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Конспект урока на тему "A magic island"

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A Lesson Plan

The name and the authors of the course-book:Virginia Evans, Jenney Dooley, Nadezhda Bykova, Marina Pospelova SPOTLIGHT 2

Module 5 WE LOVE SUMMER Lesson 15a (5) A Magic Island

AIM: By the end of the lesson the children will be able to tell about seasons and weather , holidays and clothes

SKILLS: listening, reading and speaking

NEW LANGUAGE: Flowers, summer, autumn, winter, spring, sun

REVISION: skirt, jacket, T-shirt, coat, socks, jeans, shoes, shorts, hat, tree, island

Activity/ Time


Teacher does/ says

Children do/ say


8 min

Warm up

to revise the names of clothes and colours

Says what the pupils are wearing and asks them to show Nick is wearing red shirt. Are you wearing it?

Gives the pupils the pictures of clothes and turn on the song “I’m wearing my jeans” from the lesson 14b at p.105 and asks them to show needed pictures and dance

As they hear the name of the clothes they show it

show the needed picture, sing and dance

pupils may touch an object of the clothes

bring the pictures of the clothes

3 min

Learning Vocabulary

to introduce the new words

shows drawings and illustrations of the new words, name them and asks the class to repeat

listen and repeat new words

bring the pictures

10 min



to learn new words and understand their meanings

Give the pupils the pictures of the new words ,sound one word and says Is it right?

Asks some pupils to describe the season using constructions from the lesson 14a It’s hot. It’s cold. It’s windy.It’s sunny

asks to listen to the song Ex. 2 p.106

the pupil who has the picture of the named word must show it

other pupil says Yes, it is/ no, it isn’t

try to guess the season It’s winter/summer

listen to the song and move

repeat the new words

use CD-disk

12 min

Listening snd Reading

to listen and read the dialogue

tells about the meaning of the word holidays, turn on the tape and check understanding of the conversation’ asks the children to read

asks to read the dialogue once again and fill in the missing words We are on our …..( summer) holiday. We’re playing in the …(sun).

listen and read

Read the dialogue and write the words

check the children’s pronunciation, ask individual pupils to repeat

read and translate the sentences

6-7 min


to draw and tell about the favourite season

tells about the favorite season and asks the pupils What season do you like?

tell about the season I love summer. It’s hot and Ieat ice cream.

5 min

giving home task

explains the home task Ex 1,2 p. 58 workbook

write down the task

Post-lesson reflection note

My lesson is based on teaching vocabulary and grammar structures. The class learns English for the first year. They are 8-9 years old. Their attitude to English Language learning is very good. There are pupils of different leading learning styles. Knowing that I try to use their stronger and weaker aspects of their multiple intelligences for effective lesson planning. Materials used in the course-book give a wide range of activities to ensure that everybody’s preferences are catered for.I worked with simple words and structures, use a song, drawings, pictures, illustrations in the lesson. I used presenting new language, using pictures, opposites and translation. I had Matching words to pictures, What’s missing? activities at the practice stage.

The reaction of the children was well. Their mood, ability to work makes me think that they enjoyed the lesson and really learned the words. They made right sentences and their pronunciation was good.

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