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Севастопольская специализированная школа I-III ступеней № 3

с углубленным изучением английского языка

Севастопольского городского Совета

Урок английского языка

The name SEVASTOPOL on the map

of the world”

The topic: to write a description of

the place.


Надежда Никитична,

учитель английского языка

г. Севастополь

2011 год

Describing Places

Lesson plan

Teacher: Selivonchik Nadezhda Nikitichna

Level: intermediate

Form: 9 B

Topic: Describing places-Sevastopol on the map of the world.


- to describe the place, using the information from the Internet;

- to practise reading strategies;

- to understand the main facts and to talk about the article from the Internet;

- to use Key Words to talk about places.


- a world map, computers, the textbook «Success» by Stuart McKinlay (Interm.) unit 8 Background

This lesson focuses on the information about the towns having the name “Sevastopol” or places connected with Sevastopol (Balaklava, the Malakhov Hill)











  1. Presentation.

  2. Skills work.

Reading: to read and understand the text,

true and false sentences,

to practise using reading strategies for identifying facts.

Work on the computers, finding the information about the towns having the name “Sevastopol” or places, connected with this name.

Speaking: to practise describing towns.

Writing: ex.4, 5. p 75.

  1. A pair work: ex.6 p.75.

  2. Writing: to write the description of the place a student has read.

1.Greeting. Setting the tasks.

2.Reading the text- one of the students’ project.

A. Sevastopol is a beautiful historic city which is situated on the Black Sea coast. It is a large seaport and a navel base of the Ukrainian and Russian Fleets. Sevastopol is an industrial, scientific and cultural centre of the South of Ukraine. Its population is over 350000 people.

B. I really love this city not only for its beauty, for its white houses and the blue sea, but for its heroic history. During its short period of existence (the city was founded in 1783) it was twice razed to the ground by the war and twice it rose from the ashes. That’s why Sevastopol is rich in historical places and monuments. It is called “the Museum under the open sky”, because it has more than 2000 monuments. The first monument which was unveiled in1834 was the monument to A. Kazarsky. It reminds about the fight of brig “Mercury” with two Turkish ships. The heroes of “Mercury” returned to Sevastopol invincible. The inscription on the monument reads: ”To Kazarsky. Posterity in example”. The Monument to the Scuttled Ships became an emblem of Sevastopol. During the Crimean war (1853- 1856) the Russian ships were scuttled at the entrance to the Northern Bay in order to save Sevastopol. The Panorama “Defence of Sevastopol in 1854-1855” tells the visitors about one of the days of this heroic defence which lasted 250 days. The central square of Sevastopol is Nakhimov Square with a majestic monument to the legendary Admiral. The Diorama “The assault of Sapun Hill on May 7, 1944” tells the people about the events of the Great Patriotic War and the liberation of Sevastopol.

C. You can’t get bored in Sevastopol. There are lots of things to see and to do here, especially in June, when it celebrates its birthday. The museums and galleries are opened to the public. There are a lot of beaches in Sevastopol, where you can swim, dive and get a great tan. Another thing I like about Sevastopol is it’s great for going to the theatres. Sevastopol’s got some good theatres. It’s wonderful to sit in a cosy café in the evening admiring the beauty of the sea.

D. The only thing I don’t like is the weather in August. The heat is oppressive and people seek for refuge near the water.

E. Sevastopol is my favourite city. There are lots of things to see and to do. As it’s not very big there are no problems with transport.

Read the statements about the city of Sevastopol. Tick true or false. Then look at the text and check.

1.It’s in the north of Ukraine. (-)

2.It’s the capital of the Crimea. (-)

3.It’s situated inland near some very mountains. (-)

4.It’s a historic city. (+)

5.It’s rich in museums, theatres and art galleries. (+)

Read the description of Sevastopol again. Which of these things are mentioned?

Background information Things to see and do

  • the population the surrounding area

  • the geographical location tourist sights

  • how to get there shops

  • local transport nightlife

  • some historical details sports and leisure activities

  • the major industries museums and galleries

  • the weather

Read the description again. In which paragraphs A-E does the writer mention points 1-5?

1.Good points (2)

2.Bad points (4)

3.Background information (1)

4.Things you can see and do (3)

5.Conclusion (5)

The teacher: Our Sevastopol is not the only town in the world having this name. Today we’ll try to find some information in the Internet about other places. You will work in pairs. Choose a sheet of paper with a web- site, find the information about this place and read it:









The students in pairs are working on the computers. They are reading the following information:


Sebastopol, California, the USA

Sebastopol (pronounced /səˈbæstəpoʊl/) is a city in Sonoma County, California, United States, approximately 52 mi (80 km) north of San Francisco. The population was 7,774 at the 2000 census, but its businesses also serve surrounding rural portions of Sonoma County, totaling about 50,000 people. It is about a 20-minute drive from the Pacific Ocean and is known for its liberal politics and small-town charm. It was once primarily a plum and apple growing region; wine grapes, however, are now predominant, and nearly all lands once used for orchards are now vineyards. The city hosts an annual Apple Blossom Festival and Graven stein Apple Fair.

Sebastopol is also the home of publisher O'Reilly Media, which publishes books on open-source software and other topics, and international camera bag manufacturer Lowepro Inc. Primus lead singer/bassist Les Claypool, novelist Francine Rivers and actor Peter Krause currently reside in the area. Sebastopol is home to Analy High School, Laguna High School, Brook Haven Middle School.

