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Конспект урока Моя любимая программа 9 класс

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Урок в 9  классе по теме « Моя любимая программа»

  Цели обучения:

                 образовательная: обобщить знания учащихся по теме, дополнить их новыми сведениями;

                 развивающая: формировать приёмы умственной деятельности, учить мыслить логически;

           воспитательная: побуждать учащихся к самостоятельному поиску дополнительной информации, использованию уже знакомой информации на русском языке, на английском языке.

           Методы обучения: стимулирующий, побуждающий.

           Методы преподавания: побуждающий говорить на английском языке.

           Тип урока: обобщение и систематизация знаний.

                                             Ход урока.

I.  Начало урока(этап мотивации)

Good, morning boys and girls. Take your seats, please and get ready for the lesson. So if you are ready, let’s start the lesson. I am fine and how are you?

I am very glad to see you and we’ll try to make our lesson useful and interesting. Today you get a lot of information from different resources, and you know a lot. Now I would like to check your attentiveness. I will show you some pictures connecting with our topic of the lesson. And I would like you to guess the topic of our lesson.

 II. Целеполагание.

 Look at the screen. Who is it?  (пауза) I’ll give you the second help (hint). What is it? (I can tell you only that it is situated in Moscow).


ok maybe this picture will help you?! What is it? (ответы учащихся) Yes, that’s right, it’s a TV-set and it shows us different programmes.  I hope you have guessed what we are going to talk about today. (ответы учащихся)


Yes, that’s right, it’s television. And let’s return to our first picture.

(Zvorykin Vladimir Kozmich (1889-1982) is a russian-american engineer, one of the inventors of modern television).

(Shukhovskaya tower (1920-1922) is one of the most beautiful and outstanding achievements of architecture).

(The first TV-set was invented by Zvorykin in 1939).



III  Этап актуализации и пробного учебного действия.

Here are some lines of words. In each line there is one different word. Your task is to find them.











                                       uordichannelpque  (ответы учащихся)

Lets read these words. (правильные варианты на слайде)



                                           chat show






                                           weather forecast





II. Этап коррекции выявленных затруднений.

Answer my questions

1. What is the most popular leisure activity among teenages?

2. You are fond of reading, aren’t you?

3. We can’t watch TV programmes from other countries, can we?

4. Do you often watch TV?

5. Are there a lot of children’s programmes on our TV channels?

6. What programme did you watch yesterday? Did you like it?

IV.Этап обобщения затруднений во внешней речи.

 We can hardly imagine our life without TV. Now, our talk  about your preferences of the programmes.  Let’s name and speak about all kinds of programmes.


1. It is a programme in which famous people talk about themselves and answer questions about their lives, opinions etc.   (Chat show)

2. It is a film , espetially a story for children that is made by photographing a series of drawings,so that they seem to move.         (Cartoon)                                                                                        

3. It is a television programme about wild animals and plants.             (Wildlife programme)

4. It is a television story about a group of people and their lives, which is broadcast for many years.         (Soap opera)

5. That programme gives you facts and information about a serious subject, such as history, science or social programme.                (Documentary)


True or False?

There is no doubt that TV helps us to learn more about the world, to know and see many new things.

TV can make us passive. We don’t have to think and our brains become lazy.

TV presents information to us in a more effective way than books.  It’s an enjoyable way to relax. TV informs, educates and it’s good company for people who live alone.

It eats up time.

To my mind TV brings us closer to other people, and helps us to cope with everyday life.

 But I personally think there is too much violence on TV. It makes people especially children cruel and violent themselves.

Nobody makes you to watch TV. If you don’t like it switch off your TV set.

 Really TV has both advantages and disadvantages and it’s up to us to decide how to use it.

V .Now a role play. Этап включения в систему знаний и повторения.

A correspondent will interview you to find out your tastes and viewing habits because he wants to publish the results of the interview in our school newspaper. Who wants to be an interviewer?

  How many TV channels does your TV set have?

- I can watch …

- My TV set transmits…

- There are…

v  What is your favorite channel and why?

- I adore watching NTV it combines live music and interviews with famous people.         

- I’m excited about Sport. It shows the best competitions and sport events.

- My favorite channel is NTV. This channel is devoted to all kinds of programmes: documentaries, discussions, current affairs.

- I’m impressed by Russian channel. It provides general entertainment: soaps, quizzes, specialized topics

  How often do you usually watch TV?

- I’m a telly addict. I watch TV 4 or5 hours a day. It doesn’t really matter what the programmes are. I just use them to relax.

- I watch TV only when I have free time. As a rule in the evening.

- I watch TV only when interesting programmes are shown.

  What types of programmers are your favorite?

- I’m impressed by police series because the acting is very good and the story line is interesting.

- I enjoy watching interviews with famous people as I adore gossip and scandals.

- My favourite programmes are documentaries. They keeps me informed about the rest of the world.

- I’m interested in soaps. They help me to escape from boring school life.

Thank you for your interview. Analyzing the results, I can say that you have a wonderful possibility to watch different channels and the most popular are NTV, Russia, Sport, the 5- the сhannel, TNT, STS and so on. T  astes differ. I hope that the article will be interesting.

VI. Аудирование.

 Now I want you to listen to some infomaition. Open your books: Ex. 6.p 73

(см. задание в учебнике).

VII. Монолог.

   Of course, tastes differ. Everybody has his own favourite  programme. Be ready to tell some  words about your preferences. You are welcome!

    P1, P2, P3

VIII.  Рефлексия.

       Now our lesson is over. I’m pleased with your work and your marks for today are…

I see you can speak about television. We can use it or it can use us. And I think  you use and will use television for your best benefit and enrichment. And I’d like to know your opinion about the lesson.




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