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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Конспекты / Конспект урока английского языка в 10 классе по теме "Животные Австралии"

Конспект урока английского языка в 10 классе по теме "Животные Австралии"

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Тема урока «The animal kingdom of Australia »

10 класс учебник Кауфман К.К. (Учитель Погорелова Т.А.)

Развивающая цель: Развитие мышления, внимания, исследовательских навыков.

Воспитательная цель: Расширение кругозора.

Методическая цель: Формирование умения находить и обрабатывать нужную информацию.

Образовательная цель: Совершенствование умения читать с разными стратегиями, поиска специфической информации, коммуникативных навыков на основе прочитанного.

Познавательная цель: знакомство с животным миром Австралии.

Тип урока: комбинированный.

Вид урока: урок объяснения нового материала.

Формы работы: фронтальная, парная, групповая.

Оборудование: мультимедийный проектор, рабочая тетрадь, со всеми данными ниже упражнениями (на столе у каждого ученика).

Ход урока

I Начало урока


Good morning, everyone. Glad to see you. Now, let's start our lesson.

1 слайд - флаг Австралии и символы


Look at the screen, please and say, what will we have a talk about. Right you are! We'll have a talk about Australian animals

2 слайд Theme «The Animal kingdom of Australia»


Beautiful sunsets Heavenly skies

If you listen closely you can hear

Animals cries.

They are calling their daughters

They are calling their sons.

And when they hear it, they run to there mums.

Night is arriving

Animals are preparing to sleep.

Owls are awakening

They are starting to creep.

A lot of Dark hours pass

A mother wakes up to say,

“Wake up little cubs.

Be prepared for a brand new day”

Marco Luis

3 слайд Goals.

1. To learn more about Australian animals and birds.

2. To practice in reading comprehension with different aims.

3. To practice in speaking comprehension.

II.Речевая зарядка

But first of all I want you to remember some facts about Australia and do the test. You have activity books on your desks. Open them and do the task. It's on the first page. Put any sign near the right answer.

What do you know about Australia?

1) What is the capital of Australia?

  1. Sydney

  2. Melbourne

  3. Canberra

2) Which city is Australia's oldest and largest?

a) Sydney

b) Melbourne

c) Canberra

3) Who are the Australian natives?

  1. Eskimos

  2. Aborigines

  1. Indians

4) Who discovered Australia?

  1. Christopher Columbus

  2. Captain Cook

  3. Lewis and Clark

5) Australia is not a(an);

  1. Country


  1. City

  2. Continent

6) Approximately how many nationalities live in Australia?

  1. 200

  2. 20

  3. 75

7) What is the official language in Australia?

  1. French

  2. German

  3. English

8) In which season do Australians celebrate Christmas?

  1. Spring

  2. Summer

  3. Autumn

  4. Winter

4 слайд - Тест с правильными ответами.

Now have a look at the screen one more and check your answers. Who has the same? Thank you. You are good pupils. So, let's go on.

III Формирование навыков аудирования( прослушивание текстаThe unique places of Australia”)

You have already known some facts about this unusual country. It really is unusual and unique country in the world. Why is it unique? Because Australia differs from other countries by its climate, nature and wildlife. Probably, due to its geographical position. And here you can see the unique Australian places.

Дотекстовый этап - догадка о содержании текста по заголовку и иллюстрациям.

Этап слушания текста- прослушайте текст и назовите уникальные места Австралии.

Послетекстовый этап – передайте содержание текста

5 слайд

(красные скалы и голубые горы)

In the Northern Territory you will find the red heart of Australia. And it really is red with red rocks, red sand and red skies in the evenings. In the New South Wales there are The Blue Mountains. They are covered with forests of blue coloured eucalyptus trees. When the sun shines, the air of the Blue Mountains is a real beautiful colour. You know that Australia is a continent, a country and an island all at the same time. It is located in the southern hemisphere. That's why it has summer when we have winter, and winter when we have summer. Thanks to these facts wildlife is also unique there.

IV Формирование навыков говорения на основе прочитанных текстов. Our task is to know more how different the animal kingdom of Australia is.

Now let’s have a trip to animal kingdom of Australia.

6 слайд - карта Австралии с животным миром.

To get ready for creative work we have to do different exercises.

1. Some of you have cards with different sentences. Your task is to read them in logical order, to make a collective story about animals of Australia.

You have only one minute to look through these sentences. Start with «There are…»

Text l

1) There are many animals in Australia that you cannot see anywhere else.
The best known animals are the kangaroo, the koala and the dingo.