City of Sebastopol

—  City  —


Location in Sonoma County and the State of California

Coordinates: hello_html_3d115103.png38°23′57″N 122

The town of Sebastopol formed in the 1850s with a U.S. Post Office and as a small trade center for the farmers of the surrounding agricultural region. As California's population swelled after the westward migration and the Gold rush of the 1850s, more and more settlers drifted into the fertile California valleys north of San Francisco to try their hand at farming.

The name of Sebastopol first came into use in the late 1850s as a result of a prolonged and lively fist fight in the newly formed town, which was likened to the long British siege of the then-Russian seaport of Sevastopol (now part of Ukraine) during the Crimean War.



Main Street in Downtown Sebastopol, with East West Café and other businesses visible.

Places of interest

Sebastopol, while small, has several points of interest.

hello_html_11090369.pngSebastopol, Mississippi, the USA


Location of Sebastopol, Mississippi


Sebastopol is located at hello_html_3d115103.png32°34′22″N 89°20′10″W / 32.57278°N 89.33611°W / 32.57278; -89.33611 (32.572788, -89.336094). Most of the town is located in Scott County, although a tiny portion extends into Leake County. In the 2000 census, all of the city's 233 residents lived in Scott County. Although no residents lived in the Leake County portion in 2000, that figure had risen to 1 by 2006.

According to the United States Census Bureau, the town has a total area of 1.5 square miles (3.8 km²), all of it land. The town was in existence before the Civil War but not incorporated until 1917. According to oral tradition, "a Swede" traveling through the area named the town for Sevastopol, Crimea. It is rumored that the "Swede" was Frederick Law Olmsted who stayed at Sebastopol House in Seguin, Texas during his travels through out the southern US. From 1852 to 1857 Olmsted was sent south by his employer, The New York Times, to study and write about slavery in the South.

Sebastopol, Ontario, Canada

The Township of Perth East is located in Perth County, Ontario, Canada. Milverton is the major community of the township, where the municipal administration is based. The mayor is Ian Forrest, who was elected in November, 2006. The population in 2006 was 12,041 in an area of 715.07 km. Perth East was created in 1998 after the Ontario government imposed amalgamation on many local governments throughout the province. Sebastopol is one of the settlements of Perth East, which is so small it’s not even on the map of Ontario. The first settler in Perth County who settled in South Easthope was Sebastian Fryfogel who arrived in 1828 and opened a tavern. Among other early settlers was a party of Scotchmen from Perthshire, from which Perth County takes its name.

Perth East, Ontario



Balaklava, South Australia

The town of Balaklava (population 1626, postcode 5461) is located in South Australia, 92 kilometers north of Adelaide in the Mid North region. It is on the banks of the Wakefield River, 25 kilometers east of Port Wakefield.


The first European settlers in the area were James and Mary Dunn who opened a hotel in 1847. The town was laid out by Charles Fisher in 1869 and named it after the Battle of Balaklava. He built large grain stores on the tramway from Hoyleton to the port at Port Wakefield, intending to encourage farmers to settle near the town.

The town today

Balaklava hosts the annual Balaklava Cup horse racing carnival each August. This was attended in 2006 by famous Australian astronaut Dr. Andy Thomas and Jenny (Elle) Price. It also has an agricultural show in September each year. This major event showcases the regions many achievements, in agriculture, horse riding, baking, art and the local schools achievements. Balaklava is well known for its interest and support in the arts. The Balaklava Eisteddfod Society holds its own music and speech/drama Eisteddfod every year in early August. It has been running since 1997 and is a very major event for the township


Shops in the main street of Balaklava.

The Balaklava Community Arts group has been running since 1982 and has always been very supportive of the visual and performing arts. The Balaklava Courthouse Gallery began within the ranks of Balaklava Community Arts and now holds widely known exhibitions and competitions in visual arts.Balaklava has many sporting facilities and clubs, such as the local basketball competitions and tennis in summer, the football and netball in winter and the squash courts open all year. The basketball, netball and tennis courts are all centralised onto the one ground with the football oval 20 metres away. Balaklava also has its own pool, open in November through to April.

The Balaklava Golf Club offers an all year round fully watered 18 hole 5,987 metre championship golf course and has clubhouse facilities. The Balaklava Gliding Club is nearby at Whitwarta, 10 km north-west of the township. Flying operations are normally on every weekend.

Malakoff, France

Malakoff, town, a southwestern industrial suburb of Paris, Hauts-de-Seine département, Île-de-France région, north-central France. Malakoff has an electrical-engineering school, and electrical equipment, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and precision instruments are manufactured there. The town was created in 1883 and was named for the fortress of Malakhov at Sevastopol, which was captured by the French (Sept. 8, 1855) during the Crimean War. Pop. (1999) 29,402; (2005 est.) 30,500

Writing skills

The teacher: You have read the texts, let’s learn to describe places. Take your students’ books “Success”,page75 ex. 5. Complete with points 1-5 in exercise 4.

Describing places

Organise your description in paragraphs.

Start with an introduction: mention… (background information) - where it is, how old it is, what kind of place it is, how to get there.

Give your opinion - use a variety of adjectives to describe the place. Mention ……(good) and….(bad points).

Mention the….. (things you can see and do) there.

End with a….(conclusion) in which you sum up what you think of the place.

A pair work.

The teacher: work in pairs and follow the instructions to plan a description of the place. Ex. 6 p.75

  • Think of a place you both have read.

  • Agree on which background information you want to include.

  • Agree on the good and bad points.

  • Make a list of things to see and to do there.


The teacher: use «Train your Brain» and your ideas from ex.6 to write a description of the place you have read about.

Write a first draft.

Give it to your partner to check it for errors.

Write a final version at home.

The end of the lesson.

Общая информация

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