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Конспект урока на тему "Любовь"

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Тема: Любовь.

Цель урока: Развитие речевых монологических умений старшеклассников, умений аудирования.

Задачи: 1. Развивать монологические речевые навыки и умения.

2. Активизировать работу учащихся в парах.

3. Практиковать аудитивные навыки и умения учащихся.

4. Пробуждать у учащихся чувство прекрасного.

Оснащение: звуковое оформление, презентации учащихся, стихотворения, открытки, фильм.


1. The beginning of the lesson(приложение урок)

(звучит музыка = проекция стихотворения )

What is Love?

When the angels in clouds begin to cry,

White snow falls and from the sky,

And there is no day, there is no light.

There is only snow as grey as morning light.

"What is the Love? I ask the snow,

And all world answers, "I don't know ..."

Dear friends, today we are speaking about the most beautiful feeling that ennobles people and makes them happy. Many great poems and wonderful songs have been devoted to it. This feeling gives birth to life and to all beautiful things on the Earth. Today we are speaking about Love.

What comes to your minds when you hear the word Love?

Pupils' answers.......

2. The sayings about Love

Many classicals said and wrote about Love. There are lots of proverbs and sayings about Love. I offer you to read some of them and try to comment.

The sayings about Love

1. Love in a cottage.

2. Love cannot be forced.

3. Love is blind, as well as hatred.

4. Love will creep where it may not go.

5. Love is the mother of illusions and the mother of disappointments.

6. Love conquers everything except poverty and toothache.

Высказывания о любви

1.Скажи кого ты любишь, и я скажу кто ты.

2. Любить как собака палку.

3. С милым рай и в шалаше.

4. Сердцу не прикажешь.

5. Любишь меня, люби и мою собаку.

6. Любовь зла, полюбишь и козла.

7. На любовь закона нет.

8. Любовь побеждает все кроме бедности и зубной боли.

9. Любовь - колодец иллюзии и разочарований.

Pupils' comments...................

We can say different words, read many sayings, have a variety of associations

3. The presentations (приложение – урок)

Love is the great feeling. When you fall in love, during love-making period, you try to show your feelings or good features of your behavior. It goes without saying that it is very interesting to watch your presentations and to find out what associations come your minds when you hear the word " LOVE"

Pupils' presentations...................

4. The poems.

People can express their feelings differently. How can we do it?

(by words, by poems, by music, by actions, by attitude and...............)

What you say is perfectly true. But if you ask of my way of looking at it, I say that the poem is the most beautiful and creative mean of love-making.

I suggest you work in groups and create some poems from the lines which are in incorrect order. Pay attention to the meanings of words and to the rhyme.

(звучит музыка – Приложение - урок )

The Poems

1 - group

Love keeps you lively

When others are down.

Love makes you daydream

Make things seem alright.

Love keeps you warm

On a cold winters night.

Love makes you happy

And goes to your head.

Love keeps you smiling

No trace of a frown.

Love is a wonderful thing

Though it is sad.

2 - group

I'm sending out this friendly invitation

I hope to touch each corner of the world.

I send it out with hope of revelation

Let those who will be separate and apart.

I'm sending out this friendly invitation

I hope to touch each corner of your heart.

I send it out in love and dedication

Its message more precious than gold or pearls.

3 - group

My heart's in the Highlands, my heart is not here,

My heart's in the Highlands, a-chasing the deer,

Farewell to the Highlands, farewell to the North,

The birthplace of valor, the country of worth!

A-chasing the wild deer and following the roe-

My heart's in the Highlands wherever I go.

Wherever I wander, wherever I rove,

The hills of the Highlands for ever I love.

Work in groups.......................

5. The film

A great number of poems, stories, plays, tragedies are devoted to love. Many of them are screened. People have an opportunity to watch a great number of love stories which are very popular among TV-viewers. And now you will see a small fragment from the film " Two Weeks Notice". Then you will have some time to discuss it in the groups and make up the ending of it.

( lst fragment of the film - приложение - часть1)

Work in groups.........................

(звучит музыка- приложение)

(the ending of it – приложение –часть2)

How wonderful it is when you fall in love and it ends happily. But, sometimes, we meet the situations of unrequited love.

6. The letter. The pieces of advice.

Mark Lawson wrote the letter and he asked you to give him some pieces of advice.

The letter.

I am a 17 - year - boy who has just been dropped by a girl who I had a very strong relationship with. Now the girl doesn't want to know me anymore. I really still care about her, and I'd do anything to bring her back, but she doesn't care about my feelings toward her. I have never been in a relationship like this before, and I know I can't let her go because I love her so much. I can't stop thinking about her because she made me so happy when we were together. But she doesn't know how I feel, and this means so much to me.

Thanks, Mark Lawson.

The letter of replying.

17 Scarlet St.,




Nov. 17,2009

Dear Mark,

I have just received your letter and am writing at once, because I am very sorry to hear of your unrequited love. The situation is not simple, but it is not the end.



7. The end of the lesson

You are at the very beautiful age now - at the age of love. I wish all of you to love and be loved. Even if your love is unrequited, I still wish you to experience this felling. Because love makes our life better and more beautiful.

(приложение песня «медали»)

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