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Конспект урока Appearance and Character


Lesson 4

The Subject of the Lesson: Appearance and


Objectives of the Lesson:

* to practice the vocabulary related to the


* to foster the desire to use words and structures learned in communication;

* to develop four types of students’ language skills: reading, writing, listening, speaking;

* to train usage of prefixes with negative meaning

the students will be able:

* to use lexical and grammar structures speaking on the topic of the lemon;

* to (lanai): people’s appearance and character;

* to analyze, generalize and compare. the

main idea of the material;

* to use prefixes with negative meaning


I. Starting point. Warming-up Activity

Children! We’ve got a letter from an English

pen-friend Jack Foster. He wants to have a pen-

friend in this country, Ukraine. Let us read this


A Letter

London, 30

September 2002

Dear Boys and Girls,

I live in London with my family: my parents and

my sister Jane, aged 4. I have a grandmother and

a grandfather. They are pensioners. Our family

is friendly and happy.

I’m 13 years old. I am tall and thin. I am a grey-

eyed boy. My face is oval. My hair is fair and

short. I usually wear jeans and trainers, so I love

sports. My favorite is basketball. I also enjoy rid-

ing my bicycle.

I want to have a pen-friend from your country,

Ukraine. Please, write to me about yourselves,

your school, your hobbies.

Best wishes,


What kind of boy is Jack? Can you describe his

appearance? Can you guess what i his character is?

Pl. He is tall and thin.

P2. He is a grey-eyed boy.

P3. He is 13.

P4. His hair is fair and short.

P5. His face is oval.

P6. He’s sporty, because he plays basketball.

P7. He’s caring and friendly.

ll. Main part 1

So, thank you for your answers and I think

you’ve already guessed that the theme of today’s lesson is “Appearance and Character”.


Our next task will include reading the sentences

with descriptions of some people. You are to

think about each of them and complete the following sentences choosing one of the adjectives given in the box.

cool - stupid - friendly

lazy - selfish - sweet

rude - shy – sporty

1. He never gets angry nervous, doesn’t lose

his hand even in a difficult situation. He is__

2. She doesn’t like to work. She just sits and

Watches TV. She is so___

3. She is sincere, she always smiles and talks to

you. She’s___

4. He doesn’t know anything. And he doesn’t

want to study. He’s___

5. She really cares about Other people. She’s always helpful. I find her very___

6. He plays football, basketball, tennis and

rugby. He also goes jogging every morning.

He is really very___

Keys: 1 cool, 2 lazy, 3 sweet, 4 stupid, 5 friendly,6 sporty.


Group work

Your task is to listen to the text about a man and

try to draw him in detail on a sheet of paper.

Each group will get a set of color pencils to make

real photos. The picture which will depict the

man better will bring the victory to the team.

Word list on the blackboard:

  • View of life – отношение к жизни

  • Bow tie - «6a6oчка»

  • Tuxedo – смокинг

  • Irresistible – непревзойденный

  • Complexion - цвет лица

  • Hazel - кари

  • Bushy – кустистые, густые

  • Inky – смолистые черные

Description of a man

Ken Wilson is a kind of person everybody likes.

He enjoys other people’s company always taking

a positive view of life. Almost everyone finds him

charming and tactful. But together with being

energetic and communicative he is really handsome, neat and always elegant. Wearing a suit or tuxedo with a bow tie and a snowy white shirt

Ken is irresistible. He is quite tall and has a strong slim figure. Ken has a lovely fresh complexion, full lips and straight nose. Ken’s eyebrows are a bit bushy, but they underline his unusual deep hazel eyes. The most attractive feature in his appearance is his inky curly hair.

I’m always really happy to meet this good-looking and well-built man.

III. Summing up

IV. Home assignment

Do you remember the letter we were reading at the beginning of the lesson? "It was about a boy who wanted to get a pen-friend from Ukraine. So I think it would be really great if you write him back telling about yourselves. Your home

task is to compose a letter to a pen friend according to the example. The letter should include general information about yourselves (size and build), clothes you usually wear, the color of your hair and the hairdo, something special in your appearance and character, and finally your likes and dislikes.

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