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Конспект урока на тему «Customs and traditions »

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Theme : «Customs and traditions »

Class : 10

Material for the lesson: blackboard, teachers book English, text-book of Ayapova.

Objectives:1)to acquaint children with new words;

2) To improve skills and abilities of monologist speech;

3)To bring up interest for English language;

Procedure of the class

1. Introductions:

Teacher: Good morning, children!

Pupils: Good morning Teacher

Teacher: Let me introduce my self. My name is Gauhar Asylbekovna.

Sit down please. I am glad to see you.

Who is on duty today?

Pupils: I am on duty today.

Teacher: Is anybody absent today?

Pupils:... is(are) absent. Nobody is absent.

What date of the week?(who wants to answer of my questions).

Pupils: Today is Saturday.

Teacher: Yes. Good. Sit down please.

2. Phonetic drills

- It’s time to practice today’s vocabulary. Look at the blackboard and read the words.

the sound [e] epic- эпический

the sound [z] preserve- сохранять

the sound [I] improvise- импровизировать

the sound [f] folklore- фольклор

the sound [p] publicist- публицист

the sound [t] contemporary- современный

the sound [v] revolve- вращаться

3. Reading

Text «Culture».

4. Listening Speaking


Do you cook the Kazakh meat?

Can you cook it?

How do you cook the Kazakh meat?

What do you usually eat with Kuyrdak?

The Kazakh meat

Cook 3-4 kg. of fat mutton of beef or horse meat in enough boiling water. It should be boiled on low fire for 1,5 or 2 hours. Meanwhile prepare a dough of 250 gm.

flour, an egg, 1/8 salt and water. Take the prepared dough and roll it until it is about 1 mm thick. Cut into10 cm squares. Set aside. 30 minutes before meat is done, add 5-6 large peeled potatoes. Remove meat from the broth and cut into small pieces. Then remove potatoes and gather about 200 gm of broth – for seasoning. Gently place the dough in broth and cook. When it is ready, cover a big plate with cooked noodles, pile meat in the center and arrange sliced potatoes around its edges. Over the dish pour broth seasoned with black pepper and sliced onions. Serve at once.

Teacher: You are going to give a talk about culture to a group of foreign visitors. Read the list of advice for a good speaker.

Write the good advice under the column A and bad advice under the column B.

Talk clearly and not too fast.

Stand straight and tall.

Refer to your notes but don’t read.

Stand with your head down

Look at your audience and smile.

Don’t allow the audience to ask questions.

Use gestures naturally.

Don’t use difficult words and phrases.

Your speech should be understandable.

Speak quickly without pausing.



5.Сheck homework

Open your copy-book. And check your home task.

6.Home task:

Teacher: OK. Good. You were very active at the lesson. Now write down the homework. Open your diary. Learn new world by hard.

Teacher: Our lesson is over. Good-bye

Pupils: Good-bye

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