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Конспект урока на тему "Would you like some more tea?"

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The form: 6 «A»

The theme of the lesson: Would you like some more tea?

The aims of the lesson:

  1. to enable pupils to speak about food, countable and uncountable nouns, the meanings of much and many; some and any;

  2. to enrich pupils‘ vocabularies and develop their skilling’s of speaking, writing and reading.

  3. to develop pupils interest in learning English.

Visual aids: Cards, active board, tables, pictures.

I. Organization moment: Good afternoon, guest.

— How are you?

— Who is on duty today?

— Who is absent?

— What day is it today?

— What date is it today?

— What month is it now?

— What season is it now?

II. Phonetic drill. How much money do you have?

How much money do you have?
Not much. Not much.
How much money do you have?
A few dollars, a few dollars
How much money, do you have?
It’s mine. It’s mine.

How much money, do you have?

Here’s a dime. Here’s a dime.

III. Warm up. Divide the nouns into countable and uncountable

Oranges, coffee, apples, tea, bananas, juice, grapes, bread, eggs, cheese, tomatoes, rice, biscuits, milk, potatoes, butter, carrots, sugar.

Countable: Oranges, coffee, apples, bananas, grapes, eggs, tomatoes, biscuits, potatoes, carrots.

Uncountable: coffee, tea, juice, bread, cheese, rice, milk, butter, sugar, meat.

IV. Introducing the grammar

Would like  нақты уақытты және сол уақыттағы іс-әрекетті көрсетеді
What would you like to do this evening?

I would like some juice now

Would like= ‘d like

Like-адамның жалпы ұнататын іс-әрекетін білдіреді

Do you like an orange juice?

I like swimming. She likes dancing.
I like apples. He likes bananas.

V. Practice your grammar

Ex, 6 Put some, any in the correct place in the sentences
1/There are
....... newspapers on the bookshelf
Example: There are some newspapers on the bookshelf
1/ Are there ---bus tickets in your briefcase?
2/ There are---stamps in my bag
3/ There aren’t---keys in the kitchen
4/ There are---pens on the table
5/ Are there----Greek students in your class?
6/ There aren’t ---biscuits
7/ Is there----cheese on the menu?
8/ Can we have----oranges?
9/ Would you like---vegetables?
10/ Would you like----coffee?

VI. Practice your conversation. Make up the dialogues.

Ordering a meal. «In a cafe»

a) In a café «I’m thirsty»

b)In a café «I’m hungry»

Reading the dialogue and try to translate it into your native language

VII. Working with interactive board.

Find: What’s this?

VIII. Giving home task: learn the words. Make up a dialogue.

Giving marks.

The lesson is over. Good bye.

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