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ИнфоурокИностранные языкиКонспектыКонспект урока "Капсула времени" 11 класс Биболетова М.З.

Конспект урока "Капсула времени" 11 класс Биболетова М.З.


Урок английского языка

Мини-проект «Капсула времени»

UNIT 3 Heading for a better new world?

Section 1 How dependent are you on modern technology?

11 класс

Учитель Найденко Т.А.

Г. Иркутск

UNIT 3 Heading for a better new world?

Section 1 How dependent are you on modern technology?

Lesson 5 Mini-project: Time capsule

Communication and Technology

hello_html_11090369.pnghello_html_11090369.pnghello_html_11090369.pnghello_html_11090369.pnghello_html_11090369.pnghello_html_11090369.pngЦели урока:

практические: развитие умений чтения с извлечением частичной и полной информации, речевых компетенций;

развивающие: развитие мышления, внимания, памяти, любознательности;

образовательные: расширение кругозора, формирование коммуникативной компетенции;

воспитательные: формирование мотивации к изучению английского языка, уважения к чужому мнению.


Презентация (Power Point), раздаточный дидактический материал –карточки с диалогом и заданиями по чтению

Ход урока

I. Warm up

Т. Today I’d like to offer you to speak about the role of electronic gadgets in our life.

1. What gadgets can you name?

2. Which of these gadgets do you use most often?

3. Do you prefer to use your mobile for phone calls or SMS text messages?

4. Which is shorter – the usual letter or SMS text message?

5. Do people use a special language to make their SMS text messages short?

II. Introducing the language of SMS texts .

T. At the previous lesson we spoke about different means of communication. The most useful as you said is the mobile phone. Let’s look at the language of text messages in the presentation and follow the directions.

Слaйд №3

Can you translate this text message into normal English? (Want to meet later? Text me back.Sam.

Слaйд №4

Before the new millennium, the English word text was just a noun, but these days texting is one of teenagers’ favourite activities.

Слaйд №5

Texting is an everyday phrase for what mobile phone companies call SMS, or ‘short message service’

Слaйд №6

Texters are not limited to words. They can add graphics or photos to their messages.

What type of person would send each graphic, and who to?

  1. It’s not easy being a princess

  2. I am nuts about you

  3. I love you mum

  4. Almost an angel

  5. No Msg Just a kiss

  6. Guess who’s on the way

  7. Love you lots

  8. Best mum in the world

  9. Little devil

  10. I miss you babe

Слaйд №7

Texting is a hard work on the thumbs. So it has developed its own language of abbreviations

Слaйд №8.9

What are text message abbreviations/ You can see in your shits of papers or on the screen.

Слaйд №10

Rewrite the text message in full using standard English( on the same shits of papers)

Слaйд №11

Hi, Lisa!

What are you doing later today? Want to do anything with us? Or maybe tomorrow? Send me a message.

See you.


Слaйд №12

How is the language of text messages different from standard English?

Abbreviations :

letters instead of words (b= be, c=see)

the use of numbers (2,4,8)

No capital letters

Americanisms (program, disk)

Dropping sentence beginnings

(Want to text?)

III. Developing reading skills.

T. So we’ve discussed using mobiles. As far as I can see you find this gadget very useful. And are there any popular gadgets that you consider unnecessary or even ridiculous?

Let’s read a dialogue between two people with different views on the usefulness of electronic gadgets.

Read the dialogue and find equivalents for the following.



I see you’ve still got your brick, Ken.


My what?


Your brick. Your 1990s mobile. Isn’t it too heavy to carry?


Ha ha, very funny. It still works fine, you know. It’s not the latest model, like yours, but unlike you I know I don’t need a mobile phone that can take pictures or access the internet. I don’t need to check my emails when I’m on the bus, and nor do you. No one does. Did you feel your life was empty before they invented the phone you have now? Of course you didn’t.


You’re a dinosaur, Ken. Don’t you think technology’s a good thing?


That depends. Some stuff’s really useful, like the high tech equipment in hospitals that saves people’s lives, but as for the electronic gadgets people buy in the shops these days, most of them are so unnecessary. Satnav, for example – why do I need a computer to tell me where I am when I’m driving? I can read a map. I can even stop and ask another human being.


I find satnav very handy. It saves time.


I bet it’s never saved you more than five minutes. You love wasting your money, don’t you?


You won’t want to know what I bought at the weekend, then?


A phone that can make you breakfast?


No, an e-book reader. It’s amazing. It stores the words of hundreds of books electronically, and you can just hold it in your hands. Now I can have my whole book collection right there in front of me.


So can I. On the bookshelves in my house.


No, but with an e-book reader you can access any of your books at the touch of a button.


And I can access any of my books by getting off the sofa and walking about three metres. It’s not difficult, and it’s a lot cheaper.


Oh, Ken, you just don’t understand.


No, you’re right, I don’t.

Exercise 1

1) Read the dialogue and find equivalents for the following:

  1. Тяжело носить.

  2. Иметь доступ в Интернет.

  3. Проверять электронную почту в автобусе.

  4. До того, как изобрели телефон.

  5. Высокотехнологичное оборудование.

  6. Я могу читать карту.

  7. Спутниковый навигатор.

  8. Полезный.

  9. Тебе нравится зря тратить деньги?

  10. Электронная книга.

  11. Нажатием кнопки.

  12. Это намного дешевле.

2) Now work in pairs. Answer the questions in ex. 2

Exercise 2

1) Answer the questions below:

  1. What do you think Dave means when he jokes that Ken’s mobile phone is a ‘brick’?

  2. How old does Dave say Ken’s mobile is?

  3. What word does Ken use to describe the electronic gadgets people buy in the shops these days?

  4. What example of useful technology does Ken give?

  5. What two things does Ken suggest people who are driving can do instead of using sat nav?

  6. Ken jokes that Dave has bought something that doesn’t really exist – what is it?

  7. What did Dave really buy at the weekend?

  8. Where does Ken say his whole book collection is?

  9. What do you think Dave means when he calls Ken a ‘dinosaur’?

  10. What do you think Ken means when he says at the end of the conversation that he doesn’t understand?

2) Work in pairs and decide if the following statements in ex. 3 are true, false or if the text doesn’t say.

Exercise 3

1) Decide whether the following statements are true (T) or false (F), or if the text doesn’t say (D).

  1. Dave has a mobile phone.

  2. Ken would like to have a camera on his mobile.

  3. Dave often travels by bus.

  4. Ken can drive a car.

  5. Dave is unhappy with his new e-book reader.

2) Say which character-Ken or Dave- you are with and why.

IV. Developing projects

Open the books at page 85 Ex 25 and read the ideas on how technology at home will change in the future.

Now is your turn to speak. You discussed the ideas at home and made your own projects. Present your idea to the class.

VI. Now put it in a “Time capsule” to be kept for 5 years. And when we’ll meet together in 5 years we’ll see if it’s true or not.

VII.Summing up.

T. To sum it up, would you find it difficult to live without gadgets? (Students’ answers)

Thank you for your work.

Your marks are …


1) Make up a text message to your friend to invite him or her to go somewhere with you. Use all the necessary abbreviations.

2) Ex 27 p 86

(Если остаётся время, поработать с высказываниями упр.24 стр.84 или раздаточный материал выбор заголовков к текстам)


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