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Конспект урока английского языка в 5 классе "School Days"

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Учитель английского языка Головко Н.Д.

Конспект урока английского языка в 5 классе “School Days

Ход урока

I Орг.момент: Greetings. Warming up activities.

T: Good morning, children! Glad to see you! Who is on-duty today? Who is absent? What date is it today? What was your homework for today?...

II Основная часть урока

А) Oral drills. Introductory Talk” School objects and subjects”.

T: Now look at the screen! You see different pictures. Guess the topic (theme) of our today’s lesson. Слайд №1

P1: I think it is something connected with school.

T: You are right! I called it “SCHOOL DAYS” слайд №2 Now tell me please what are your associations with the word “school”?(What do you associate school with?) слайд №3

P2: When I think of school I imagine my classrooms, recall (recollect) my teachers, classmates. (I remember school objects and subjects; our head- master, school canteen with its pizzas, pies and vatrushkas, etc.) слайд № 4

T: Thank you children! You are right! Well, let’s begin with school objects.

I prepared a riddle for you. What is there in the black box? Слайд № 5


P3: It’s a school bell! Слайд № 6, № 7

T: Guess some other riddles. Слайд №8

1. You need it for cleaning.

  • 2. You need it for counting.

  • 3. You need it for carrying things.

  • 4. You need it for writing.

  • 5. You need it for reading.

  • 6. You need it for drawing.

7. You need it for working and playing games

  • Answer key: 1. a rubber (an eraser); 2. a calculator;3. a schoolbag;

4. a pen (a pencil);5. a book (a textbook);6. paints (a brush);7. a personal computer (слайд № 9)

учитель дает жетоны (counters) за правильные ответы, чтобы затем определить лучшего ученика (individual leadership)

Next are school subjects. By the way, who will explain the difference between school objects and subjects? слайд №10

P3: OBJECTS mean things that we use (a pen, a book, etc)-школьные принадлежности; SUBJECTS are what we learn, study at school. We mean English, Russian, History, Geography, etc.

T: Thank you. Let’s name our school subjects: IT, PE, Music, MATHS, Literature… (слайд № 11)

B) Written Drills. Test 1. Match the objects to the school subjects (ученики выполняют тест на листочках), затем по очереди на доске. (слайд № 12) Let’s do it on the blackboard!

  • 1.atlas a) English

  • 2.paints b) IT

  • 3.experiment c) Maths

  • 4.sports shoes d) Geography

  • 5.dictionary e) Music

  • 6.calculator f) Science

  • 7.PC g) PE

  • 8.piano h) Art

Check it with the Answer key: 1-d; 2-h; 3-f; 4-g; 5-a; 6-c; 7-b; 8-e.

Fill in your progress report cards… слайд № 13

C) Our second test is connected with English –speaking countries

Test 2 «Guess English-speaking countries» (ученики выполняют тест на листочках самостоятельно, затем по очереди на доске, а потом сами проверяют работу по ключу) слайды № 14, № 15, № 16

  • 1). L E R I N A D

  • 2). E W N E Z D A N A L

  • 3). D A A N A C

  • 4). N A L C S T O D

  • 5). G E L N A N D 6). A T R U S A A L I

  • 7). S U A 8). L E S A W

  • Check your answers with the Answer key: 1. Ireland

  • 2. New Zealand

  • 3. Canada

  • 4.Scotland

  • 5.England

  • 6. Australia

  • 7. The USA 8. Wales

Fill in your progress report cards… (ученики заполняют карточку самооценки знания материала модуля1-2)

D) T: Flags, Countries, Nationalities (слайд№17-25)

Name country and nationality! (Ученики смотрят на флаг, называют страну и национальность)

FRANCE -- French

JAPAN - Japanese

NEW ZEALAND - New Zealander

RUSSIA - Russian

GREAT BRITAIN (The UK). - British

CANADA - Canadian

the United States of America (the USA) - American

AUSTRALIA - Australian

D) Physical and relaxing drills.

T: I see you are a little bit tired, let’s sing our song “Time for school” (все слушают и поют песню хором) Слайд № 26

Song “Time for School”

  • Bring your notepad, bring your pens

  • Bring your schoolbag, too

  • Bring your books, call your friends

  • Bring them all with you!

It’s time for school, hooray, hooray

Hurry up, it’s my first day

It’s time for school, its lots of fun

School is great for everyone!

  • English, Maths and History

  • Art and science, too

  • Music and Geography

  • Are fun for me and you!

T: Thanks! It was great! I liked it!

E) Role Play “ A Guest”

T: And now a surprise! I’D LIKE to introduce our guest. This is ANDREW Jones. Let’s greet him. –How do you do, Andrew!

Andrew: How do you do, children! Glad to meet you! слайд №27, № 28

Dear friends, I’m Andrew Jones. I’m 10 years old, from Liverpool in the UK. I’ve got some questions about Russian schools…

  • 1. How old are Russian schoolchildren in Year 1? СЛАЙД № 29

  • 2. How many lessons a day do you have?