You can find wombats in Australian forests too. Wombats and koala have many similarities and probably related. Both have pockets inside their mouth to store food and neither has a tail. There are a number of types of crocodiles found in northern Australia.

Dingoes are unpopular because they eat farmer's animals. Rabbits have been amongst the most destructive of all animals. Bandicoot is under threat in Australia and can be seen at the Taranga Zoo. In the dry areas, you can see an amazing variety of lizards; some grow to a very hefty [hefti]-огромный size.

2) N., S., an K. your task is to read the text №2 in your activity book (p.4.) and find
out the information and tell us about Australian
аnimals and it'll be the next part of a story.

Text 2

Another animal with sharp teeth and a fatal bite is the shark. Australia is situated in southern hemisphere. Other animals that are problem for beach lovers are jelly­fish. Australia's official language is English. Australia is the world's driest country. They look like bubbles of blue bubble gum. Now what about the ugly animals? A word that people often use to describe a cane toad is ugly. In 1984 Australia officially adopted green and gold colours. They are also as big as footballs. Australia is the only nation that occupies a whole continent. The toads eat everything including rare Australian animals. Animals that eat them die. People from about 200 nations live there. There are a number of crocodiles found in northern Australia. They have got snakes too. Australians like to play and watch sports. The taipan and the tiger are worth keeping away from. Sydney is a port. That is only a small selection of the animals of the country Others include penguins, turtles, seals and possums.

sharp teeth- острые зубы shark- акула

fatal bite- смертельный укус jelly-fish- медуза cane toad- тростниковая жаба seal- морской котик possum- опоссум taipan- тайпан tiger- тигровая змея

All right. Good for you!

Now say, please what animals live in Australia.

(1. kangaroos, koalas, dingos, wombats, crocodiles, rabbits, bandicoots, lizards) (2. sharks, jelly-fishes, cane toads, snakes, taipans, turtles, seals, possums) We have already known that koala and kangaroo are the best known animals in Australia. So, I want you to know more about them. Have a look at the next exercise. Mach the parts of the sentences from column A with those from column В (join them with arrows) and tell us about them.

3 We have already known that koala and kangaroo are the best known animals in Australia. So, I want you to know more about them. Have a look at the next exercise. Mach the parts of the sentences from column A with those from column В (join them with arrows) and tell us about them.

Слайд 7 (рисунки кенгуру и коалы)

Ex1 is for this group, ex. 2 is for that one




1 The koala is one of

1 feeding almost on eucalyptus leaves.

2 The koala live in

2 the best known and most loved

animal in Australia

3 They are very fussy eaters

3 lightly wooded areas containing

4 The koala seldom drink

suitable food.

5 They sleep in a fork of a tree

4 as they obtain enough water from the

diet of leaves.

6 The koala is often incorrectly

5 called a "Koala Bear".

7 A koala's average life span

It is not related to the bear family.


8 The number of koalas

6 is about 12 years, but they have been

known to live for over 15 years.

9 This is partly because of

7 for most of the day and moves and

10 Rescue teams help the koalas by

feeds at night.

catching them,

8 of fumes from bush fires.

9 is getting smaller.

10 putting them on respirators.

Ex. 2



There are 50

1 the great grey kangaroos.

Some stand as tall as a man

2 species of kangaroo.

They can often be seen

3 and can run at 56 kilometres per


The biggest are

4 in many of the,Ђorests and parks.

They are 213 centimetres tall

5 and some are as small as cats.

Some run from you

6 then stop and stare.

There are also red kangaroo in


7 but only the male has red fur, the

female is blue- grey.

The red kangaroo bounds

8 the high temperatures.

A big kangaroo can clear

9 along on its back legs.

10 The kangaroo is able to survive

10 more than 9 meters in one leap.

fur -мех

survive -выживать

bound - прыгать

specie - вид

leap -[ li:p]- прыжок

Слайд 8

(на экране герб Австралии - затемненный)

V Формирование навыков диалогической речи с опорой на прочитанный текст

Children, let’s rest a little. Look at the screen and say what animals are on the Australian coat of arms. Right you are! Thank you .

I think it will be interesting for you to know about Australian birds, because they are unusual too

1 чтение текста о птицах Австралии

Дотекстовый этап – просмотреть текст и ответить на вопросы

Текстовый этап – прочитать текст и найти ответы на вопросы

Послетекстовый этап –изложить содержание

About 400 species of birds in Australia are found nowhere else in the world. There are 55 species of parrot in Australia. There are very colourful and unique. „ One of them is golden shouldered parrot.

