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Инфоурок Иностранные языки КонспектыКонспект урока английского языка по теме "Лондон" (6 класс)

Конспект урока английского языка по теме "Лондон" (6 класс)


Открытый урок английского языка в 6А классе.

Тема урока: Лондон.

Цель урока: Совершенствование лексических навыков чтения, аудирования и говорения.

Сопутствующая задача: Развитие умения читать и аудировать с извлечением информации.

Воспитательная задача: Воспитывать познавательный интерес к предмету, расширяя знания по страноведению.

Оборудование урока: презентация, видеофрагмент, раздаточный материал, тексты, мультимедийный проектор, магнитофон, аудиозапись.

Ход урока.

1. Оргмомент.

Good morning! I am glad to see you. How are you today? Are you fine? Are you OK?

I am glad to hear that and now let’s start our lesson.

2. Речевая зарядка.

I’d like to show you the book about Great Britain. It contains a lot of information. Can you guess what this book tells about.

I think it tells about …

Yes, you are right. From this book you can learn about the history of Great Britain, its holidays and traditions, education and culture. And, of course, this book tells us about London, the main and the most important city of the country. We spoke a lot about London and today I’d like you to remember everything you’ve already learned about this city and learn some new information. So the theme of our lesson is ‘Faces of London’.

3. Фонетическая зарядка.

But before we start, we should revise the words and learn to pronounce them correctly.

Westminster Abbey

St. Paul’s Cathedral

Buckingham Palace

the Tower of London

the Houses of Parliament

the River Thames

Trafalgar Square

Piccadilly Circus

Hyde Park

Downing Street

Hyde Park

St. James’s Park

Regent’s Park

Kensington Garden

Madam Tussaud’s

Horse Guards Parade














wax figures



4. Просмотр видеофрагмента о Лондоне.

  1. I'd like to show you a short film about London.

  1. Did you like the film? What London sights have you seen?

Ive seen

5. Работа с презентацией.

Слайд 1.

Now look at the screen. You can see some pictures of London. I’d like you to tell me what you know about this city. You may use these words:

There are …

is rich in…

is famous for…

the capital, famous, interesting, beautiful, old and new buildings, sights, theatres, museums, art galleries, cinemas, stadiums, parks, gardens

Слайд 2,

London is a great attraction for tourists. A lot of them come here every year. Why do they come to London? Let’s see.

Tourists about London

David: London is a city of historical monuments. I am interested in architecture, that’s why historical monuments are interesting to me.

Eddy: There are many museums in London. It is rich in art galleries and I am fond of history and art.

Barbara: London is an important cultural centre of Britain. There are a lot of theatres and concert halls here and I am a theatre-goer.

Mike: London is a great commercial centre. Many people from Europe come to do business here. So do I.

Pamela: London is a great educational centre. It has a lot of educational institutions. Students from all over the world come here.

Слайд 3.

So London is very important to tourists because it is a commercial centre, an educational centre, the city for sightseeing, the city of museums, the right place for people who like music. Now I’d like you to read the texts and find the information to prove these facts.

London is the right place for those who love music. First of all, there is the Royal Opera House, which is called Covent Garden. A lot of people who love classical music come to the Albert Hall to listen to a concert. There is the Academy of Music in London. Students from many countries study there.

When tourists come to London they visit Westminster Abbey first of all. Then there is Buckingham Palace, the official home of the British Royal Family. A lot of people come to see St. Paul’s Cathedral and, of course, Hyde Park, St. James’s Park and Regent’s Park.

People who are interested in history enjoy going to museums. Their favourite places in London are the Tower of London, the British Museum, the National Gallery and, of course, Madam Tussaud’s.

London is the right place to get education because there is London University there, one of the oldest universities in Great Britain.

London is a great centre of business. There are a lot of companies and banks from different countries there. People from many countries come to London to do business.

Слайд 4.

Now imagine that you are on a bus tour. Look at the map, listen to the guide and find the places she is speaking about.

Текст для аудирования: упр. 6, c. 75 (УМК “Friends 1”, Carol Skinner, Mariola Boguska, Longman)

  1. Аудирование.

  2. Выполнение задания.

  3. Проверка правильности выполнения.

Слайд 5.

Look at the screen. Here you can see the pictures of some famous London sights. At your desks you can find the texts about these sights. Read them and match the texts and the pictures.

Read and match.

  1. This is Piccadilly Circus. It’s in the centre of London and there are lots of cinemas, theatres and shops here. There are always a lot of people too.

  2. This is Big Ben. It’s a big clock. It’s famous all over the world.

  3. This is Horse Guards Parade. The people on the horses are the Queen Guards.

  4. This is Westminster Abbey. It is a very famous church in London.

  5. This is Downing Street. The house at number ten in this street is very famous. It’s the Prime Minister’s house.

Слайд 6.

Londoners are proud of their parks and gardens. You can see some of them on the screen. Vika prepared a story about London’s parks. I’d like you to listen to her very attentively. Then you will have a short test.

Слайд 7.


1. In London’s parks you can …

  1. walk

  2. play tennis, go swimming of horse-riding

  3. do all these things

2. Hyde Park, Green Park, St. James’s Park, Regent’s Park, Kensington Garden are …

  1. the Royal Parks

  2. the National Parks

  3. the Royal Gardens

3. Hyde Park is famous for …

  1. London Zoo

  2. an open air theatre

  3. the Speaker’s Corner

4. St. James’s Park is very beautiful with view of …

  1. the Tower of London

  2. Buckingham Palace

  3. the Houses of Parliament

5. You can see the statue of Peter Pan in …

  1. Green Park

  2. Regent’s Park

  3. Kensington Garden

6. Parks in London are …

  1. free

  2. expensive

  3. not very expensive

Слайды 8, 9.

London is famous for its museums. One of them is Madam Tussaud’s. You have already learned some facts about this museum and I’d like you to answer a few questions.

  1. What kind of museum is it?

  2. Whose figures can you see in this museum?

  3. Can you see the Royal Family in the museum?

And this is MOMI. You also know about it.

  1. What is MOMI?

  2. What can you learn about in MOMI?

  3. What can you do in this museum?

6. Работа в группах.

Now I’d like you to work in groups and discuss what to see in London. The first group is going to visit London museums. The second group is going to visit London parks. The third group is going sightseeing in London. Be ready to speak about the results of your discussion.

London museums

First we are going to visit … because…

In this museum we can …

We can also …

Then we are going to …

tells us…

In … we can…

London Parks

are worth visiting because …

We are going to visit …

In … we want to …

In … we are going to …

In … we would like to …

London sights

We are going to see …

First we’d like to … because …

Then … we are going to … and …

Of course we’ll … and …

Finally we’ll …

7. Подведение итогов.

Слайд 10.

Now it’s time to make a conclusion. Look at the screen. You can see a well-known saying ‘When a man is tired of London he is tired of life’. Can you explain what it means?

8. Домашнее задание.

Do the crossword puzzle about London.

9. Подведение итогов урока и выставление оценок.

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