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Конспект урока "Me and my family " 8th form

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Date : The 4tht of September

Form : 8 th

The Theme : Me and my family

The Aims :

Educational : to teach pupils speak about yourself using the Present Continuous Tense and the Past Continuous tense.

Development: to develop the students’ speaking, listening, writing, habits.

Bringing up: to keep the pupils interest to learning English

The methods:: question- answer

Type : New lesson

Visual aids : words, book. cards, pictures

Connection with other subjects : kazakh

The Procedure of the lesson:

  1. Org moment А) Greeting

B) Phonetic drill


II. Checking the home work

Exercise 3. Voca-ry

III. Introduction of the new lesson. Me and my family.

IV. Reading . Read the text “Me and my family ”.

Hi! My name is Daniel. I’m 14. I’ve got a Mum, a dad, a brother, a sister, two aunts, and two uncles, one grandmother and one grandfather who live in Almaty. I think there are some advantages of being the youngest. Sometimes my brother tries to boss me around but It’s Ok because I can sit up late watching video with him or go off somewhere for the day with him.


V. Answer the questions

How old is Daniel?

Does he have any advantages or disadvantages of being the youngest in the family?

What are they?

What is his hobby?

Who spends too much time with computer in their family?

Whom does Daniel confine in about his problem?

What is his Granny’s favorite saying?

VI Speaking. Ex 3 p 8

1 What is your name ? How old are you ? What form are you in ? Do you go in for sports ?

2 How many members are there in your family ? Who is the youngest ?

3 Do other children try o boss the youngest one around ? Is it OK ? Would you like to be the youngest ( eldest )?

4 Do you think there are some advantages or disadvantages in being the youngest or the eldest ? What are they ?

5 Do your parents spend much time with you ? Are they strict with you ?

6 Who do you confide your secrets to ? Who do you talk about your problems to ?

7 Can you say anything interesting about your relatives ?

  1. What domestic chores do you like to do ?

VII. Grammar revision: The Present Continuous Tense and the Past Continuous tense.


Say 3 things of what you are doing now and 3 things of what you do every day

Example : I am reading books now . I usually watch TV in the evening.

My friend is having a good time now. My friend is watching TV now. He usually watches TV in the day time.

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