 мин.)

T: You know we are all citizens of the planet Earth and we rely on it for food, water and much more, so not only it is our responsibility to care for the environment, it`s also in our best interests. Today we’re going to discuss a very important topic.. So let`s watch the short video and then we`ll discuss it.

(после видео)

So, what are we going to talk about? Do you have any ideas?

S: We will speak about the Earth, the nature and its problems!

T: Excellent! You`re absolutely right. There are a lot of environmental problems. Can we solve them of them? Of course ,not. Can we improve the situation?

So, today we’re going to find the possible ways of helping the Earth and discuss them. The topic of our discussion is «What can we do to save the Earth?»

Before we start our discussion let`s fresh up some important words.

3.Закрепление лексического материала. (1мин)

T: You have sheets of paper on your desks with some words. Please, read them after me!

environment-окружающая среда

pollution – загрязнение

litter - мусор

to threaten – угрожать

to destroy - разрушать

to recycle – перерабатывать

to reuse- использовать повторно

to reduce- сократить(потребление )

to save – спасать

to pollute – загрязнять

to drop –бросать

to protect – защищать

to improve – улучшать

to prohibit – запрещать

to use - использовать

T: Now let`s do some practice. Look at Ex.1. . Look at these two columns and match the words in column A with their definitions in column B, please. You have 2 minutes for this task. Are you ready? Let`s check up!! Very good!


b) litter-5

c) pollution-1

d) to destroy-4

e)to reduce -3

f) to reuse-7

g) to recycle-6

1)the process of making air, water, soil etc. dangerously dirty and not suitable for people

2) the air, water, land on Earth which can be harmed by man’s activities

3) to make smaller or less in amount, degree, or size

4) to damage something badly.

5) waste paper, cans etc. thrown away and left on the ground.

6)to produce something from used objects or materials.

7)  to use something again and again rather than only once

5.Формирование навыков письма. (2 мин.)

T: Well done! Let`s try to use these words. You have sheets of paper on your desks. Please, Look at exercise 2.Choose the appropriate word and fill in the gaps. . ….Are you ready? Let`s check up.

  1. is one of the serious environmental problems in the world. (reservation, pollution, reduction, revolution)

  2. The 6.0-magnitude earthquake that rattled the Napa area on Sunday   at least 100 buildings. (improved, recovered, saved, destroyed )

  3. If we want to protect the we shall improve our ecological education.(life, business, environment, personality)

  4. resources by sending the degradable like paper and non degradable like plastic and glass objects to recycling factory.( save, collect, destroy, recycle)

  5. the amount of garbage you make- try to buy stuff with less packaging. (reduce, reuse, increase, recover)

  6. If people didn’t drop , the Earth would be much cleaner. ( bomb, plate, litter, clothes )

  7. old stuff- turn that old can into a handy pencil holder, or that tissue box into a box to hold screws.(refresh, rewind, reuse, reduce)

6.Развитие речи. (7мин)

As you know our world has a lot of different environmental problems and many people try to solve them. Let`s watch a short video and find out who tries to help and how. (video) So what can you say about this video? What is this video about?

Nowadays there are a lot of environmental organizations. Look at the screen. These are the symbols of one of the most famous organizations. Have you heard of them? Can you tell me about the purposes of these organizations? (WWF, Greenpeace, Peta.)

G- Try to help the nature in general.

WWF-try to teach us to live in harmony with nature.

Peta tries to persuade us that animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on, use for entertainment or abuse in any way.

Would you like to join these organizations? What organization will you choose and why?

I see you all want to help our nature. I`m impressed. Thank you very much.

7.Физминутка. 2 мин. (Song)

I think, now it`s time to have a rest. Let`s sing a funny song

  1. Деловая игра.

Thank you very much, it was awesome. Let`s continue our discussion. I`d like to speak about our town. As you know it has a lot of different environmental problems and our purpose is to do our best to improve the situation. So I offer you to play a business game. It`s called “I can help”.

Imagine that one of you is the Head of a charity company in our town, the other pupils are the members of different environmental organization. You`ll work in groups. Your task is to establish your own organization, give it name, think of an emblem and write down your ideas. Then you will visit the Head and try to get the subsidy to develop your organization. Give your reasons. The director will decide how he can support your organization. I am your secretary. I`ll give you some sheets of paper for emblem and vocabulary which can help you. You have 5 min. to do it. Then you`should present your organization. Is the task clear? Start please!

T. Ok. Time is over. It’s time to present your ideas.

Team 1Team 2Team3

T: So the Head of the company has decided to finance each organization and he will hand over the grants.

All members of organization have grants and some pieces, but pieces of what? Of course piece of the Earth.

Let`s put it together and draw a conclusion! We don`t have winners or losers in our game! But why?

Mayor: I think because we must work together to save our nature!

T: You`re absolutely right! The future of the Earth depends on us. Let`s work together to save the entirety of the world. Thank you for the game and sit down.

  1. Рефлексия. (1,5 мин.)

T: Thank you very much for your work, it was great!.

And now let me compliment you.. I see that you are all very kind and responsive people. So today we`ve found a lot of different ways to save the Earth. The main rule of all organization and funds is the 3r`s rule (Reduce! Reuse! Recycle!)

And I`d like to present you magnets with this rule.

Please remember and don`t forget it.

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