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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Конспекты / Конспект урока "Мой любимый певец Элвис Пресли
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Конспект урока "Мой любимый певец Элвис Пресли


Учитель английского языка 1 категории муниципального общеобразовательного учреждения «Школа №2» Елистратова Марина Александровна. Тема урока: « Мой любимый певец Элвис Пресли. »

Тема урока: My Favorite Singer Elvis Presley.

Цель: Практиковать учащихся в чтении текста с целью получения точного и полного понимания всей информации, что в нем содержится. Подготовить до самостоятельного говорения про свои музыкальные пристрастия, любимого певца, музыкальную группу.

Оборудование: Книга, викторина “Pop Music Quiz”? Текст для чтения ” My Favorite Singer Elvis Presley.” Мультимедийная доска с презентацией фотографий и песен Элвиса Пресли, молодежные журналы и книги о биографии Элвиса Пресли.


Ход урока:

  1. Подготовка для восприятия иностранного языка.

Aim: Уведомление темы и цели урока.

T: We are going to talk about your favorite music, musicians, singers and pop groups.

By the end of the lesson you should be able:

. to talk about your favorite music, musicians, singer and pop groups;

. to conduct your own dialogues using the given one as an example;

. to identify main ideas and details from the text reading.

Warm-up 2. Введение в атмосферу иностранного языка.

“Pop Music”.

T: We’ve got “Pop Music Quiz” now.

It you cope with all the questions of the quiz properly, you’ll become “Pop Music Expert.”

(HO1): Pop Music Quiz

  1. Who was the king of Rock and Roll from the 30s to the 70s?

  2. Which city in England did the Beatles come from?

  3. Can you put these first names and surnames together to make the names of the four Beatles?

1.John a. Starr

2.Ringo b. Harrison

3.George c. McCartney

4.Paul d. Lennon

4. What is rap?

Do you know the rap singer of the USA who won five of the most important music prizes?

5.What is “ reggae”?

What singer do you know whose favorite kinds of music are jazz and reggae?

6. Which band recorded these songs: “Dressed for success”, “It must Have Been Love” and “Joyride”?

7.Do you know the singer’s names of a famous pop group “Backstreet Boys”.

Keys: 1. Elvis Presley: 2. Liverpool: 3. 1d:2a:3b:4c: 4. Rap is a musical style in which the singer speaks or shouts the words in a strong rhythm. It was McHammer.

5. Reggae is west Indian popular music and dance with strong rhythms. Mick Huchnall.

6. Roxette, a well-known group from Sweden.

7. A.J. (Alexander James); Kevin (Richardson);

B – Rok (Brian); Howie D; Nick Carter.

T: So, N. has got 6 points. She/ he has became “Pop music Expert”.

Основная часть урока

Oral Practice 1.Беседа с учениками о роли музыки в их жизни.

T: You like music, don’t you?

What kind of music do you prefer?

( Classical, pop, jazz, reggae, rap, heavy metal, country, folk, etc.)

Do you play any instrument?

Do you often go to the concerts?

What concerts do you usually go to?

Who is your favorite group?

Why do you like her/ his their music?

When do you usually like to listen to music?


Speaking 2. Практика учеников, разговор в диалогах.

1. Listening

T: Listen to the dialogue.

2. Acting out

T: Read the dialogue in pairs and dramatize it.


T: Read the questions and answer them in pairs.


T: Make up your own dialogues about your favorite singer, using the questions to help you.

Reading 3. Предоставление текста для чтения.

  1. Pre-Reading Activities.

T: Do you like pop music?

Have you got a favorite singer?

Did he/ she make any hit records?

What are they?

What English – speaking pop singers do you know?

Why do the teenagers listen to pop music?

  1. While- Reading Activities.



Elvis Presley came from a very poor family. He was born on 8 January 1935 in Mississippi.

Elvis loved music. He went to church every Sunday and sang in the choir. When he was 13, his mother bought him a guitar. Elvis wanted a bicycle, but it was too expensive. In the same year Elvis and his family left Mississippi. They moved to Memphis, Tennessee.

One day in 1954 he went to a recording studio called Sun Records. He wanted to make a record for mother’s birthday. The secretary at the studio, Marion Keisker, heard Elvis and she told her boss, Sam Phillips.

Elvis was Sam Phillip’s dream – “a white boy with a black voice”.

Phillips became Elvis’s manager and Elvis made his first single – “That’s all Right, Mama”. When disc jockeys played it on their radio stations, American teenagers went wild. Many American parents didn’t like Elvis. He was too sexy.

In 1955, Elvis appeared on TV in new York. The following year he went to Hollywood and made his first film “Love Me Tender”. In the next two years he had many hit records – “Blue Suede Shoes”, “Heartbreak Hotel”, “Teddy Bear”.

In 1958, Elvis joined the American army and went to Germany. When he returned to the United States in the early 60s, pop music was not the same. British groups like the Beatles and the Rolling Stones were the new stars.

Elvis was a millionaire, but he was a very lonely man. In his last years he became fat and depressed. He died of a heart attack on 16 August 1977 in his mansion at Graceland, Memphis.

But for his millions of fans, Elvis is still the king.


T: What do you want to know about Elvis Presley, the king of rock and roll?

T: Read the text again and fill in the table.

(HO3): Date Place What Elvis did

  1. born on January, 8

1948 Memphis moved here from Mississippi

1954 Sun Records

1955 appeared on TV

1956 made his first film “Love Me Tender”.

Germany went there with the army.

1977 Graceland died in his mansion.

3. Post- Reading Activities.

T: Answer the questions.

When and where was Elvis born?

What family did he come from?

Why did he go to the recording studio one day?

What was his first single called?

What did he do during his last year?

T: Tell about Elvis Presley using the table to help you.

T: Look at the screen. 4. Презентация биографии Элвиса Пресли. Мини фильм, фотографии , документы и песни.Ученикам предложено спеть песню

Love Me Tender

Love me tender,

Love me sweet,

Never let me go

Know how make my life complete

And I love you so.

Refrain: Love me tender,

Love me true,

All my dreams fulfil.

For, my darling,

I love you

And I always will.

Love me tender,

Love me long,

Take me to your heart.

For its tender I belong

And we’ll never part.

Refrain: Love me tender,

Love me dear,

Tell me you are mine.

I’ll be yours

Through all the years

Till the end of time.


Заключительная часть урока.


(HO4) Write a biography of your own favorite pop star.

When was he/she born?

Write about his/her life.

How did he/she become famous?

What records has he/ she made?

Has he/ she made any films or TV programmers?

Has he/she got married?

Has he/she changed during his/her career?

Is there anything else interesting that you want to say about him/her?

Summarizing T: What were we talking about?

Why do teenagers listen to pop music?

Are you a pop music fan, too?

Can pop music have negative influence on teenagers? In what way?


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