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Автор курса: Логинова Наталья Геннадьевна, кандидат педагогических наук, учитель высшей категории. Начало обучения новой группы: 27 сентября.

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Конспект урока на тему Performance


Theme of the lesson: Performance

The aims of the lesson:

Educational: to fill pupils’ knowledge about performances, to practice making suggestions, numbers, to repeat vocabulary.

Developing: to develop pupils’ speaking, listening and reading skills, attention, logical thinking, and ability to converse.

Cultural: to bring pupils up to be creative, active, friendly and to see beauty everywhere.

Visual aids: crosswords, rebuses, cards

The type of the lesson: work with technology

Technology: fragments of critical thinking

Procedure of the lesson:

I. Organization moment.

-Good afternoon, children! How are you?

- Who is on duty today?

- Who is absent? Thank you, sit down.

II. Checking up the home task:

  • What was your home task? Are you ready? All right, who wants to start? Now let’s see your performances. I am sure I said you to prepare one performance. If you ready, you may begin.

  1. Presentation of the lesson:

  • I said you to prepare performance because that’s what our theme for today. Open your copybooks and write down the date. What date is it today? Today is the third of February. Which competitions of performers do you know? Can you name them? Which one of them is your favorite? Ok, open your books on page 72; here you can see two pictures. How do you think what those pictures are about? We won’t find out it until we read the dialogue. I need five pupils to read Rachel’s, Adam’s, Zeki’s, Tania’s, Ms. Simpson’s parts. You may start reading.

  • How do you think why did Bart switch off the lights? What did they decide to do? Who suggested Tania to go to the cinema? Why did Tania and Zeki decide to go to the youth club? Which words show Zeki’s suggestion? Where do you go when you have free time? Good. Now open your copy books and write down key expressions for suggestions:

Would you like to…?

Why don’t we …?

What about …?

Let’s …?

  • We use these phrases when we want to suggest someone to do something. Please give me your examples. Is it clear for you? Then let’s do a task. Here are names of characters, which you have to play, and instructions, which you have to follow.


Suggests Vanessa, Poly and Nicky to go to the park.


Refuses to go to the park.


Accepts the invitation.


Accepts the invitation.


Suggests Bella, Lily and Jessie to go to the circus.


Accepts the invitation.


Refuses to go to the circus.


Refuses to go to the circus.


Suggests Maggie, Kate and Rosy to watch comedy.


Refuses to watch comedy.


Accepts the suggestion.


Refuses to watch comedy.


Suggests Sandy, Gracie and Tess to go to the concert.


Accepts the invitation.


Accepts the invitation.


Refuses to go to the concert.


Suggests all pupils to go skating.

  1. Practice:

- Good. Now I am going to give you rebuses. Every pupil has his own rebus so don’t interrupt each other. If you are ready just raise your hands.


hello_html_m55ff3601.png-o+hello_html_m6e7882c.png-t+y      hello_html_m55ff3601.png


f+hello_html_22dc3299.png-g+y      hello_html_7562b97d.png

hello_html_m766b41d4.png+hello_html_m425e282b.png-v+y      n+hello_html_m647a2bae.png-w


t+hello_html_758fc495.png-ts+y      hello_html_6ef0106.png

hello_html_6ef0106.png+hello_html_m425e282b.png-v+y      hello_html_2c212ced.png



n+hello_html_m647a2bae.png-w+hello_html_m425e282b.png-v+y      hello_html_2c212ced.png

hello_html_7562b97d.png+hello_html_m425e282b.png-v+y      hello_html_m3e4059cf.png

hello_html_m55ff3601.png-o+hello_html_m6e7882c.png-t+y      hello_html_m766b41d4.png

hello_html_6ef0106.png+hello_html_m425e282b.png-v+y      hello_html_m3e4059cf.png

e+hello_html_389e1f07.png-l+y      hello_html_m1a58e3a7.png

hello_html_6ef0106.png+hello_html_m425e282b.png-v+y      hello_html_m1a58e3a7.png



- Very good! Now look at exercise number 2: listen to the recorded messages and complete the information. Exercise number 3: listen closely and complete gap with one word.

V. Rest minute:

  • Now let’s play the game. It is called “Step by step”. How many languages do you know? You have to come to the blackboard and count your steps. Remember you have to count in Kazakh, English and Russian, one by one. For example: бір, two, три, төрт, five, шесть... Is it clear for you? Ok, let’s start.

  1. Production:

  • Very good. Now here is a crossword, please work in groups and try to not mess up.


singer has a microphone

comedian tells jokes

magician shows magic

gymnast very flexible person

clown makes people laugh

actor works in theatre

storyteller knows a lot of stories

  1. Conclusion:

  • Excellent! We have few minutes until the end of the lesson, so who wants to remind us, what we have learnt today?

  1. Giving the marks and home task:

  • Open your diaries and write down your home task: ex.3, p.74. You were very active today and here are your marks: …

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