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Конспект урока на тему My profession is a welder.

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The theme: «My profession is a welder»

The task: to summarize students’ knowledge of their profession.

Aims of the lesson:

1 Educational: revision of all the materials about profession.

To check up knowledge on this theme, to be able to speak about their profession.

2 Development: to develop professional skills and abilities of students,

to develop understanding, logical thinking and oral speech, mental activities.

3 Upbringing: to bring up love to their profession, cause the interest to the learning English.

The type of the lesson: a revision lesson

Activities: lesson-competition

Method: group work

Inter subject connection: connection with special subjects, russian.

Equipment: interactive board, cards, round tables.

The procedure of the lesson:

1 Organization moment.

. greetings

. talk with pupil on duty

. making absentees

a/look at the interactive board please. I will show the video. Think please what is this video about?

Watching video.

You have seen the video How do you think what is this video about? -----

Right. We will talk about your profession.

I am glad to see you at our lesson! Today we’ll have an unusual lesson- a lesson-competition. Today we will talk about your profession. The profession of a builder is the most peaceful and creative profession. The construction industry is an important part of the economy of our country. Work of the builders today is characterized by positive dynamics and growth of construction in all the regions of Kazakhstan. You will show your knowledge in such special subjects. Today we have lesson-competition between two teams. I will divide you into two groups. Our competition consists of 8 tasks. For each right answer you will get 1 point.

2. Warm up activity

1. What is your profession?

2. Do you like to work with your hands?

3. Do you like to work from welding machine?

4. How well do you understand in tools?

5. Can you stand on your feet for a long time and lift heavy metal pieces?

If you say yes, then your profession will be a good career for you!

So, we begin our competition.

3. Follow up activity.

Task 1. Making a cluster. (the task for the 1 and 2 teams) Writing.

a/What associations do you have when you hear the word “Profession”? Make up the sentences.



Task 2 Translate this words into Russian. What professional skills must have welder? Listen to your classmates.

1 team

1 Manual dexterity.

2 to know the safety and operating instructions.

3 Good eye-hand coordination.

4 The ability to concentrate on detailed work.

5 The ability to stoop, bend, climb.

2 team

1 Patience.

2 to know drafts, charts

3 to know the device of welding machine

4 Good eyesight

5to know the technology of a metal

Task 3. You have to connect the words with building tools. Read building tools and translate.

(Students get building pictures)

1 team


b/welding machine

c/combination pliers



1/ hello_html_m4adaa5f.gif 2/hello_html_7ba1082b.gif3/hello_html_2b3ccd06.gif4/hello_html_m2f0d1d03.gif


2 team







Task 4 WELDING CLOTHING. Answer the following questions. (orally)

1 team
1/How do you protect your body during the welding?

2/How do you protect your breath during the welding?

3/How do you protect your feet during the welding?

2 team

1/How do you protect your hands during the welding?

2/How do you protect your eyes during the welding?

3/How do you protect your head during the welding?




1. welding helmet

2. welding gloves

3. welding glasses

4. welding respirator

5. welding suit

6. welding shoes

Task 5

Text for the 1 team

1. Read the text. Try to understand it well. What is the text about?

Welding is a process when metal parts are joined together by the application of heat, pressure, or a combination of both. The process of welding can be divided into two main groups: pressure welding, when the weld is achieved by pressure and heat welding, when the weld is achieved by heat. Heat welding is the most common welding process used today. Nowadays welding is used instead of bolting and riveting in the construction of many types of structures, including bridges, buildings, and ships. It is also a basic process in the manufacture of machinery and in the motor and aircraft industries. It is necessary almost in all productions where metals are used.

The welding process depends greatly on the properties of the metals, the purpose of their

application and the available equipment. Welding processes are classified according to the sources of heat and pressure used.

The welding processes widely employed today include gas welding, arc welding, and resistance welding. Other joining processes are laser welding, and electron-beam welding.

2. Find the following words in the text and translate. Writing.

Сварка давлением

Тепловая сварка

Болтовое (клепаное) соединение

Процесс сварки

Зависеть от свойств металлов

Имеющееся оборудование

3. Answer the following questions. Writing.

Образец: What does welding replace? – The welding replaces bolting and reverting.

1 team

1. What is the process of welding?


2. What are the two main groups of processes of welding?


3. How can we join metal parts together?


4. When is welding necessary?


Text for the 2 team

1.Read the text. Try to understand it well. What is the text about?

Gas and Robot Welding.

Gas welding is a non-pressure process using heat from a gas flame. The flame is applied directly to the metal, edges to be joined and simultaneously to a filler metal in the form of wire or rod, called the welding rod, which is melted to the joint. Gas welding has the advantage of using equipment that is portable and does not require an electric power source. The surfaces to be welded and the welding rod are coated with flux, a fusible material that shields the material from air, which would result in a defective weld.

From arc welding to spot welding, welding applications are ideal candidates for automation because they are repetitive and require high-quality, consistent results. Welding is a fundamental process for most manufacturing projects, so robotic welding is becoming a common sight in industrial facilities.

2. Find the following words in the text and translate. Writing.

Сварочный электрод -----

Плавкий материал -------

Дефектный сварной шов-------

Непрерывная подача электрического тока------

Электрическая дуга---------

Источник электрического тока--------------

3. Answer the following questions. Writing.

Example: What kinds of applications are ideal for automation? – Welding applications are idea candidates for automation.

1. What are the advantages of gas welding?


2. What kinds of welding can be used for joining steels?


What does robot welding require?


3. What is the difference between the gas welding and robot welding?


4. When can the robots be helpful?


Task 6

1 team

  1. Name the methods of welding.


-automatic welding

-semi-automatic welding

-laser welding

-plasma welding

-electric arc welding

-gas welding

-robotized welding

2. Name the place of welding process


-on land

-under water

-in space

2 team

  1. Name the special measures


-safety measures

-protective clothing

-an apron


-rubber boots

-a cap

-a mask

-a helmet

  1. Name the welding components


-welding equipment


-welding schedule

Task 7. Make up dialogues using following words. Talk to your partner.

1 team

Welder, Kazakhstan, profession, to get an education, live, study, work, like, responsible.

2 team

Russia, welder, interesting, to be going to, special subjects, live, study.

Task 8 Make up the cinquain

. 1 noun

. 2 adjectives

. 3 verbs

. 1 sentence

. 1 synonym

. 1 feeling

Reflection. Summing -up

Now, tell me, what are your impressions? Do you like our lesson? Was it interesting or difficult? Say a few words.

Teacher: So, my dear friends, you’ve mentioned the importance of getting special education and training for your future career. I think you understand that to succeed in life it is often really important to have special skills and get good knowledge of your future profession. I wish you good luck in your training, and I hope you’ll become great masters and will be able to use English in your life and your career growth. The results of your work personally and of your group in general”

Homework: (Write a letter about yourself and your building colleges to your pen friend).

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