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Инфоурок Английский язык КонспектыКонспект урока "Конфликты и их разрешение"

Конспект урока "Конфликты и их разрешение"

Класс: 8

Тема: Конфликты и их разрешение

Модуль: 1

Урок по модулю: 8

Задачи урока: перенос лексико-грамматического материала модуля в ситуации речевого общения на материале о родной стране, формирование филологического кругозора учащихся, развивать навыки чтения, умение логически излагать свою мысль, воспитывать интерес к литературе страны, язык которой изучается

Начало урока

  1. Приветствие

  2. Сообщение темы и целей урока: Today We are going to speak about conflicts

  3. Фонетическая разминка questions

Основная часть:

1 Predicting text content

- Refer Ss to the title of the poem.

- Have Ss read and listen to the poem and ask how the title is related to the text.

Answer Key

The title of the poem is ‘Argument’ which is exactly what the poem is about. The words inthe poem are made up of two people contradicting each other.

2 Discussing a poem

- Elicit ideas from Ss on how to handle and deal with arguments.

- In pairs, have Ss discuss dealing with an argument.

- Monitor activity and assist as necessary.

Suggested Answer Key

A: How do you deal with arguments?

B: I try not to argue with people. I hate arguments. If people are arguing, I try to keep out of it. What about you?

A: I don’t like them either, but sometimes I argue for ages with people. I try to get them to see my point of view. I try not to shout or get emotional.

B: That’s the best thing to do. Etc

3 Reading to identify missing text/understanding new vocabulary

- Have Ss read the text and fill in the gaps individually. Ss compare answers with a partner.

- Refer Ss to the bold words in the text. Discuss meaning.

- Have Ss find meaning in own L1. Allow time for Ss to write down new vocabulary in notebook

Answer Key

1 how 3 them 5 other 2 at 4 since/because/as

show up ― appear

frustrated ― feeling upset or angry because you are unable to do anything about a problem

annoyed ― fairly angry about sth

disappointed ― feeling sad because sth has not happened/because sth is not as good as you hoped

resolving ― solving

process ― series of actions carried out in order to achieve a particular result

blame ― say sb is responsible for sth, even if they may not be

accuse ― tell sb you think they did sth

boss me around ― bully me

flexible ― adaptable

4 Expressing feelings

- Refer Ss to the statements and check for any new vocabulary and understanding.

- Allow time for Ss to write down new vocabulary in notebook.

- In pairs, Ss change the statements.

- Invite a few pairs to tell class their new statements and check.

Suggested Answer Key

2 I am disappointed that you are late again. I don’t feel I can rely on you.

3 I don’t feel I can believe what you say anymore, as there have been so many lies.

4 I wish you would listen to me for once!

5 Summarising a text

с Explain task and allow Ss time to make notes on the text.

с Invite Ss to say their advice to the class. Call for feedback from class.

Suggested Answer Key

You cannot resolve conflict when you are feeling angry. You must take a deep breath and

calm down. Only then will you be able to discuss the problem. It may help to count to 10

or imagine that you are in a relaxing place ― do something to make yourself feel better.

When you speak, try not to blame or accusethe other person. Also, try to use ‘I’ statements. Etc

6 Writing a poem about arguing/understanding opposites

с Explain task and refer Ss to words in the list

с In pairs Ss find opposites with dictionary and write their poems.

с Invite pairs to read poems to class. Call for feedback from class.

Suggested Answer Key

The never-ending argument

Happy! Sad! Will! Won’t!

Bad! Good! Hot! Cold!

Come ! Go! Young! Old!

Fast! Slow! Day! Night!

Do! Don’t! Dark Light!

7 Discussing the text (dealing with conflict)

с Have Ss read text again.

с Ss form groups of 3-4 and discuss statements in text and whether they agree or not with them.

с Monitor activity and assist as necessary.

Suggested Answer Key

A: I agree with the text about how easy it is for a conflict to become very bad with people screaming and even hitting. It has happened to me before.

B: I think it’s really important not to blame or accuse people when discussing a problem,

as it doesn’t help.

C: Yes, I agree, it’s important to use “I feel”statements also.

D: I agree that being flexible and listening to the way the other person sees the

problem helps when solving a problem. Etc

Конец урока:

Домашнее задание: сообщение по теме

Подведение итога: Учитель спрашивает чему научились и что повторили

Оценка деятельности: Учитель дает общую характеристику деятельности учеников в течение урока, сообщает и комментирует их оценки

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