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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Конспекты / Конспект урока английского языка с использованием метода интеллект-карт.
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  • Иностранные языки

Конспект урока английского языка с использованием метода интеллект-карт.


Тема урока: Where to go in Moscow and what to see in Moscow.

Тип урока: Комбинированный

Цель: обучение пересказу на материале публицистического текста “Where to go in Moscow ”.


  1. Формировать умение выделять главное и сжимать содержание текста посредством метода интеллект – карт;

  2. Активизировать лексику по теме «Moscow» в устных высказываниях;

  3. Формировать умение работать в группе;

  4. Развивать память, воображение и логику в построении высказываний.

Формирование компетентностей:

  1. Формирование личностных компетентностей: саморазвитие, навыки сотрудничества;

  2. Формирование метапредметных компетентностей:

  • Познавательные: поиск и выделение необходимой информации из источников, сбор информации и её интерпретация в схему интеллект-карты;

  • Регулятивные: развитие умения прогнозировать, выбор действий, внесение необходимых дополнений и изменений;

  • Коммуникативные: развитие навыков пересказа, умений работать в группах, навыков сотрудничества, умение правильно формулировать ответы.

  1. Формирование предметных компетентностей:

  • умение давать полные ответы, строить предложения, расшифровывать аббревиатуры;

  • умение извлекать главную информацию из текста;

  • составление интеллект-карты по заданной теме, согласно законам построения карты.

Ход урока

Today you’ll try yourselves as guides and you’ll make an excursion. What do we need to make it?

That’s why we are going to read the text on our topic “What to see in Moscow”, make a mind map then to retell it. How do think what the mind map is for?

You have a lot of ideas. During the lesson we’ll check whose idea is the best?


Отвечают: We need to know all interesting places to visit in Moscow. To know all the information about this places.

Отвечают: … for better and easier retelling of the text.

Фонетическая зарядка.

To make your pronunciation brilliant we’ll remember the tongue twister : «I need not your needles, they're needless to me;

For kneading of noodles, 'twere needless, you see;

But did my neat knickers but need to be kneed,

I then should have need of your needles indeed»

Произносят скороговорку

Введение в тему урока.

Before the discussion I want you to watch the video about Moscow sightseeings.

Смотрят видео о достопримечательностях Москвы.

Речевая зарядка. Актуализация знаний учащихся.

So, now let’s refresh your knowledge on the topic and talk a little bit about Moscow.

What do you know about Moscow?

What places can we visit in Moscow?

Отвечают на поставленные вопросы.

It’s the capital of our country. It’s the biggest city in the world etc.

We can visit the Red Square, the Kremlin, museums, parks and etc.

Просмотровое чтение

It’s time to get more information about the places where to go in Moscow. Look through the text and try to understand the main idea of it.

Some Tips on Where to Go and What to See in Moscow

There is no need to rack one’s brains about outings in Moscow as the cultural life is intense. A lot of famous theatres and galleries are there. The Bolshoi and the Maly Theatres are in the centre of Moscow in Teatralnaya Square. Just round the corner there is the Moscow Art Theatre (the MkhAT). The Operetta Theatre is a two-minute walk from the Teatralnaya Square as well. It’s increadible, but there are about ninety theatres in Moscow (apart from the different studios and theatrical societies), more than seventy museums and a great number of exhibitions of all kinds.

In spite of the wide choice, it is not easy to recommend something to a foreigner. Tastes differ, you know. But even if you have no idea of the person interests, there are some places to suggest. They may not be at the top of the list of the Moscow entertainment, but they promise great enjoyment for a person of any age and background.

One of these places is the fairy world of Yury Nikulin Old Circus on Tsvetnoi Boulevard. It is really old, one of the oldest circuses in Russia. It was opened in 1880 and since that time has been working non-stop (even during the Great Patriotic War). The Old Circus has always had the reputation of one of the best circuses in the world. It is famous for its very good programmes for children. People still remember brilliant clowns like Karandash and Oleg Popov. Yury Nikulin also worked there and now the circus is named after him: Nikulisky Circus.

In 1980s, the Circus was rebuilt, but the atmosphere of the Old Circus remained the same: warm and homelike. Today, more than 2000 spectators can watch amazing programmes. Wild animals, like tigers and elephants, often take part in the performances.

If you want to see sea animal performance, you’ll have to go to another kind of circus: the Moscow Dolphinarium. It is the best opportunity for those who want to see marine mammals, such as dolphins, sea lions and seals.

The performance is rather short (it only lasts for about one hour), but the actors are splendid and amaze adults as well as kids. People can admire a huge white whale and several dolphins performing together. And what a delight it is when a dolphin touches your hand!

These places of public entertainment are different from other more popular attractions. They seem to be more real and less commercial. It’s quite possible that it’s this kind of entertainment that attracts people to Moscow.

Просматривают текст.

Нахождение главного образа и основных ветвей текста.

OK, and now we are going to work with the text. Our aim is to draw the mind map on the text. Name the main topic of the text, it will be our central idea.

And now, find the most important ideas of the text, which will be the main branches of our mind map.

Находят главный образ (Cultural places)

Определяют основные ветви (theatres and galleries; circus; dolphinarium).

Работа с частями текста по извлечению основной информации. Групповая работа.

To complete the mind map you are going to divide into three groups. The first group gets theatres and galleries. The second group gets the circus. The third group gets the dolphinarium. You should find the key words from the text about these places and put them into our mind map according to their types.

Работают в группах по извлечению основной информации по своим ветвям.

Компиляция работ в группах в единую интеллект – карту

Now, let’s share the key words you’ve found and complete our mind map.

Соединяют ветви в единую интеллект-карту.

Обучение пересказу на основе метода Интелект – карт. (фронтальная и групповая работа)

Now one representative from each group will retell his part of the text with the help of mind map.

It’s time to try to retell the whole text in groups.

Представитель от каждой группы пересказывает по своей ветви.

Пересказывают в группах весь текст по интеллект-карте.

Домашнее задание

Your home task is to draw your own mind map and to try yourself as a tour guide around Moscow and make up your own excursion of the Cultural places.

Записывают домашнее задание.

Итог урока

Whose idea is the best? What do we need a mind map for?







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