  • 3. Do you have breaks?

  • 4. What about lessons time and holidays?

  • 5. Do children in Russian schools wear a uniform?

  • 6. What are your favourite subjects?

Suggested answer key: СЛАЙД № 30

  • 1. They are 6 (or 7) years old.

  • 2. We have 5 (or 6) lessons a day.

  • 3. Yes, we do. We have 10 minutes breaks and a long lunch break.

  • 4. Each lesson lasts 40 minutes. We have autumn, winter, spring and summer holidays.

  • 5. Yes, we do. Look at us! But not all of us wear school uniform every day.

  • 6. My favourite subject(s) is (are)…

Questions to the guest: слайд №31

  • 1. How old are you?

  • 2. Where are you from?

  • 3. How many countries are there in the UK?

  • What are they?

  • 4. What is the symbol of England?

  • 5. What Form are you in?

  • 6. How many lessons a day do you have?

  • 7. Have you got a sister or a brother?

  • 8. Do you like your school?...

  • 9. Do you play computer games? Слайд № 32

  • 10. What is your favourite game?

  • 11. Do you copy the homework from your classmates’ exercise books?

  • 12. Have you seen the queen?

  • 13. How old is the queen?

Suggested answer key (слайд № 33)

  • 1. I am 10 years old.

  • 2. I am from Liverpool, the UK.

  • 3. There are 4 countries in the UK. They are: Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

  • 4. The symbol of England is a red rose.

  • 5. I’m in the 5-th Form (Year)

  • 6. We usually have 6 or 7 lessons a day.

  • 7. I have got a brother

  • 8. Yes, I do. I’m proud of it.

  • 9. Yes, I do. ( слайд № 34)

  • 10. My favourite computer game is…

  • 11. No, I don’t. I do it myself.

  • 12. No, I haven’t. Only on TV.

13. She is about 90, I think

Andrew: I’VE GOT A PRESENT FOR YOU! It’s a portrait of our queen Elizabeth II. Here you are!

P7: thank you, ANDREW! We want to give you a little present too. On behalf of all students of our class I give you this magnet with sights of SHACHTY, our native town. Thank you for coming to our school!

T: Let’s thank Andrew and invite him to sit with us. Thank you, Andrew!

F) Work in groups

Children, it’s time to work in groups. Turn to your neighbors and try to work together. THE First TASK is devoted to collections. Слайд №39

Find the words and write them on the sheets of paper.

Учащиеся работают в группах и представляют найденные слова всему классу. (каждая группа по 3 слова, 1 слово уже дано) С №40

  • 1. stamps; 2. key rings; 3. cars; 4. dolls; 5. computer games; 6. Teddy bears; 7. stickers; 8. coins; 9. badges; 10. postcards. T: Now let’s see Ruslan’s collection of clay toys. (Ruslan Sirotenko presents his collection) слайды№41-48

T: Your next TASK is connected with the souvenirs. Listen and Read the text (SB p 41) and find out where the souvenirs are from. Слайды № 35-36 For example,

  • The hat is Northern Irish. You can buy a hat with shamrocks on it in Northern Ireland.

Answer Key: СЛАЙД № 37

  • The scarf is Scottish. You can buy a tartan scarf in Scotland.

  • The stuffed toy is Scottish. You can buy a stuffed toy (like this) in Scotland.

  • The toy buses are English. You can buy toy buses in England.

  • The mug is Welsh. You can buy a mug (like this) in Wales.

  • The pin is British. You can buy a (Union Jack) pin in England.

Additional task: Construct sentences

1. He is proud of his British coins collection

2. Tourists often buy Russian souvenirs here.

3. People usually say “good afternoon after lunch time.

T: THANK YOU for your work at the lesson, children!

  • Write down your homework, please. SB ex 4, p 41 (a project on popular Russian souvenirs) СЛАЙД № 38 Do it using the text about British souvenirs as an example. Tell me, What are the most popular Russian souvenirs? (T-shirts with Putin, Matroshkas, Samovars, Bears, etc.)

III Заключение Conclusion. Summing up.

T: Let’s discuss the results. Practically all of you know, can read, write and use the names of school objects, subjects, the names of English-speaking countries, nationalities, souvenirs from the UK in oral speech; you can ask and answer questions about school and your school life, you can construct sentences with the verbs in the Present Simple Tense, you can use nouns un the Plural…

Tell me, which group was the best today? What captain was the best?

Let’s count your counters and define the best pupils of the lesson. You are awarded with memorable medals (and get “fives” for the lesson)

And now everybody must evaluate his or her work at the lesson in the progress report cards. Try to be honest and fair (учащиеся заполняют листы самооценки за урок и отдают учителю) слайды №49, № 50

T: The lesson is over. THANK YOU! Good bye!

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