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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Конспекты / Конспект урока английского языка в 10 классе по теме "Досуг"
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Конспект урока английского языка в 10 классе по теме "Досуг"


Урок английского языка в 10 классе

Тема урока: «Досуг»

Цели урока:

Образовательные: - учащиеся расширяют свои знания о культуре и реалиях страны

изучаемого языка.

Развивающие: - учащиеся развивают свою память, логическое мышление и

коммуникативные умения.

- у учащихся развивается интерес к языку и стране изучаемого языка

Воспитательные: - у учащихся формируется готовность к осмыслению социокультурных

особенностей страны изучаемого языка.

Задачи: - учащиеся могут употреблять лексический материал по теме в речи

- учащиеся совершенствуют навыки и умения в подготовленной

диалогической речи

- учащиеся могут читать текст с извлечением основной информации

- учащиеся могут воспринимать диалогическую речь на слух

Оснащение урока: Доска, компьютер, раздаточный материал, учебники.

План урока:

  1. Организационный момент.

  2. Речевая зарядка.

  3. Активизация лексики по теме спорт в речи учащихся

  4. Контроль домашнего задания

  5. Чтение и работа с текстом «Eating out»

  6. Аудирование

  7. Итог урока и домашнее задание.

Ход урока:

Этап урока

Деятельность педагога

Деятельность учащихся


  1. Организационный момент.

  1. Речевая зарядка.

  1. Активизация употребления ранее изученного материала в речи.

  1. Контроль домашне- го задания.

  1. Чтение текста с извлечением основной информации и работа с ним.

  1. Аудирование

8.Итог урока.

Good morning. How are you?

Today at our lesson we’ll go on speaking about leisure. The plan of the lesson is in front of you. Look at it. We are going to speak about sports and games in Britain, check up your home task, read a text and discuss it and have some listening practice.

So, what is leisure? Can you give the definition of this word?

And now I want you to read some quotations and see what other people say about leisure.

How do you understand these words? Do you think they are about work and leisure?

Read the next quotation

I know you work a lot. How much of your daily time, in your opinion, should be devoted to leisure?

And the last quotation

Unfortunately it’s true but it is known Britain is a country where leisure time is taken seriously. What kinds of spare time activities are popular in Britain? Will you name them?

We have already read texts and spoken about sports and games in Britain.

- Which sports have a long history in Britain and are practiced with enthusiasm? Name them and say a few words about them.

The British have a reputation for being mad about sports. But in fact they enjoy watching sports rather than playing them.

- Could you name the most popular sporting events which draw large crowds of spectators?

Sport is a popular pastime not only in Britain but in many other countries. The Americans are also considered to be great lovers of sport. Your home task was to learn by heart a dialogue of two Americans about sport. But first let’s listen to it.

Now act out this dialogue.

And now act out the dialogue in pairs and give marks to each other.

You know: no – 1 mistake is 5;

2 – 3 mistakes is 4;

4 – 5 mistakes is 3.

I think that’ll do about sport for today. Let’s speak about other kinds of leisure. Eating out is also very popular in Britain.

A) Now open your books and find the text “Eating out”. Read it, make up your own questions to it and be ready to answer them.

B) I see you have already read the text. Now take two more minutes to make up your questions. Make up no more than 5 or 6 questions.

C) The time is over. Now ________ ask your question.

D) There are some laws about pubs. Will you read and translate them. Try your translations sound more Russian.

E) Visiting pubs you can see some signs there. Let’s see what they mean. Read the explanation of the signs and paraphrase them.

C-2) Before we start answering questions, I want to give an individual task to one of you. Read this short text and be ready to retell it.

Well, girls, I’ve received a present from Great Britain. To my mind it is connected with pubs. Let’s have a look at it. It is a pewter tankard. People drink beer from such tankards in pubs. You see it has a glass basis and there are words “The Kings Shilling” on it. And now I want __________ to tell us what these words mean. But first look at the blackboard. There is one more word combination.

One more favorite pastime of the British is travelling. They travel a lot. But you should remember while travelling it is very important to reserve tickets and a room in a hotel.

Now we are going to have some listening practice. Listen to a dialogue which is called “Change travel plans”

A) Look at the blackboard, there are some new words for you.

b) Listen to the dialogue and say what Mark Bailey wants to do.

  • What does Mark Bailey want to do?

c) Now listen to and repeat some words from the dialogue after the speaker.

d) Listen to the dialogue again and be ready to write a test.

That’ll do for today. We have read, listened and spoken about different kinds of leisure activities I’ve enjoyed your work. Your marks are ……. At our next lesson we are going to travel about England. And your home task will be as following: imagine you are travel agents, look through these booklets and be ready to advertise different places to visit.

And I want you to send a fax to a hotel to reserve an accommodation. Look at the information on this page and

write a fax.

Leisure is the time when you are not working and can relax and do things that you enjoy doing.

“You will soon break the bow if you keep it always stretched.” Phedrus

отвечают на вопрос

“We are closer to the ants than to the butterflies. Very few people can endure much leisure.” Gerard Brenan

отвечают на вопрос

“To be able to fill leisure time intelligently is the last product of civilization, and at present very few people reached this level.” Bertrand Russel

предполагаемый ответ:

Sports and games, outings, outings to the seaside, eating out, traveling, cultural entertainments, enjoyments of the countryside, gardening.

Football and Rugby, cricket, bowls, mountaineering and rock climbing, horse racing, horse riding, sailing.

- The Oxford – Cambridge Boat Race, a traditional annual rowing race between teams from Oxford and Cambridge Universities

- The Henley Regatta, an important international rowing contest.

- The Grand National, the most exciting steeplechase, held at the Aintree race course

- The Derby, an annual flat horse race for three-years-olds.

- Wimbledon, an annual open lawn tennis championship

- The Cup Final, an annual football tournament.

Ученики прослушивают диалог “Talk about sport”, а затем рассказывают его сами.

Ученики читают текст

составляют вопросы к тексту.

Ученики задают друг другу вопросы.

Учащиеся читают и переводят законы.

Laws about pubs.

1. Pubs can only sell alcohol at certain times.

2. Children under 14 can’t go into bars where drinks are served.

However it is possible to take children to quite a lot of pubs to have a meal.

3. People under 18 can’t buy or drink alcohol in pubs.

4. People under 18 are not allowed to play machines that give money as prizes – in pubs or in any other place.

Учащиеся читают пояснения к вывескам и перефразируют их.

Во время ответов на вопросы один из учеников получает индивидуальное задание. Ученик читает текст и готовит его пересказ

Ученик пересказывает текст

Ученики знакомятся с незнакомыми словами и читают их за учителем

Первичное прослуши-вание диалога.

Ученики читают слова из диалога за диктором

вторичное прослуши-вание диалога и пишут тест.

На доске таблица

На доске законы

Раздаточный материал

Текст «The King’s Shilling.»

На доске слова:

Tankard- высокая пивная кружка

Pewter– оловянный

Press Gangs - группа вербовщиков в армию или флот

На доске слова:

Sandy, Mark, the Baileys

coach – the least expensive seating in an airplane

to upgrade – to change from a less expensive to a more expensive class in an airplane

bulkhead seats – seats in the first row of coach class

to waitlist – to put one’s name on a list of people who are waiting for a seat to become available

Раздаточный материал.

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