The emu is the most interesting bird in Australia. It is big and cannot fly. The emu can bee seen on Australia's coat of arms. It usually eats grass, berries, fruit and insects. The kookaburra is another interesting Australian bird. It cannot sing, but laughs like a human. Little tern nest along beaches. It is a small seabird. The pigeons and storks also live in Australia. (Tern- крачка)

2 составление диалогов

One group are Australians, another one are Russians. Have a talk about Australian birds. The questions will help you.

  1. What birds could we see in Australia?

  2. How many birds are there in your country?

  3. I have heard that emu is the most interesting bird in Australia, is that so?

  4. Why is emu so unique?

  5. What animals are there on Australia's coat of arms?

  6. Name, please another interesting bird.

  7. Can we see Australian birds in zoos?

  8. What does emu usually eat?

  9. Are there any other birds in Australia?

Вариант: закрыть текст и рассказать все, что запомнили. Shut your text and try to say about the birds everything you have remembered.

VI Самостоятельная работа (контроль усвоения материала)

Well done. You have known how interesting the animal world of Australia is. It
is very unique. You cannot see such kinds of animals and birds anywhere in the
world. And now, let's see what have you remembered. You have to do the test.
There are two kinds of tests:
the first- to choose the right answer and if your
answers are right you can read the word on the left side,
The second-answer the questions using the pictures only. Put the number of the
question near the picture of a bird

And the third task is to say few sentences on theme "Australian unique world of animals" You

choose the task yourselves.

1. Which animals are popular in Australia?

a) Koala

u) Kangaroo

s) Emu

d) All of the above

2. Which two animals can you see on the Australian coat of arms?

a) Kangaroo and Dingo

b) Koala and Parrot

t) Kangaroo and Emu . .

3. What bird cannot fly?

r) Emu

b) Kookaburra

c) Parrot

4.What bird cannot sing?




5.What animal does drink seldom?

a) Koala

b) Kangaroo

c) Dingo

6. Which animals have pockets inside their mouth?

a) Crocodiles

b) Tigers

c) Wombats and koalas

7. The red fur has

a) Female kangaroo

b) Male kangaroo

VII Домашнее задание

Your task is to write a composition “The unique animals of Australia”.

VIII Подведение итогов урока. Выводы.

Well, pupils. Let’s do the conclusion. Today you have learnt a lot. You have done a lot of exercises, tests, and worked with the texts. You were industrious and worked hard. I’m satisfied with your activity. Thank you for your work. The following marks will be …
The lesson is over.

«The animal world of Australia » – формирование коммуникативной компетенции, все остальные цели реализуются в процессе осуществления этой главной цели.

Реализация поставленных целей и задач позволила повысить уровень знаний, умений и навыков учащихся, способствовала развитию их мировоззрения и повышению уровня учебной мотивации. 

Работа с предложенным материалом на уроке позволила наиболее полно учесть интересы, склонности, способности учащихся, предоставила возможность реализации личностно ориентированного развития. Процесс обучения в течение всего урока предусматривал использование различных приемов обучения, современных ТСО, наглядности, в том числе компьютера, что сделало урок интересным и способствовало повышению уровня учебной мотивации у школьников.

Методы обучения, приемы
1. Презентация:

• проверка умений и навыков монологической и диалогической речи

• слушание, повторение
• чтение материала самостоятельно, его изучение
• словарная работа
• чтение материала

2. Практика, тренировка, проверка понимания с помощью различных упражнений

3 аудирование, ролевые и сюжетные ситуации

4. Формы контроля

- квиз

-устные ответы по теме

-тестовые задания

Данный урок обеспечил развитие следующих умений и навыков учащихся:

• делать устные сообщения по результатам увиденного, прослушанного, прочитанного;
• излагать на английском языке результаты коллективной и индивидуальной познавательно-поисковой деятельности;
• обобщать информацию, полученную при чтении, аудировании, просмотре и излагать ее на английском языке;

Самые низкие цены на курсы профессиональной переподготовки и повышения квалификации!

Предлагаем учителям воспользоваться 50% скидкой при обучении по программам профессиональной переподготовки.

После окончания обучения выдаётся диплом о профессиональной переподготовке установленного образца (признаётся при прохождении аттестации по всей России).

Обучение проходит заочно прямо на сайте проекта "Инфоурок".

Начало обучения ближайших групп: 18 января и 25 января. Оплата возможна в беспроцентную рассрочку (20% в начале обучения и 80% в конце обучения)!

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