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Конспект урока английского языка «Halloween»

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hello_html_m4187e677.gifhello_html_m64f5949d.gifhello_html_m2bb32712.gifУрок английского языка в 6 классе «Halloween»

1. Организационный этап.

Good morning children. I am Evgeniya Vladimirovna. I will be your teacher today. This is Elena Ivanovna. She is the teacher of German language. She will help us today.

2. Постановка целей и задач урока. Мотивация учебной деятельности учащихся.

Look at the screen. Could you tell me what do what do this pictures remind you? What holiday is it?

This is Halloween.

You are right. This is Halloween.

  • What do you know about this holiday?

  • What should we do to celebrate it?

To learn new words.

To know the story of this holiday.

To find out the traditions of celebrating.

3. Актуализация знаний.


When? Where?


  • When do we celebrate Halloween?

  • What countries do usually celebrate Halloween?

  • Do you know the main characters of this holiday?

I suggest you to visit the Halloween festival. Unfortunately, it isn’t simple to get there. We should to pass the test. Firstly, we need to learn the words associated with this holiday.

Look at the screen. Do you know this words?

Sweet - [swiːt]

Ghost - [ɡəʊst]

Witch - [wɪtʃ]

Pumpkin - [ˈpʌmpkɪn]

Skeleton - [ˈskɛlɪt(ə)n]

Jack-o`-lantern – [ˈdʒækəˌlæntərn]

4. Первичное усвоение новых знаний.

And now this is our first test. In the beginning of our journey we must overcome a haunted [ˈhɔːntɪd] house. Let`s go inside. Here we can see a scary ghost. And he doesn`t allow us to go further. This is a letter on the table. To go further and get to the festival we need to read it.

Чтение текста «Halloween». Let`s read one by one.

5. Первичная проверка понимания.

Thank you much. Now I want you to answer a few questions.

  • When do we celebrate Halloween?

  • What do witches use to fly?

  • Who are the best friends of witches?

  • Where can you find ghosts on Halloween?

  • What is the main symbol of the holiday?

6. Физкультминутка.

We coped with this task. The ghost allows us to go further. We get to the pumpkin`s field. Here we can see a skeleton. He is very glad to see us. The skeleton offers you to have a rest and to dance to a happy song.

7. Усвоение новых знаний.

And now this is our second test. We are on the pumpkin`s field. There are a lot of pumpkins around us. What do you think? What should we do with these pumpkins? – Yes, you are right. We should gather them.

Come to the blackboard, please. Pick a pumpkin that you like.

These are the unusual pumpkins. Look at the back side. These sentences will help us to know the tradition of celebrating this holiday.

You should read your sentence, look at the screen and match your sentence and the picture.

8. Первичное закрепление.

We know the story of this holiday. We know the traditions of celebrating. We coped with the tasks. What should we do finally? Yes, you are right. We should celebrate Halloween. We get to the Halloween festival.

You will be divided into teams. You should take a piece of paper. The picture on the paper will prompt [prɒm(p)t] you your team. There are three teams: witches, black cats and skeletons. You need to choose a team captain and entitle your team.

+ немецкая группа

You will get witches` hats, cats` masks and skeletons` bone.

Each team will receive a poem. Your task is to dramatize [ˈdræmətaɪz] poems. Put them on the stage. Don`t forget about jack-o`-lantern!

Performances on stage.

9. Закрепление. Возвращаемся к целям урока.

What do we know about this holiday?

10. Рефлексия.

You`ve got the pumpkins. Draw happy or sad faces on them. If you enjoyed our lesson, you would draw happy face. If you didn`t like, you would draw sad or angry face. Then you will come to the blackboard and hang your pumpkin on the vine. Express your opinion. Use the phrases on the screen.

  • I understood everything.

  • I learned a lot.

  • I am good. I was active.

  • I can work better.

  • It was difficult to understand English.

Thanks for the lesson. Goodbye.

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