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Конспект урока на тему "My body" 2 класс

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2nd form
The theme of the lesson: «My body»
The aims of the lesson:
a) to enrich pupil’s knowledge about parts of the body, to enlarge their interest in learning foreign languages and to introduce the pupils with new words and give them more information
b) to develop pupils habits in speaking, reading and translating, to develop communication skills and abilities
c) to teach them to respect each other and to educate them to be a honesty
The type of the lesson: combined
The methods of the lesson: comparing, completing, question-response, brain storming, question-answer
Visual aids of the lesson: pictures, grammar table
The process of the lesson:
І. Organization moment
Teacher’s activity
- greeting;
- to check the attendance of pupils;
- to pay pupils attention to the lesson;
- to check the preparation of the lesson;
Student’s activity
- greeting;
- acting on duty;
ІІ. Checking up the home task To learn by heart the new words (teacher checks the homework by asking in oral form playing with a ball)
Pupils will translate the new words of the last lesson
Pupil1 head –
Pupil2 hair -
Pupil3 eye –
Pupil4 nose -
Pupil5 mouth –
Pupil6 ear –
Pupil7 face –

III. Explaining new material
1) Work on new words
“Parts of the body”
finger [fiŋgə]
body [bodı]
foot [fu:t]
аяқ (тобықтан төмен)
leg [leg]
toe [tou]
arm [a:m]
қол (иықтан төмен)
shoulder [ ouldə:]
hand [hænd] (
білектен төмен(
knee [ni:]
(Pupils will repeat after teacher and will write down them on the vocabulary)
c) The teacher of biology Sharapat Rauan will explain them by biological form
2) tasks for the development of cognitive abilities
If pupils make mistakes teacher will correct them
Task: “Put in right place”
shoulder, hair, knee, toe, hand, foot, arm, leg, eye, finger, nose, mouth, ear, face
Head Body

IV. Consolidation of the new lesson
Play game: “Jeopardy”
Parts of the body
10 – I can see with my …?
20 – Translate into Kazakh “Shoulder”?
30 – I can eat and talk with him. What is it?
(Pupils answer the question and translate)

V. Homework
To learn by heart the new words and make up sentences
(If pupils don’t understand the homework they will ask)

І. Evaluation
Pupils you are very activity today, your marks are 5, 4, …
(They’ll bring their diaries to the teacher to their marks)
VII. The end of the lesson
- The lesson is over
- Good-bye pupils
- Good-bye teacher.
- See you on next lesson

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