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Конспект урока на тему "Living plants" 5 класс

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5th form

Theme: Living plants


1) to describe and compare plants, present new words connected with the theme, to revise the Present Simple tense.

2) to enlarge the pupils` vocabulary, to develop speaking, grammar skills.

3) to develop the pupils` logical thinking, to teach to take care of the environment.

Visual aids: cards (plural of nouns), pictures (plants)

Methods: group wok

Process of the lesson:

  1. Organizing moment

Greeting: Good afternoon, dear children. How are you?

Who is absent today? What day is it today? What is the weather like today?

Are you ready for the lesson?

  1. Warming-up: I have two eyes and I can see,

I have two ears and I can hear.

I have a mouth and I can talk,

I have two legs and I can walk.

  1. Checking-up the home work.

  1. New words: height, trunk, cactus, hug, spine, birch, grow, weigh, brunch.

  2. Poster about tree.

  1. Main part. Brainstorming: What kinds of animals do you know?

What kinds of trees do you know?

Let`s do a crossword. The key word is flowers. Today we have a new theme about flowers. Look at the pictures and match them with their names.

Presentation 1. Plural of nouns

  1. A head – heads

  2. A potato – potatoes

  3. A man – men

Working with cards: grammar exercise

New words: snowdrops, dandelion, rose, daisy, birch, smell, to smell.

Read the text and have a guessing game.

Read the chart and complete it.

Interview your partner.

Writing. Exercise 8.

Discussion. Are indoor plants useful to our health?

Giving marks.

Home work. Ex.11 p.179.

New words.

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